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Thanksgiving giveaway: Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2 SteelBook Collector’s Sets

Today is Thanksgiving, and we here at WiC know what we’re thankful for: our readers. Bring it in, you guys. Bring it on in.

But seriously, folks, we do appreciate your continued support of the site, and to give back, we’re giving away copies of HBO’s newly released SteelBook Blu-ray boxsets of Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2. They’re here, wrapped in plastic:


These limited edition boxsets come with some neat bells and whistles. As SteelBook sets, they have metal exteriors and plastic interiors, so the discs remain super-duper safe. You can see what they look like freed of their plastic prisons in the header image—here’s the inside of the Season 1 set.

Game of Thrones Steelbook set

Another perk: Stark and Lannister refrigerator magnets! There’s a magnet inset on the covers of each of the sets—the direwolf of Stark for Season 1 and the lion of Lannister for Season 2. When the sets are still in their plastic display cases, the magnets are held in place, but once removed, they come out to play.

Game of Thrones Steelbox magnets

Tell me you wouldn’t want one of these holding up your grocery list.

These sets also sport newly remixed Dolby Atmos soundtracks. If you have the necessary equipment and speakers, this means that sound effects, dialogue, and music will play in front of, behind, to the side of, and even above you for a completely immersive sonic experience. Here, the producers sing the praises of Dolby Atmos.

If you don’t have the needed equipment, the sets will work fine with your plain ol’ normal speakers, too. And of course they come with plenty of special features and commentaries.

To enter to win these sets, simply leave a comment below (one comment per person—double-dippers will be disqualified). After 24 hours have passed, the voting will be closed and a winner will be chosen at random. This contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Thanks again for reading, and happy Thanksgiving!

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