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Is The Hound Returning for Game of Thrones Season 6?

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen our favorite chicken-eating Clegane brother on Game of Thrones. The last time he appeared onscreen, Arya was refusing to give him the gift of mercy, and it he seemed that he slowly bled to death after a violent battle with Brienne of Tarth. Game of Thrones Season 4 really was all about Arya and The Hound’s journey through the Riverlands and to the Vale of Arryn, all the while bonding over mass murder and learning what the [email protected] a Lommy was.


Warning: Spoilers and Speculation abound beyond this point.

The question left to fans at the end of Season 4 was: Is The Hound really dead? I mean, he didn’t die onscreen, and he was most certainly breathing when last we saw his beautifully burned face.

There are fan theories, of course, that hold that he lived, at least in the books. According to these theories, the Hound came to be at a place called the Quiet Isle, where his body and spirit were healed through quiet contemplation and the teachings of the Seven. His old, angry persona was buried and laid to rest, and he experienced a metaphorical rebirth. I, too, believe this.

Let’s look at the details. In A Feast For Crows, the fourth book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, Brienne and Pod are taken in by a wandering septon named Septon Meribald, a character I think Ian McShane will portray in Season 6. He leads them to a place called the Quiet Isle, where they are told multiple times by the Elder Brother, who leads the community there, that The Hound is dead. Taking the Elder Brother’s story at face value, it would seem that the Elder Brother found the Hound where he lay dying, and nursed him through his final moments before taking his horse back to the Quiet Isle. Here’s what the Elder Brother had to say on the subject:

“The Hound is dead, Sandor is at rest.”
“The man you hunt is dead.”
“The Hound died there, in my arms.”

But that explanation doesn’t quite sit right with readers of the books, who by the fourth novel had gotten used to Martin’s subversive tactics. Consider how the Elder Brother explains to Brienne and Pod how he himself came to live on the Quiet Isle.

“I never saw the blow that felled me. Before I could turn something slammed into my head and knocked me back into the river, where by rights I should have drowned. Instead I woke here, upon the Quiet Isle. The Elder Brother told me I had washed up on the tide, naked as my name day. We are all born naked, so I suppose it was only fitting that I come into my second life the same way.”

So, we have a Brother of the Quiet Isle who describes the transition from his old life to his new one by making an analogy to death and rebirth. Sandor Clegane could have gone through much the same process.

There’s more contextual evidence for Sandor’s survival. Here’s the Elder Brother talking about the Hound’s horse:

“That was his warhorse, Stranger. A blasphemous name. We prefer to call him Driftwood. Handsome he may be, but Driftwood was surely whelped in hell. When we sought to harness him to a plow he kicked Brother Rawney and broke his shinbone in two places. We had hoped gelding might improve the beast’s ill temper, but… Brother Gillam, will you show them?” Brother Gillam lowered his cowl. Underneath he had a mop of blond hair, a tonsured scalp, and a bloodstained bandage where he should have had an ear. Podrick gasped. “The horse bit off your ear?” Gillam nodded, and covered his head again.”


The Hound’s horse, Stranger, is infamous for his ill temper. Only the Hound could calm and lead the beast. At several points throughout the books, others have tried to force Stranger to do their bidding, much to their great undoing. How could a bunch of Brothers on the Quiet Isle lead Stranger to the stables, unless Sandor himself was there to help?

Finally, we come to what most readers, myself included, consider to be irrefutable proof that Sandor Clegane is alive and well.

“They passed a lichyard where a brother bigger than Brienne was struggling to dig a grave. From the way he moved, it was plain to see that he was lame. As he flung a spadeful of the stony soil over one shoulder, some chanced to spatter against their feet. “Be more watchful there,” chided Brother Narbert. The gravedigger lowered his head. When Dog went to sniff him he dropped his spade and scratched his ear. “A novice,” explained Narbert.”

Here’s what we know:

  • A Brother bigger that Brienne…and that’s big. The Hound-size big.
  • He is a novice, denoting that he is a new brother on the isle. The Hound would have arrived just recently.
  • He’s described as lame. The Hound took injuries before Arya left him for dead.
  • Septon Meribald’s dog, named Dog, went to sniff him, and the brother drops his spade to scratch his ear. House Clegane’s sigil is three hounds on a yellow field.

At the end of Season 4, many A Song of Ice and Fire fans were quick to proclaim that the Hound was not dead strictly based on this chapter from A Feast for Crows.

So what does this all mean? Well, a source over at Watchers on the Wall has said that actor Rory McCann—The Hound—has been seen in Belfast, staying at the same hotel where the cast and crew stay while filming Game of Thrones.

There are other signs that we’ll be returning to the Riverlands, where the Quiet Isle is located, in Season 6. Casting notices call for what appears to be groups of men in the Riverlands, there are reports that Walder Frey may return, and another casting call describes a character fitting the exact description of Septon Meribald: Priest, in his 40’s or 50’s. A gruff ex-soldier who found religion. Now a no-nonsense rural priest who ministers to the poor of the countryside. He’s salt-of-the-earth man who has weathered many battles.” Together with the Rory McCann sighting, does all this evidence mean that Sandor Clegane will making his triumphant return in Game of Thrones Season 6?

Gregor Clegane, or Frankengregor--Official HBO

Now, let’s talk about what Sandor Clegane might do in Season 6. As we well remember, at the end of Cersei’s long and humiliating walk of shame in the Season 5 finale, a gargantuan knight dressed in the garb of King Tommen’s Kingsguard lifted Cersei in his arms and carried her to safety. It’s no secret that that this is the reanimated body of Gregor Clegane, The Mountain that Rides, and Sandor’s hated brother.

With Cersei’s trial by combat coming in Season 6, might the Faith choose Sandor Clegane as their champion? And, if that happens, will we finally get the much ballyhooed Cleganebowl? I think it’s time to get hype brothers and sisters, this could get epic.

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  • I’m crying just thinking about it … But, do you think there is a chance Sandor could win a battle against the Mountain Reloaded?????

    • There stands a theory that the rehabilitated Sandor, who has made peace with the fear of fire, will use fire to defeat his undead brother, who as we all know, can probably be only defeated by fire. #CLEGANEBOWLGETHYPE

    • Book!Sandor was shown to be quite handily, and easily, defeating Gregor when they fought at the Hand’s Tourney. And I mean, easily; from the way it read, it seemed as though Sandor was taking his big brother to task.

      Besides being Gregor!lite in terms of sheer strength, in the books he’s impossibly quick for such a large man. Commonly described as being ‘muscled heavier than an ox’ Sandor has speed feats on his side too, such as him deflecting a thrown dagger- that he knew was coming.

      Now whether he knew or not, that is some truly impressive quickness with the blade. He’s got a limp, for sure, but his quickness of arm is sharper than Gregor’s, who can only build speed through his strength.

      I’d give it to Sandor in perhaps a 7 times out of 10. But knowing the show writers and what they’ve done thus far, it doesn’t appear likely that he’ll win.

    • In Razor’s defence, it is a commonly held theory, t’wasnae originated by Alt-Shift-X, it was merely recapitulated by him. His video was also the first place I heard the R+L=J theory but I certainly know he didn’t invent this theory, but he did successfully report it.

  • I’m still crossing my fingers for Snowbowl. (Jon vs. Ramsay). Great article Razor. You’ve been on point.

  • So Finn Jones mentioned his favoirite character was the hound in that interview recently saying it was for reasons he couldnt say (which was weird), could he have been swayed by new information from s06 scripts to like the hound? Just sayin..

  • Wow. As much as I’ve always loved the idea, I didn’t expect it to actually happen.

    Anyone have any idea about what McCann might be doing in Belfast if he’s not involved? Has there been any prior instances of a character killed off (seemingly, anyway) but the actor still hung around one of the principle shooting locations?

  • Let it be true!
    But wasn’t Rory Mccann the actor who lived so close to the set that he used his bike to go to work..?

    • Word up – I thought that as well. But didn’t they leave out the part about the valonquar in the prophesy they did in the TV series? I was listening for it and could have sworn it wasn’t there. I will have to go back and rewatch that.

  • Wouldn’t it be interesting if Dany were to renounce her claim to Westeros and the crown fall to Sansa, or better yet, Arya with a paladin-like Sandor Clegane as her councillor and champion?

    One way or another, though, I still expect to see the Mountain consumed by dragon fire

  • I’m sorry, but this or Lady Stoneheart would constitute the show jumping the shark. I hate LS, and I really hope GRRM does not revisit Sandor.

    Bringing multiple assumed dead characters back to life is a dumb trope that indicates weak writing. Resurrecting Jon Snow would make sense because of his centrality to the plot, but Sandor is, at best, a supporting character. Only use resurrection when you really need it.

    Plus Cleganebowl is stupid and contrived. Just because the brothers hate each other doesn’t mean they have to have some epic showdown.

    • I never assumed Sandor was dead, and it’s always surprised me that other fans have. It’s pretty obvious to me that Martin isn’t quite done with him yet, and now it looks like the show is going forward with this plot.

      Besides, we never saw him die in the show either. And there was never an official confirmation of the character’s death.

      I will say it’s probably highly unlikely that they’re going to bring back Lady Stoneheart. Maybe, but very very unlikely in my opinion.

    • I don’t know, there’s no reason supporting characters couldn’t become central ones. And I’ve always thought The Hound – in all his complexity and moral ambivalence – to be a much more fascinating character than Jon Snow. Besides, Sandor Clegane has never been confirmed dead, so he wouldn’t be resurrected, but reintroduced.

      In order for Jon Snow to come back, he would have to be resurrected in one way or another. I don’t see how that can be justified in a narrative sense. George RR Martin has been pretty adamant with his “dead stays dead” principle. With central characters anyway.

      • Jon is a warg though, isn’t he…or a skinchanger? He’s not as developed as Bran or the wildling wargs, but he might have gone into someone else or something else.

      • +1 I felt the hounds absence in season 5. He was such an interesting character since the pilot episode. I just commented that I’d rather have clegane than Jon snu

      • OK so bc someone’s views don’t line up with the popular opinion automatically makes them a troll?! Uh, no, it doesnt. I swear ppl on this site and WotW are so stuck up with noses wagging in the air. The guy doesn’t get the hype being cleganebowl, let him share his view w/o being accused of trolling for crying out loud

    • Plus Cleganebowl is stupid and contrived. Just because the brothers hate each other doesn’t mean they have to have some epic showdown.

      While I don’t disagree, you can’t blame people for expecting a typical “Hollywood”-payoff for this kind of setup. I mean: The Hound’s hatred for his brother has been established very early on in the show.
      That said: I have to quote ALT-Shift X again because I agree with his view that Cleganebowl would be kind of anti-climactic and ruin Sandor’s arc. If he is the Gravedigger (which may very well be the case), he’s found peace and has “buried” his violent Hound-persona.
      Plus there are quite a few practical reasons why it would be a bit of a stretch. The Gravedigger is supposed to be crippled and, AFAIK, Sandor is still considered a traitor and has a price on his head… how would he be able to just pop up in KL, much less fight his reanimated brother?

    • I would love to see sandor come back, to much has been built around him – for him to be only a secondary character and I know I’m not the only fan that feels that way. I Personally want to see the hound snap Ramsey in half and tell arya to stop listening to no one

    • Sorry, Patch, as much as it is clear that Jon dies in the show, Sandor’s fate on the other hand hasn’t been explicitly shown… he’s return would simply mean he didn’t die… not that he has been resurrected. There is a BIG difference.

      • Son of Dorne, they never showed Robert Baratheon’s corpse either, so maybe he’ll come back too!

        My point is that killing a character or HEAVILY implying they’re dead, only to bring them back, is a weak plot device. It should only be used when absolutely necessary, such as the theory that Jon gets reborn as AA or something like that. Not so a supporting character can return to kill his zombie brother in a tangential subplot.

    • @Patch just because he chooses (if he did) to bring Sandor back, doesn’t mean that Sandor has to live on passed the trial by combat. Regardless of him being a supporting character he could have brought him back for the trial only to have both The Mountain & The Hound die in the same duel. If CleganeBowl happens I predict a tie in the trial by combat

    • No way, it would be really cool to watch Sandor again. I loved the idea in the books and I’m sure it would be insane in the show. But it would be extremely disappointing if he only appears to die fighting against his brother. If that happens, he must win. Sandor fighting for the Starks sisters, the right team, would be great.
      Jon Snow’s story is completely different. I did not bother about Lady Stoneheart in the books either, because there are so many characters and storylines, but I suppose it was better to cut it for the show if they were expecting Jon’s resurrection.

  • Hey, again I think the casting notice is not septon Meribald, but the elder brother, as he’s not really a leader or someone with power and is described as small and frail, but for the Elder Brother a “The Elder Brother is a tall man, with a large, square head, shrewd eyes, a veined, red nose, and a heavy jaw. He shaves his head” that looks made to break bones instead of healing, the Elder Brother is a leader and an important man in the faith, I think is more probable that he as the healer and leader of the reborn Hound could convince him to fight for The Faith.

  • The Hound is one of my favourite characters. He’s something of an enigma. I don’t understand why he stepped forward to protect first Sansa, then Arya.

    He waded back out into the mob to rescue Sansa from ‘rapers’. He stepped forward – just in time – to block Sansa’s path and offer her a hanky to wipe her bleeding nose when it looked like she was about to jump off the ledge after Joffrey forces her to look at her father’s head on a spike. One time when Sansa finds him in her room, he refers to her as “little bird”. It makes me wonder if he’s on Varys’ payroll as a spy as well as to look out for the Stark girl(s).

    The Hound repeatedly explains to the very young Arya how the world really is. He tries to make her see shades of grey instead of her usual “black and white” thinking about good people and bad ones…”black and white”, get it? He tells her that there are worse people than him. He feeds and protects her for a good part of her journey and urges her to go with Brienne when he is mortally injured. What’s his motivation? He claims he wants a reward for her return…he certainly didn’t get any reward that we could see.

    If he’s such a tough guy, child killer, wouldn’t he have dispensed with them both and save himself a lot of trouble?

    • Anon,

      Great points. Interesting thought of him being on a spy payroll. Could be LittleFinger’s as well, he has reasons to protect the Starks.

      • Did you notice how the door of the temple of the Many-faced God is black and white? It suggests good or evil with no nuance. It’s not really a surprise that Arya, or all people, would end up there.

        What got Ed Stark killed – among other things – was a false sense of honour. The Hound tells Arya, rightly, that even her own father was a killer.

      • It always look to me that the Hound stepped forward to stop Sansa from pushing a gloating Joffrey off the narrow catwalk he was dancing around on. Either version he saved Sansa’s life. I think he helped Sansa after that because he was disgusted with Joffrey and how he bullied her. Being bullied shaped the Hound’s life. He started helping Aria for money, but as he got to know her he wanted to mentor her. I think he saw himself in both of them so he could relate to them.

        • @RunningOutOfStarks

          You think she might have pushed Joff off instead? That’s interesting.
          She might have even grabbed him and jumped off with him in her embrace, killing them both. Anyway, it’s so odd of him to offer her a rag to wipe her nose of all things at that moment. After all, she’d just looked at her fathers severed head! A bloody nose was the least of her problems.

          I can’t wait to see what becomes of him in the next season. He’s far too interesting and valuable a character to toss away just yet.

    • If you pay attention to the writing and the acting he is clearly disgusted with the Lannisters in general and that the Starks are as whole a “good” family so it stands to reason that he would step up to try to protect the girls,especially when his own father failed to protect him

    • The Varys theory would be really interesting.
      But I was not surprised after hearing all the story with his brother. The Mountain is clearly a psychopath, most likely the Hound was raised by horrible people, and he worked for the Lannisters. He did not killed a kid for fun, it was an order.
      I actually believed he had a crush on Sansa because she is so beautiful. And, when he crossed paths with Arya, he was looking for a new life after escaping from Kings Landing. I believe he wanted to work for the Starks. You could see he was not a completely bad guy. Both Sansa and Arya were going through horrible things and maybe he felt related to them. Arya is changing so much after all the trauma. The Hound is such a great character, I hope he is back.

      • @Mag

        I did check out the book and there’s some additional colour to The Hound’s character there compared to the show. I agree that he’s a little sweet on Sansa, as you said.

        He’s a strong, interesting character and one of the few people who knows that Arya’s still alive…not one they should toss away so easily.

      • Yes, piedpiper, Ramsey does need to die ugly. But here’s the thing, Ramsey would WANT to die ugly. His masochistic sadistic choices in life would almost require it.

        True justice for Ramsey would be to die at the hand of someone he considers unimportant, unworthy, in a small and insignificant manner, that he would NEVER ordinarily suspect or fear. Can you imagine the look on his face as he realizes he’s been had?

        Whether he dies ugly, or by some small surprise, Ramsey’s got to die! (Singing “Earl’s Gotta Die” in my head and substituting Ramsey’s name)

  • I didn’t assume The Hound was dead, we didn’t see that and it was left open ended in both show and books. If not dead it can’t be considered yet another resurrection. Even back then I’m sure some people survived against the odds.
    He’s such an interesting tortured character, torn between hate but also a sense of justice (warped as his version of it may be.) He growls and snarls but his underlying motivation seems to be to protect the Stark girls once they’d turned up in his life. He’s been an unasked protector of both Sansa and Arya. I think he loves Sansa but realises the delicate Lady Little Bird is well out of his hearts reach (but.. George? :) ) I think he respects Arya’s survival strength and tenacity and also maybe understands and learns a bit more about himself through her.
    I’ve been waiting for and am very happy to have him back in the story, hopefully less tortured with a few softened edges. But not too many! …. and may he have many many chickens.

  • Board the Hype train, woof, woof.

    OT: After scouring the web, looking at Brit (sort of) actors, and what’s on their schedule, if they are available in the fall, below is my short list of candidates for Euron and Lord Tarly.

    1. Richard Armitage (44) as Euron, he has the chops, athleticism, and psycho quality (Hannibal)

    2. Sir Daniel Day Lewis (58) as Lord Tarly, a role juicy enough for him and serious to boot, a main player for seasons 6 thru 8. Should win guest actor every season.

    • Considering they cast Paul Kaye as Thoros, I’d think they’d be going in a more intersting direction than such well known actors.

      Sam Spruell for Euron.

    • Richard Armitage was amazing in Hannibal. I really loved that storyline, a pitty they canceled the show. He would be great in any role.
      Sir Daniel Day Lewis seems too much, a great and expensive actor I assume. But I don’t see him as Tarly.

  • i think ramsay snow will set out to find her and fail. upon failing, he will send out ravens all over.
    sandor clegane, recouperating on quiet isle, will hear about this bounty, and after considering how many fucking chickens he can buy with it, will set off north as ‘dog the bounty hunter’.

  • One more thing, I’m the one who brought up how weird it was seeing brienne on strange on imdb.com! my one claim to fame. .

  • Not sure how I feel about this.

    Mainly because I thought the way the Hound’s story seemingly came to an end was so brilliantly done. The conversation with Arya was perfect and the ambiguity over his death was a reassuring thought for a character we’d all come to sympathise with.

    The fact that I’m not looking forward to FrankenMountain’s scenes, given the laughable way in which he looks and was introduced, is probably undermining my excitement at the thought of Cleganebowl even if it meant the Hound returning. I just can’t see how they could make such a storyline and a scene fit respectably into the show.

    I’d far rather see something like FrankenMountain coming unstuck at the hands of Wun Wun. Have him scything through a Northern/Wildling army with ease, only for the giant to appear and smack his head off the battlefield like a home run using a tree trunk as a bat.

    As for the Hound, maybe have Septon Meribald or a similar character mention how he once found an injured man that fits the Hound’s general description and how he survived and now leads a pious life, in a nod to the viewer.

    Of course, I have no real say in any of this and will just have to wait and see what they come up with, so if they do Cleganebowl I just hope it is absolutely epic in proportion.

    • Exactly. I thought the Hound’s arc came to a nice close in his last conversation with Arya. it cheapens the books and show to bring him back, especially for some silly fight with FrankenGregor.

      If the fans calling for Cleganebowl had written ASOS, there wouldn’t have been a Red Wedding. Instead there’d be an epic, cheesy conclusion with Robb Stark beheading Joffrey and whisking Sansa out of KL. Sorry, arcs don’t end so tidily. We don’t need a changed Sandor killing his zombie brother.

      • it cheapens the books and show to bring him back

        Again, I don’t think it was ever a thing that he was definitively gone. He can’t be “brought back” if he never left.

    • I hadn’t heard that one. Isn’t he a bit too recognizable to get away with that? But would be amazing if true.

    • I would be really disappointed if Rhaegar was alive and hiding somewhere … on the other hand, it would be really cool if any of the Dayne’s siblings is alive.

  • Well the possibility does exist that the hound is still alive in the show but nine of the stuff in this piece happens in the show so far.
    The Hound is very far from where any of this takes place in the books as well.
    Color me skeptical…
    I just wish Arya had put a sword through his eye and out the back of his head like she said she would.

  • Well that is one theory I’ve heard kicking around. The hound is a ” little brother”, so that works.

  • a57se I get your point. However, I don’t think the hound is to far in the show from where he is in the books. Looking at it simplistically – in the books he’s somewhere in the river lands after being injured in a fight and left to his own devices. In the show he’s somewhere in the river lands after being injured in a fight and left to his own devices. ………

    It’s not inconceivable that he ended up on the island with the brothers as a new enlistee. :)

    • He is in the Vale in the TV show…
      I’m not a big fan of having people die but not really, then come back to fit into some big Karmatic destruction of their nemesis. Cheap writing to me.

      • Have you ever seen a politician, actor, or athlete return from obscurity and step into the limelight once again? It happens all the time, and if something compels them to resurface, it is their right to do so. What you view as cheap writing is, in fact, a natural part of life. There’s nothing like a legitimate cause to breathe new life into people.

  • isn’t there meant to be a huge explosion this year in kings landing? could this be caused by…..Dragonfire brought by the Hound who was afraid of fire before being ‘found’, but now thanks to his new life embraces it?

    Cleganebowl for the win.

    • I think it’s going to be Cersei going crazy over the death of her children and then poor Jaime will have to kill the crazy bitch …

  • With ‘dead’ actors re-appearing on set, isn’t it more likely that they are filming past events as seen by Bran through the Weirwood trees?
    He will be in for sure. So they will need more material, don’t you think?

  • All I have to say is this : Bring Sandor back and head for the Cleganebowl. Ultimately, this trial by combat will be as intense as Oberyn’s, if not more… yet who knows what the outcome will be. Let’s remember that if Frankengregor goes down, then Valonqar is fulfilled… but what if Maggy got her insight wrong, Melisandre style, huh ? George ( aka The Weasel ) can still trump the cards on this…

    • Let’s remember that if Frankengregor goes down, then Valonqar is fulfilled…

      That would be a very loose interpretation of the actual quote:

      And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you

      Plus let’s not forget that the show cut that line from the prophecy. Call me naive, but when they include the prophecy (which they rarely do) but cut a central line from it, they probably did so for a reason.

      • I was only referring to what has been introduced in the show… after all, I am an Unsullied… I only caught the drift of “little brother” through a WIC topic… so, from the show’s point of view, The Hound’s victory over Frankengregor would mean Cersei’s execution by the Faith and not by the Hound himself, as suggests the full prophecy from the books, such as you stated in your post, Sascha.

        • I was only referring to what has been introduced in the show…

          In which case the valonqar-line is meaningless, since it never got introduced on the show.

          But anyway: Who says that we’ll ever get to see Cersei’s trial by combat? I know people are expecting it, but maybe that’s the exact reason why we’ll never get to see it. Remember how we all expected to see Robb/Cat get some sort of revenge on the Lannisters? And then the RW happened.

          Plus: Who is going to fight FrankenClegane and stand a chance of winning? Sandor (if he’s the Gravedigger) is crippled and probably a changed man. If Jamie turned on his sister, he’d be a good candidate, but he lost his swordhand. From what we’ve seen of Lancel, he would be dead a few minutes into the fight. Loras is hardly the kinda guy whom the Faith would let fight for them.
          And who else is there? Brienne? ATM I don’t see how this could happen.

          Wild speculation here, but maybe the valonqar-line (even though never introduced) will still have meaning on the show. Maybe Jamie will develop into an enemy of Cersei’s and eventually kill her? Call it a re-run of him killing the Mad King. He realizes how badly Cersei has fugged things up and that she will fugg things up even more – and then he realizes he has to kill her. That would not only mirror his actions re. the Mad King but also complete his arc. IMO he’s the one character in the story who has changed the most since season/book 1.

    • Well, Sandor WAS found and nursed by the Brothers, that is told in the books, so we know he didn’t just die laying there where Arya left him. I’m all for Cleganebowl hype, but the Gravedigger is described as lame. His leg was injured, and while they could change that a bit for the show, he doesn’t seem up to fighting Frankengregor at the moment. If he even is still living off his hatred of his brother, which we are told he’s not in AFFC. Though I doubt Sandor could go through that much of a change, maybe just healing up while his leg is still messed up and playing along? Or maybe a pious man now?

    • I believe Jaime will kill Cersei after she becomes completely insane because of the death of their children… I would be angry if Sandor comes back to die in a trial by combat with his brother. I prefer he decides to protect Sansa and kill Ramsay for her.

  • If Cleganebowl happens at all, I don’t think that it will be at Cersei’s trial by combat. That’s pretty clearly going to consist of Frankengregor making mincemeat of Cousin Lancel. If there is to be a showdown between the brothers, it will come later, after numerous scenes of Frankengregor wreaking havoc. If Sandor is on the Quiet Isle, his arc will need something fairly extreme to happen to persuade him to take up the sword again.

    • I also believe Cersei must win her trial. I don’t think she would die this season if there are going to be eight seasons.

      • Cersei’s defeat through trial by combat doesn’t necessarily mean she will be executed… She could escape in a similar fashion to Tyrion… also, come to think of it, it’s also very possible that Tyrion could be the Valonqar and NOT Sandor.

    • What if someone or something were to take control of gregor? Something like the Walkers? I know i’m jumping the shark a bit here but the walkers are on their way. He’s already dead so they cannot turn him into a wight, but if he could be turned into a walker? He’d be a formidable opponent. Would that be enough for sandor to re-enter the frey?

  • Im under the suspicion that he is to make a return.!
    Although he might just be visiting friends in Belfast.????
    Say naffin big lad.! ✋?✋?no photos, nothing to see here.!??

  • Sandor Clegane is one of my favorite characters. I believe that bookSandor is the gravedigger
    on Quite Ilse. The gravedigger on Quite Isle would be a good ending (not my favorite) for
    bookSandor. Along that line, showSandor could be used to introduce show watchers to the Elder
    Brother (or show composite of the Elder Brother) – showSander could end up as gravedigger on
    Quite Isle.

    I have always thought that bookSandor has unfinished business with one of the Stark sisters,
    probably Sansa. I thought that in the first two books that Sandor was being set up as
    Sansa’s champion in a trial by combat. I was suprised it never happened. It’s still possible,
    but unlikely.

    Clegane Bowl? That was always a fun idea. I dont see it happening in Cersei’s trial. A Sandor
    win would mean the deaths of Cersei and the kids. While I always thought that there was a small
    chance that Sandor was the Valongar – I dont see Sandor wanting Cersei dead currently. If
    Cersei has Sansa killed – then yes, Sandor would want Cersei dead.