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Emilia Clarke Warned of Potential Roasting by Dragon Props

As Dany’s dragons have grown over the course of the last five seasons, the production has used various methods to create them, from total CGI to basing their movements off of chickens. This year, with the dragons nearly full grown (though still mentally teenagers) the production moved up to a motion-controlled crane.  The crane, which is supposed to represent creatures that are 30-to-40 feet long and have 15-foot-high arms, is outfitted with a flame thrower.

And it’s that last detail that caught producers’ attention when it was time to film. According to The Daily Star, actors on set, especially Emilia Clarke, were given stern warning about the dangers posed by these new stand-ins for her children.

According to one crew member:

“You can actually feel the heat as far as 100ft away. It’s the most astonishing prop I’ve ever seen and we’ve all been briefed on keeping at a distance.”

Weiss was also very impressed.

“Even standing 50ft away from this thing you’ll get a lot more than a nice tan. It’s amazing.”

Clarke said of her “new Drogon”: “It’s much more fun playing opposite a proper creature.”

Joe Bauer, the visual effects designer who created the prop, was very proud. “I believe we have made the only true fire-breathing monster ever seen on TV or film. When we finished it looked like some kind of weapon from Transformers.”

I hope we get a full behind the scenes production video on the making of the dragons this season. That sounds not only impressive, but very interesting to see.