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Season 7 SPOILERS: Info about Cersei, the Greyjoys, and more

A couple of weeks ago, a big SPOILER broke about Daenerys’ role in Game of Thrones Season 7. Today, the Season 7 spoiler fest continues, but first, let’s see what new cast members have arrived in Belfast.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) walks the streets of Belfast. His onscreen brother Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) is also in town:

This is far clearer than the last picture we got of Dinklage.

Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) is in town, no doubt up to no good. On a related note…

Allen and Whelan play Theon and Yara Greyjoy respectively.

The whole family’s here!

That would be Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Tyene Sand).

And finally, the big kahuna herself:

Long may she reign.

Okay, now that we’ve done that, it’s time to begin SPOILERS. Beware.


Fansite Watchers on the Wall brings us a report. Apparently, filming this week centered around the Greyjoys. Specifically, it involved Theon and Yara “engaging in battle at sea,” probably with their uncle. As it ends up, Season 7 will be a busy year for Euron. According to the site, next year he will:

  • Team up with Cersei.
  • Take either Theon or Yara prisoner.
  • Kill at least one of the Sand Snakes.

Fans may not spend much time weeping for the Sand Snakes, but these are big developments, if not entirely unexpected. We’ve suspected that Cersei and Euron may team up for a while now. After all, they’ll need all the help they can get if they’re going to battle Daenerys and her sizable, dragon-augmented army.

The spoilers aren’t complete, which is probably for the best. For example, when Theon and Yara fight Euron at sea (assuming that’s who they’re fighting, which seems likely), is Daenerys with them? Might the parties split up? It’s hard to keep a fleet that size together for the entirety of such a lengthy journey, and/or they might decide to divide their forces to take over different areas of Westeros simultaneously. Perhaps the Greyjoys head for the Iron Islands with some borrowed soldiers while Dany makes for King’s Landing? The opportunities for speculation are endless.


  • My quick guess – Knowing Dany is coming, Cersei sets KL to the ground as Jaime watches. She’ll move the capitol to Casterly Rock and wed Euron, who is still gathering forces (a spit in the face of her old husband, too). The Rock is impenetrable by all armies, but Tyrion’s knowledge of the aquaducts / cisterns / sewers breaks them into the stronghold. Eventually Jaime has to chose between his bro and sis.

  • That guy is going to a JOB INTERVIEW dressed like that? Even for a job at McDonald’s, you should dress better than that. Hope he didn’t get the job.

  • Cersei, in need of an ally/army, will marry Euron. She’ll feel empowered, thinking she will beat her new enemies. During her moment of feeling unstoppable ( shortly after she weds Euron, for a la business, not to consummate) Cersei will not realise what is happening, until it’s too late. She’s dying, by the hands of Euron. As she begins to suffocate/die, Euron tells her he doesn’t need her anymore. After being wed, and her death he will become the new king of the seven kingdoms when he wins the war.
    Fade to black.

  • I bet Yara is taken prisoner, I don’t think Theon would be taken prisoner again (from a plot standpoint). This will help him learn to take charge again instead of hiding behind Yara

    • I was coming to say something similar. I hope Theon isn’t taken prisoner AGAIN. It seems too redundant. Since Yara is Euron’s main rival for the Salt Throne I would think he’d take her.

    • I agree. I think Yara will be taken prisoner and Theon will have to step us and rescue her as she tried for him. I think Theon needs redemption for his past activities.

  • Guys, if Yara is taken prisioner, Dany will jump on Drogon and BURN THEM ALL!!

    Don´t mess with the queen´s girl crush.

    Of course Dani has to split her fleet in two, west and east coast of Westeros must be secured.

    I guess Euron will be attacking Reach, Oldtown….since Dany is allied with Olenna, she will send part of the Iron Fleet to fight Euron.

    By that time we will see uncle Euro in full glory: he marries Cersei for temporal power, but still has an eye for Dany. He needs Dany because he wants to become THE STORM!!!


    • Given Dany’s fleet looks invincible you got to presume they borrow from the books with some character swicheroo … Dany’s fleet gets split up in a storm at sea and she misplaces her dragons in the same way Connington’s elephants went missing (Volantene fleet storm etc) to make it a fair fight otherwise she just lands and wins.

  • Sounds amazing. Euron will probably capture Yara. The sea battle sounds fantastic.

    Also, very interested to see Euron as a “King” if he marries the Queen Cersei.

  • Golly gee, the Ironborn certainly managed to build quite a few ships rather rapidly, didn’t they?

    This sounds like an out-of-context version of the Battle of the Redwyne Straights that was foreshadowed in the recently released Aeron I chapter from TWoW. Out-of-context meaning, “Yeah, there’s a battle, but everything about it and everyone in it has changed.”

    Euron Greyjoy was one of the greatest flops of Season 6. The only thing that could possibly salvage his character is . . . killing Sand Snakes. Go, Euron.

      • I agree, he wasn’t bad at all he just didn’t have many scenes. The bridge scene with Balon was pretty badass. He was just being introduced to the audience last season. Season 7 will be his time to shine in all of Eurons batshit crazy glory. Cersei and Euron Cerson the greatest psycho couple ever!

    • I agree that Euron was miscast. As far as I could see, his strongest suit was looking like he could indeed be Alfie Allen’s uncle (though way too young to be Patrick Malahide’s brother). His acting did not impress me at all.

      • Too young to be his little brother? Why?
        Some people just look younger, some much older.
        Plus, men can have babies in their 80’s…but that neither here nor there

  • Worried about the kids clothes for an interview? I was more worried about his twitter handle, surprised no one picked up on that.

  • Honestly I don’t think it will be Yara that is taken hostage, that would be too predictable and frankly quite boring. I’d like for Theon to get captured again. Yara loses all hope of getting Theon back, knowing how broken he was before, odds are he would have gone completely mad upon a second capture especially at the hands of someone as ruthless as Euron.
    All alone, in the bottom of Euron’s boat, Theon realizes that he will be killed regardless of the outcome of the battle. Knowing his fate, he makes a last attempt at an escape. After somehow breaking free of his chains, he sneaks up on an unsuspecting Euron in full view of his crew who can’t warn him (as we know he has cut out all of their tongues) and plunges a sword through his heart. He then says “Your King is dead, bend the knee and your lives will be spared.” Theon completes his redemption by taking his crown with the Iron Price.

  • I can’t see Euron allying aith Cersei the Iron Born HATE the great lords of Wetseros ESPECIALLY THE LANNISTERS.

  • I don’t see Cersei marrying euron after how much she refuse to marry loras in season 3 and 4. I do see them being allies though in battling dany/greyjoys

  • I’m really looking forward to a good sea battle if done right. This may be one of the hardest scenes the show has shot yet visually. Hope they can make it work for tv.

  • All I know is that I really, really do not want to see Theon put through any more misery. I want him to find full redemption somehow. (Not that I want to see Yara/Asha tortured either – or killed, or have to be rescued by a guy.)

    My fanfic ending: The War for the Dawn is over. Yara offers Arya a lift in her longship to go see what’s west of Westeros (the New World, where they grow chocolate!*). The sea captain’s daughter reappears with Theon Jr., ready to be legitimized as his heir so that Theon can assume his rightful place on the Seastone Chair.

    *Bringing back dark chocolate to Westeros would make GRRM’s bittersweet ending literal.

    • I think to be honest if it follows the lord of the rings style the bittersweet part is happening right now, they have all lost so much along the way that they won’t be able to go back to the way they were before just like frodo. I don’t think anyone will sail off to find anything just think they will go their separate ways again as they have changed so much.

      Jon Snow – Killed and resurrected, White walkers, massive battles
      Arya – Massive journey, faceless men, stabbed, witnessed family killed
      Dany – Massive journey, sold to Dothraki, dragons
      Sansa – Massive journey, cruelty all the way
      Tyrion – Imprisoned, killed father, killed shae, massive journey
      Theon – Imprisoned, Tortured and mutilated

      And thats if they all live to the end of the Great War.

  • So Dany will crubstomp Euron,Cersei,LF,Frey,Jon Snow alliance. Daenerys the Silver Queen mightiest force of Game of Thrones fuck Nights King

  • “Euron has his mutes capture Aeron Damphair after the kingsmoot. He forces Aeron to drink shade of the evening, and the Damphair has visions of first Euron Bloodeye on a throne of skulls and later Euron as a kraken-like figure with tentacles on the Iron Throne, with a woman by his side” – The Winds of Winter, The Forsaken

  • Why would Euron team up with Cersei? If he still wants to get Dany then it makes absolutely no sense.Sure he could beat her if he teams up with Cersei but what about after that? Will he just ditch Cersei and force Dany to marry him? I just can’t see how Dany would take on Euron’s offer, assuming it still stands, after he directly opposed her and teamed up with Cersei of all people.Dany could trick him then just have one of her dragons roast him up.Maybe that will be his fate, which is rather meh.

    So I can only see the horn coming into play here, and Euron stealing Dany’s dragons.If so then he doesn’t need her, just her dragons. So he could afford to oppose her, and after he gets the dragons he’ll have anyone he wants, maybe Cersei herself.

    And I’m willing to bet that Theon will get the Aeron treatment.:/

    • But whoever blows the horn their insides start to burn up and they die per the book. . According to Moqorro, the Valyrian glyphs on the horn read, “I am Dragonbinder … No mortal man should sound me and live … Blood for fire, fire for blood.
      ….It sounds like the best contender for blowing the horn would be Dany or someone else who is fire proof.

  • If Euron kills one Fake Snake he’ll instantly become one of my favourite characters. Still leaves two of them more and Sansa’s death to wait for… Come on, Euron, you can do even better!

  • That pic of Indira and Rosabell is cute. Wait, isn’t Rosabell “Bad P***sy? Can you believe that sweet, young schoolgirl, in her little hoody, shot those scenes and delivered those lines? That’s a trooper. Indira was toned down just enough in her last scene with Olenna/Diana, and she’s been really good in other things in which I’ve seen her. Maybe there is hope for the Snakes in Season 7.

    In the meantime, Euron has the potential to be a really interesting character, especially since super-villain Ramsay is gone. A sea battle would be great to see. Yara did say no one could beat the Ironborn on the sea, so it’s anyone’s bet when you have two Ironborn forces against each other. No matter what, I still can’t see Cersei actually marrying Euron. Teaming up forces, yes, but not hooking up, especially not with Jaime lurking about.

    I’m thinking of that speech Jaime gave to Edmure, that all that mattered to him was Cersei. He was willing to catapult Edmure’s young son into the walls of Riverrun if it meant he could get back to Cersei faster. He’s not just going to walk away and let someone like Euron waltz in and offer his huge cock to her. Don’t know what could happen. If Euron offers her the same deal he was going to give to Dany, that his fleet comes with the condition of marriage, she might be crazed enough to accept that, with the idea of double-crossing him. Maybe it won’t be Jaime who kills her, no matter how much everybody believes he will. Maybe Euron kills her, in rage or treachery.

  • And I’m thinking of the the speech Edmure gave back. Not the first, but he really touched a nerve there. Pretty much a set up for a breaking point. Jaime just needs a little push now and Cersei won’t take long to provide it. Euron being around would be even more helpful in that matter.

  • There was no point in having this chick in the interview…she didn’t even know Ned was dead. Damn, that’s GoT 101.