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Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis) Laughs at Bizarre Fan Theory

Caution: this post may or may not contain spoilers, as it discusses fan theories that may or may not be true. If you read it, you may or may not be sorry.

Michiel Huisman wasn’t the first Daario Naharis to turn up on Game of Thrones. In Season 3, actor Ed Skrein had that honor while Huisman was still playing a character on ABC’s Nashville. Yes, our current Daario use to be a rock-turned-country music producer on a glorified soap-opera (I’m just kidding, I totally watch Nashville, don’t judge me).

Perhaps the fact that Daario “changed his face” between Season 3 and 4 is why this particular fan theory was born. Developed by Redditor JayisforJokes a full two years ago, it holds that Daario is, in actuality, none other than Benjen Stark, the long-lost brother of Lord Eddard Stark who went missing on a ranging north of the Wall back in the first season.

As Ned’s brother, the theory goes, Benjen may have been in on the secret that Jon is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Once Jon comes of age and make his own way to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch, Benjen, as First Ranger, fakes his own death and makes his way to Essos so that he can infiltrate the Storm Crows (Second Sons on the show, because…why not), meet Daenerys Targaryen, gain her trust, and encourage her to come to Westeros.

Why would he do this? Because he knows that the Others (White Walkers) are on the move. He’s hoping that once Jon and Dany get together, they could use their Targaryen lineage to master the dragons and burn the the ice zombies to a crisp, thus ending the biggest threat to Westeros.

Are you with me so far? Good, because this is Huisman’s reaction to the theory in an interview with AOL Build:

Great question Michiel, great question indeed…what are these people smoking?

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