Featured Filming Game of Thrones Ned Stark Season 6

Video of Ned Stark and Arthur Dayne fighting at the Tower of Joy

Earlier today, we said that fans were having trouble getting close to the Castillo de Zafra, where the Game of Thrones production is currently filming scenes at the Tower of Joy. Well, that’s over. Los Siete Reinos has video of a young Ned Stark and Ser Arthur Dayne duking it out under the Tower of Joy, while the production looks on. It’s filmed with a handheld camera from far away, but it’s happening.

UPDATE: This new version of the video from Javi Marcos is stabilized, and features a zoomed-in view of the action during the back half.

Here are a few stills from the fight, once again courtesy of the beautiful, beautiful souls at Los Siete Reinos.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.40.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.41.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.41.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.41.34 PM

According to Los Siete Reinos, Lyanna Stark appears some of these photos, as per example the one below, as a woman in a white dress with a blue wrap around her head designed to keep her wig in place. I’ll be honest: I don’t see her. If anybody has better eyes than me, lemme know.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.54.20 PM

I see a blue-and-white blob on the left there, but I wouldn’t have pinpointed it as a person if not told. Here’s a wider view of the same shot.


Head to Los Seite Reinos for more images. This is all tremendously exciting!


  • That is fricken epic! God I cannot wait for season 6. I’m just pissed the show gets to R+L=J before the books. But oh well. Good work guys and gals. I’m super curious as to who is playing Ned

    • Talk about dubious posts…

      A57se I know you’re a grumpy guss here lately because we went through and blacklisted all the different versions of your name, but can you please explain to me what about this post, reporting on what another site is reporting on, is dubious?

      Thanks in advance, and please, if it’s because you need a nap or your blood sugar is low and you need a snack…or maybe even a hug, lemme know. Thanks tiger! =)

    • Ned is too honorable to let something like this happen.

      That’s why he said he almost died had Reed not interfered.

      • Agreed – I struggle with this scene from the books (from Ned’s dream in the first book.) Perhaps he dreams it differently than it really happened – but I wonder why he thought it was more honorable to sacrifice 5 of his friends and almost his own life in getting through the 3 Kings guard. Kings Guard can’t surrender – so there is no dishonor in overwhelming them with sufficient force to minimize casualties. Ned must have known Jon Targaryen was a love child – not a child of rape. The Tower of joy was a culmination of a war – not a trial by combat.

  • Not to be a parade-rainer-on, but can anyone tell the exact characters from this video? I’m having a hard time making out any detail.

  • I’m going to be very disappointed if they have Ned defeat Arthur Dayne one on one with all the hype we’ve heard over the years about how badass Dayne was.

    • All we know of Dayne is legends in the book. I haven’t got it to hand, but I think the fight starts out at something like seven to three/four … and Dayne’s side get them down to two. It would be cool if the kingsgaurd went down quickly under numbers disadvantage and then it was just Dayne who goes through several by himself, if you know what I mean.

      Just a bunch of guessing and dreaming.

      Also, one of the most amazing things about the books is how it spins so much legend and history, from character points of view only … but even without direct confirmation, you as the reader can get a sense of which parts are embellished or just metaphorical, from the conflicting reports and the overall knowledge of the present. It’s an aspect of Martin’s writing that is stone cold genius level.

      • And on that note, I want to mention that R+L = J was never a fan theory. The first time I read the books it seemed obvious to me, everything was done to signpost it except say it out loud so to speak.

        The main confirmation point, using Martin’s impeccable internal logic in the books, is how and why else would R send the Kingsguard to protect the tower unless a legit heir was there.

  • I’m hoping they don’t exclude Gerold Hightower , Oswell Whent and Howland Reed. Such a great story they shouldn’t change one thing.

  • ” Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should”

    Dr Ian Malcolm Jurassic Park

    I dunno. Maybe it’s just me. But does anyone else think that WIC posting this video is just a little step too far? I mean, I know you have a choice to read the article and view the video, but….there are spoilers, and then there’s this. It feels like a betrayal of HBO to me to post this.

      • Yes, that’s true and I appreciate that other people are not concerned. That’s fine. Just voicing an opinion is all.

      • This season without the book is going to be more media crazy that any other season. The Got media epionage is going to stay at this level until the end of the series. Like it not, a new standard has been set and photographers are going to stay at it. The Jon Snow Mystery forever changed the level the paparazzi are playing at.

    • HBO is loving every minute of this.
      They are not betrayed, they are being worshipped.
      The betrayal was when Oly drove a dagger into Jon Snow.
      So stop whining before someone betrays you.

      • I’m not whining, I’m expressing an opinion. I’m allowed to do that. It people want to view this content that’s fine, If you do not agree that’s fine. But seriously – what’s your last line about? A threat? Come on dude, what are you, 12?

        Oh – spoiler alert – Oly and Jon Snow are not actually real people.

        • Your whining again.
          Yes please state your opinion, but the HBO betrayal nonsense was whining.
          Like or dislike what is being written but just don’t whine.
          Yes Oly is a fictional character but he still betrayed Jon another fictional character and outraged many fans.
          So is that why you feel threatened by a 12 year old?
          Please don’t be, it was a play on words and a joke.
          And that was my option.
          Now I would like to be the much younger but bigger person an offer that we get back to enjoying the spoilers.

    • It’s just you. I come here for spoilers, specially videos and pictures. Season 6 is too far away … and I am glad to have an idea of what is in store.

    • I hear you. I’m choosing not to watch this because I want to see the finished product first and don’t want to ruin the big moment, but I think it’s amazing that it’s happening.

  • There’s at I least 15 years between Roberts rebellion and the start of serious and at the start of series Ned is still in his 30s so Ned does not have to look the same as when the series begin

    • Hes talking about the tower of joy at the end of the rebellion and when we meet jon in the book for the first time hes 14 so would that not be 14 years?

  • Man I’m so happy I have the freedom to get on the Internet and comment on all this speculation under any name I choose. Yay for freedom!

  • I’ve got to admit, I have a lot of trouble appreciating the anti-spoiler crowd’s position at all. Generally, I feel like if it was that important to you to be completely oblivious to some plot, the burden is on you to avoid that information. But I appreciate that there’s a valid argument on the other side in a lot of situations. But when you show up at the bottom of an article clearly labeled as a spoiler on a website known for breaking spoiler-filled news and question the etiquette of watching scenes filmed in public view in broad daylight, it’s kind of infuriating. Some of us have been waiting 20 years for this scene; I certainly don’t feel bad for having watched it.

    • I completely agree, thanks for posting this!! After reading all the books, its seems forever to know the next part of the story….and seeing the TOJ for the first time, I am even more excited to see it on screen:) For those who don’t want to be spoiled this is probably not the site for you. Thank you again to the brave souls who went out to shoot this….looks like they had to hang from the side of a cliff to get these shots – very impressed:)

      • The other thing is, so far, these photos and videos haven’t actually shown anything that’s not in the books. The anticipation for what we might learn is fantastic, but so far, for book readers at least, nothing has been spoiled.

  • Looking closely at all the available stills photos and video’s I’d say the only clear thing is that there is a fight and that fight involves northmen and an unknown adversary. We all know the adversary is the kingsguard but they appear to be wearing black and steel. The old kingsguard may have sported Targaryen colors. At one point it looks like a beheading occurs while one kingsguard is still alive. The body count is erratic and so is the timeline but there are bodies everywhere. Then a northmen seems to run the final kingsguard through the chest. It almost seems like the kingsguard wins and then two of them are systematically executed or they’re severely injured after a very close loss and then an execution occurs before “the northmen” (Ned most likely) finishes the final kingsguard knight (Arthur Dayne). There are a lot of possibilities and I saw zero sign of Lyanna, i did see a white object but it is unconfirmable imho.. Also, since all the northmen look alike in costume it’s hard to say which is Ned until the numbers thin. I could go on but as everyone is debating the spoiler morality, I didn’t learn anything truly new and definitely nothing concrete. I could always be missing something though. It’s all pretty exciting none the less.

  • I can’t view either link. Can anyone else? Bummed :( a57se what’s your name mean if u don’t mind. Seen UR name on here a lot forever and always wondered and how wierd ppl trying to copy it.

  • Wow this is fantastic. Seems like season 6 is really moving into gear.

    Looks like he is fighting 4 including Ned Stark in those first few pictures and then it looks like it’s down to 1 or 2 in the later pictures. Also one of those pictures the actor in the Kingsguard armour is wearing a helmet and appears to be much taller. I think he must be either Hightower or Whent. This looks so fantastic, I can’t wait.

  • Why would Lyanna Stark be standing on the edge of the battle watching if she just gave birth and is bleeding to death?

    • Maybe she wasn’t bleeding from childbirth? Maybe she gave birth without too much trouble, days or weeks before the TOJ sequence. Maybe she’s bleeding because she tried to intervene in the fight? Maybe trying to protect Howland Reed (Think Harrenhal Tournament etc…) or Ned? I hadn’t thought of this before. But it might work. Given that the battle is outside it would explain why Ned could hear her screaming “Eddard…”. She was there.

      • Good point. We all automatically assume it’s from child birth but who knows for sure, we still don’t know what exactly goes on there, not to mention this is the show and not the book

    • Maybe to protect Dayne from Ned’s final blow after being holed up in the tower and falling in love with him over the year plus in captivity? There’s more to this than R + L = J

      • I kind of like this idea!

        Once I set aside my assumption that Lyanna died of child birth complications so many options and possibilities opened up.

  • I’m starting to think maybe Jorah is Azhor ahai and will sacrifice Danery’s plunging his sword into her and Jon is the Prince that was promised.

    • Tess. Hodor is the Prince That Was Promised. George Rr. Martin has hinted at that throughout the books. Jojen foreskin this in his dreams…..

  • Ok. Hate to promote another site. But in the comments section of most recent article on WOTW, someone has just linked to an unbelievable video. A fan climbing through the mountains for 3 miles and filming TOJ from above. Almost too much info. His second compilation video is pretty funny as well. Someone may want to post it here. And make a copy. It won’t last long. I’m guessing it’s sure to be removed since he’s identified himself. I’ll try to link.


    • Lisa, that video was incredible. Thanks!

      It looks like Ned is fighting Dayne and then maybe howland reed comes up behind Dayne and stabs him.

      How is this video not everywhere?!?!

  • What the hell, I’ll throw in my guess as to what all the video and stills seem to show. It looks to me like Dayne is fighting 4 people and then eventually is fighting just one, and that one is Ned based on his, shall we call it …….uniform. I base this on the stills on Los Sietes Reinos. It would be a travesty if Howland Reed is not present and alive at the end of this fight, and it would run counter to show continuity as well. But not a surprise as D&D take too much liberty with translation when it doesn’t appear they really have too.

  • I cant wait for this scene as if it proves the theory right of jon being rhaegar and lyanna son (as we all believe) but I have a different view that jon is not to sit on the iron throne but to sit on the GOLDEN throne.
    I believe jon is not destined to rule Westeros but the whole kingdom. He is the prince that is promised and Azar Ahar combined. He is portrayed as Jesus and the Holy Ghost and The three eyed craven(GOD) has sent him to conquer the whitewalkers (DEVILS) in the second coming of Azar Ahar. Daenerys, Jon and Bran will fly the three dragons to kill off the whitewalkers like the Bible states that Jesus will return to end the world and send all the evil off into damnation with the fire from the dragons.

    • You just spelled out the feeling I’ve had the whole time but couldn’t decipher, thank you! I consider myself a spiritual person (you must be too:)

      • I believe too many people are focusing on the iron throne and the rightful heir but the ultimate throne is Gods.
        Martin has portrayed a lot of the GOT characters from the events and characters from the Bible and from the war of the roses.
        Their is one side fighting for the iron throne and the other side is fighting to end evil.
        Daenerys, Bran and John are portraying THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST as the second coming of Jesus to end the world. they will fly the dragons together and kill the whitewalkers bring peace to the land.
        I believe Tyrion and Sansa will sit on the iron throne together as in the war of the roses the Yorks ended the 100 year war by marrying a Lancastrian.
        Starks are the Yorks and Lannisters are the lancastrians.
        Henry vII married Elizabeth which ended the war so Tyrion and Sansa (whom are already married) will bring peace to the kingdom.
        Either I have a very vivid imagination and completely wrong or I have worked it out.

          • I think God has everything to do with GOT. Martin has made a fictional world with Westeros based on England and the other cities based on Europe. If you think about it the Children of the forest living in the haunted forest with the Three Eyed Raven (angels living in heaven with God) and the Whitewalkers are living as the Devils do in hell.
            All of the novels written based on the time before GOT were from the times before the season 1 (old Testiment from the Bible and from Season 1 onwards are based on the new Testiment from the Bible.
            Some of the story lines in the novels are actually from the Bible (ie David and goliath, the birth of Christ , Feeding the five thousand, King herod and many many more and some are based from the War of The Roses.
            I might be wrong but there are many comparisons to the bible stories that I cannot come to any other conclusions.

  • I can’t find any information anywhere about who had been cast as 20something Ned. I just wanna see some decent photos of young Ned!

  • I see no white cloaks. Also it looks like Aerys kings guard have different armor. I see silver plate and dark blue or black clothing. I was hoping they would make the KG look cooler. Glad they don’t have those goofy Helms. I wish we had a better look at Dawn.

  • I love trolling the comments. Awesome theories…I’m currently reading the books after watching all five seasons twice… Reading the spoiler comments only make me want to get through the books faster so by all means keep em’ comin!!! Good job to whomever hiked up there to get these shots. They’re awesome!