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Speculation: What do the Euron Greyjoy spoilers mean for Game of Thrones Season 7?

As filming on Game of Thrones Season 7 kicks into high gear, spoilers are trickling out. Last week, we discussed a big one involving Daenerys. This week, we take a look at her rivals: Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy.

Warning: SPOILERS follow


In July, we speculated about the possibility of a marriage between Cersei and Euron. It’s unclear if they go that far, but according to spoilers leaked last week, they will team up in an attempt to stop Daenerys.

Assuming Euron built those thousand ships, he becomes the logical choice to engage Daenerys at sea. It’s to his advantage to do it before she lands in Westeros. Also, Euron will reportedly capture either Yara or Theron and murder at least one of the Sand Snakes. So what does this all mean? Take a deep breathe, and let’s dive in.

Cersei Coronation Gown Game of Thrones

Firstly, the fact that Euron and Cersei will form some sort of supervillain alliance shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, their enemies have joined forces. Yara and Theon joined Team Dany after Euron chased them off the Iron Islands, and House Tyrell joined the cause after Cersei murdered a bunch of its members. (And the Sand Snakes have wanted revenge against the Lannister for years.) Faced with all those angry people, a team-up is one of the only options left to Cersei and Euron.

The spoilers also suggest that Theon and Yara will be involved in naval battle, a first for the series. Yes, we had the Battle of the Blackwater back in Season 2, but that was a naval attack on a land-locked city, not a ship-to-ship clash over open water. Game of Thrones wants to give us something new and exciting, and what could be more fun than ship-on-ship combat with a trio of dragons providing aerial bombardment? My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.

It’s likely that this battle, when it happens, will be the point at which Euron will capture one of the Greyjoy siblings.

Theon and Yara Greyjoy

Note that, if Euron captures Yara or Theon during the naval battle, it implies that he survives it. That by itself is worth noting. But who will Euron take? Theon or Yara?

Given Theon’s previous stint as Ramsay’s prisoner (and technically a prisoner of the Starks), Yara seems the more the likely candidate, simply because it wouldn’t be as redundant. Having Theon imprisoned once again would seem a bit been-there-done-that.

Now, given Euron’s stated desire to murder his niece and nephew, Yara might be taken prisoner only to be executed shortly thereafter. But if she manages to survive, it may give Yara some insight into her brother’s suffering at the hands of Ramsay, although hopefully not too much. (No flaying, please.) If might also give her insight into how Euron thinks, which could prove useful. In any case, we’re guessing that Yara is the one taken prisoner.

Euron Greyjoy official

And last but not least (satisfying), Euron will reportedly knock off a member of the Sand Snakes. Predicting which one will perish would be futile, because other than maybe Tyene, they don’t have much personality and none of them are important to the plot. What’s interesting is  the knowledge that the Sand Snakes will meet up with Euron at some point. Does Euron stop by Dorne on his way to fight Daenerys? Or does he raid the Reach, which is adjacent to Dorne, as he does in the books? Now that they’re allies with the Tyrells, one or more of the Sand Snakes might be in the Reach when that happens.

The final possibility is that, like Varys, the Sand Snakes sailed to Meereen before Dany’s fleet set off. In that case, they’d already be with her armada. Thus, one of them could die in the same sea battle in which Theon or Yara are captured.

2 24 Sand snakes3

As we can see, Euron looks like he’ll be a major factor during Season 7. And we’re not sure when he’ll have time to hook up with Cersei before wrecking all this havoc, and what their relationship will be like. Will Euron survive all of this mayhem and make his way into Season 8? We’ll have to wait and see. Until, we’ll leave you with one of Euron’s lines: “I am the storm.” Prove it.

h/t Watchers on the Wall


  • Euron always had to be part of the plot. What would be the point of bringing him and the Iron Born in if not so he could play a real role?

    Cersei was his only choice for alliance. Dany had already picked Yara and Theon. Also, she plans to rule and might look for an equal. If not, she’d want a boy toy. Euron would not fit either. There would be no point in alliance with Jon Snow and I would guess Sansa would give a big NO.

    Which Greyjoy? I actually think it would be Theon. Yeah, it is a repeat. But I think Euron would want to kill Yara right off. She’s the one who could have kids that could eventually provide a challenger within the family. It would be nice if somewhere down the line Euron decided to challenge Theon and Theon kill him.

    But I think it might be Jamie doing the job. I hope so.

  • I’m going to continue to hope that Daenerys makes land in Westeros unimpeded and this initial clash with Euron is just Yara and Theon with a battalion sent to retake the Iron Islands and move on the west coast. No Daenerys, no dragons, just fighters and ships. They fail, Yara is captured and Theon faces him later with a stronger force, kills Euron himself, saves Yara and regains his confidence as a Greyjoy and as a person.

    That’s the plot I have in my head that I’d like to see. The redemption of Theon and his ties to the Islands is in a way a story separate from the happenings on the main land. I’d like to see him earn that for himself rather than as a bystander.

    • Wishful thinking but I think you should check the map of the In Production teaser. They revealed the entire battle plan and pointed to the Lannister forces in Dorne. Dany’s Armada will face the fate of another Armada. Foreshadowing is in spades.

      • Oh, oh I see… You’re going with the idea that a shot of the props department painting wooden pogs on top of a map months before filming is a reveal of the plot. Got it!

  • Yara/Asha has to be the one that gets killed (why can’t all the Sand Snakes die?). She really never had an arc to her character; some think Theon’s arc may be done, but that is up to debate about when an arc reaches its “conclusion”. Theon and Asha are held hostage by Stannis, while EVERYONE wants Theon dead, rigid Stannis sees that he has the true heir to the Iron Island (sorry ladies but no woman has sat the Sea Stone Chair) so he is a more valuable bargaining chip than a Asha, who still has king’s blood for a sacrifice. Also note Aeron claims only a godly man can sit in that chair. Theo means relating to dieties, so Theon is godly in name.

    The battle at sea is probably a replacement for a massive autumn/winter storm sweeping through the Narrow Sea. It’s been subtly hit over our heads about autumn and storms for a reason. Guess what season it is and who is going to be sailing up the Narrow Sea to King’s Landing. Dany’s fleet of Dothraki sailors are going to be obliterated and Dany is probably going to fly off on Drogon to the King’s Landing’s with Tyrion and Penny getting captured, forced to wear mottle and caper around like little fools in Damphair’s dream.

  • Euron is on par with the Sand Snakes as the most disappointing book-to-show character. I didn’t like the casting of Asbeck as Euron, because he doesn’t look sinister, or even cool for that matter. And handlebars? Christ. I hope they at least give him an awesome story arc in season 7, because he was totally wasted in season 6.

      • Cheesy pirate villain???


        Have you read the newest sample chapter released from Winds; it’s an Aeron Damphair chapter that I think is called The Foresaken???

        Not sure how you can say that about Euron if you have read this chapter.

        • Right? Book Euron is villianous AF! I’m okay with the casting, but I wish they’d given the actor more to chew on. It’s not like they lacked for source material. And whoever worked on his costuming should be fired. He’s Euron CROW’S EYE. The eye patch isn’t just a fashion statement….

          • Right. Even without the new sample chapter, the little tidbits we get throughout the book about Euron are more than enough to ensure he’s not ever mistaken as a cheesy pirate.

            Anyways, Totally agree about the lack of an eye patch for Euron. That decision by D&D, et al never made sense to me. Why not include it??


    • for a second i read your comment as “olenna” and i was like, “HOW DARE YOU?” but then i saw “obara” and I thought, “i’m completely fine with that.”

      d&d really fucked up the dorne plot by excluding arianne martell from the show. i’d trade her for the sand snakes in a heartbeat. it’d be great if season 7 introduced sarella sand in the samwell/citadel storyline, as her character would actually make the sand snakes relevant, but i highly doubt that’ll happen.

  • He’s looks more perverted and sleezy than Euron fearsome. He doesn’t give off sinister to me. My guess, since they do like to use the book samples for inspiration, I predict Yara ends it tied onto the mast of Euron’s ship with her tongue cut out until she rots off.

    P.S.: please kill the Sand Snakes, such a disappointment. Just don’t kill Messandei.

  • I’m excited for Euron next season. I think he’ll make a good villain. I think he could survive to season 8 and be the big bad.

  • What if Euron is able to convince the Sand Snakes that Cercei had nothing to do with the death of Oberyn, and offers them the Reach if they turn on Dany? If they are power hungry, and there are quite a few Sand Snakes, this would give them land and power, effectively knocking out their bastardy. That would even the odds a lot. Maybe it’s just assumed that they’d kill a sand snake, or a death is faked to get them to take him on and lure them in.

  • I think a dragon will die in the naval battle.

    At some point the dragons can’t be invincible or it becomes a typical fantasy story…

    • true, but i don’t think a dragon death will occur until the *actual* war for the dawn (meaning: the inevitable battle against the whitewalkers). dragons are far too integral to defeating the others.

      i think it’s more likely that dany will lose one of her dragons to an enemy–like euron, for example. it may be a temporary loss, but i do believe it’ll happen at some point. both rhaegal and viserion are free to choose whomever they please to ride them. i can absolutely see one of them being used against her at some point in the series.

  • Here are my tinfoil predictions for S7, if someone is interested.

    King’s Landing. Let’s start from obvious: Jamie will confront Cersey as soon as he has a chance. He will go mad, lose control, attack her (like in S4), and then the Mountain will switch him off. Next time Jamie will wake up in a cell and listen to Unella’s screams. Meanwhile, Cersey will team up with Euron: either he will sneak into the Red Keep, or she will send him an alliance/marriage proposal herself.
    Dany will be sailing. She may stop at Volantis to meet Kinvara, or Kinvara will join her on board – one way or another red priest will join Dany’s team or at least try to influence her agenda (instruct her to go North) by giving her some prophesy (Tyrion and Varys will be irritated).
    Jon will be counting his limited human and food recourses knowing that they won’t be enough. Then Bran will arrive with the plan to rally Dany and her dragons to the common cause using Jon’s family relations. Jon will be shocked and confused by the reveal of his parentage, but Littlefinger will confirm everything including R+L marriage and try to convince Jon to claim the Iron Throne himself. Jon will refuse, but alliance with Dany will look reasonable; so, he will send Davos to meat Daeny (he would be the most appropriate for obvious reasons).
    Riverlands: there will be a lot of meetings, as well as a major turmoil caused by the decimation of the Freys. Edmure and Roslyn Frey-Tully will come into play.
    Oldtown: Sam will start his studies.

    The North: Littlefinger will question Jon’s authority mocking his willingness to bow to dragons; his friend in the North may be revealed too. Sansa frustrated by the prospect of Jon marrying Dany and Tyrion willing to resume his marriage to her will also be Littlefinger’s target.
    Riverlands: Edmure will take control over Riverrun and declare to Jon relying on his support. The Brotherhood, Arya, and Brienne may come to the North – at least I hope for Brienne (I need her interacting with Tormund, but that won’t make life easier for Jon).
    Oldtown: Sam will discover that someone (Euron’s agents/faceless men?) are hunting for some dragon-relevant book/item, which he will steal himself. Jorah may also come into play.
    Dany will meet Davos, but will refuse to abandon her cause. In turn, Davos will be irritated by the red priests in her train.
    Meanwhile, Euron and the Lannister forces led by Bronn (foreshadowed last season) will attack Dorne and catch the Sand Snakes of guard. He will take whatever castle they will be in: Water Gardens/Sunspear or the Ghost Hill represented by the Turillio Castle (?) and capture Ellaria and Tyenne. One of other two Sand Snakes may be killed, the other might escape to some other castle represented by Almodovar de Rio – it looks like they are going to stage a decent siege there, but to say the truth I can’t tie this siege with my predictions yet). Ollena might be killed too, if she is still in Dorne at that point.
    Finally, Euron will sail into the Sea of Dorne and take the position by the Cape Wrath to prevent Dany’s landing; Lannister forces will concentrate in the Ghost Hill (see the map from In Production teaser). Ellaria and Tyenne might be used as a bait to lure Dany into a trap. Yara and Theon will accept the challenge but they will lose (I don’t know which of them will be taken captive, but I think it will be Theon, because he was filming; Yara may simply die). I also predict that Euron will sacrifice Tyenne in Ellaria’s eyes to stir up the storm of the century. Dany’s dragons (at least two of them) will be blown away by the wind; Drogon may be injured or otherwise incapacitated. Seeing that the battle goes ill, Dany will try to sail out into the Narrow Sea, but the Royal fleet will approach from the rear. Dany will have to sail into the Shipbreaker Bay and Davos may become very handy in such case, because he knows these waters (smuggled food into Storms End during Robert’s Rebellion and Mel during the War of the Five Kings). He will manage to save Dany and most of her fleet, but nonetheless Euron will return to King’s Landing triumphant and start preparing for the royal marriage. Dany’s dragons will be lured into the Dragonpit and locked there.

    Kings Landing. Cersey may be indeed marrying Euron – I can see her even having a crush on him, but on the other hand, what if Danys words about luring the nobles by marriage proposals was a foreshadowing for Cersey rather than Dany herself? If Cersey realises that such strategy works (based on her experience with Euron), she may be tempted to use it further to strengthen her position (a bit of poetic justice, because she was always so opposed to “being sold”). Besides that, Euron may be killed right after fulfilling his mission: for instance, by Theon whom he will capture and torture but who will only pretend to turn into Reek again. Cersey may also take him out after noticing that he is too dominant (in such case, Theon will be spared by D&D and Euron’s captive will be Yara).
    But back to Cersey – what other potential suitors could be there for her? Jon is out of question, but Dickon Tarly may be worth considering (Randyl Tarly may forsake Ollena, if he is offered an opportunity to put his son on the Iron Throne), and there is Littlefinger (SIC!). And there is pretty big possibility that he will alter his “beautiful picture” of him on the Iron Throne replacing Sansa with Cersey.
    One way or another, after defeating Dany, Cersey will turn her eyes on the North and its allies in the Riverlands and the Vale. I think she will send her armies there: Bronn will get a chance to show his climbing skills in Eyre (foreshadowed in S1). The lords of the Vale instigated by Littlefinher will demand Jon to haste to the rescue of their helpless lord and country; Sansa may insist on that too. Jon will have no other choice but to match or send his forces south. He will rely on Bran to keep an eye on the Night’s King. Bran will explore the origins of the wall and decide that the defence might hold.
    Dany will have several options what to do next after her defeat. Her landing in the Storms End or Dragonstone is worth considering – especially the later, because of its symbolic role and dragon-glass resources. Davos may become handy again: he knows both of the castles and he can help her to sneak in. However, landing at any of these castles in a stormy weather may be complicated and their food resources will hardly be enough for Dany’s army which will still be huge. Therefore, my wishful thinking is to see Dany landing in the White Harbour. After that her storyline will weave into the northern one making Jon’s confrontation with Cersey even more inevitable. Moreover, Varys may facilitate Littlefinger’s demise, and I would like to see one more verbal sparring between Varys and Littlefinger before Jon chops off his head.
    One way or another, Dany will find a safe place to recover from her loss and go to reclaim her dragons. Davos may smuggle her into King’s Landing. Varys could go there too (he knows all the tunnels and secret passages) and Arya and the Hound may also become handy on this mission too, as well as Sam and his knowledge. So, at the end of the season we will probably see all of these characters going to/meeting in King’s Landing.

    Ep7 (finale)
    Jon will march or send his army south to the Riverlands and the Vale. He may fall into the trap, but at the last moment Bronn will decide that he is a knight and not a sellsword and pledge his allegiance to Tyrion/Jon.
    Dany will come to the Dragonpit (based on the WotW spoiler) and release her dragons with the help of Sam and Jorah.
    Arya, the Hound, and Varys will sneak into the dungeons and release the numerous prisoners including Jamie. They will storm the Red Keep from within. The Hound will kill the Mountain, Jamie will kill Cersey, and Theon will kill Euron (we will find out that this time the tortures did not break him and that he was only pretending to be Reek). But Bran will be caught by the Night’s King in his green-seeing reconnaissance mission and the Wall goes crashing down in the last shot.

    OR most of the abovementioned will go into S8.

    • Really like your outline, my thoughts are similarexcept for Bran being caught…
      I think somehow, when Bran is a bit more seasoned, he will realize he can actually work the mark the Nights King gave him the other way around too

  • I don’t know why but I’m worried about the dragons too.
    I can see myself getting really upset to lose Drogon. Or any other of them. We’ve been around those dragons since they were born. At least one is about to die I fear lol :)
    It’s Game of Thrones. They love to make us mad and cry lol :)

    As long as Jon is ok I’m fine

  • Euron may have 1000 ships but how many men do the greyjoys command. I’m guessing no more than 2000. Assuming it takes 20 men per ship, that’s a lot of unmanned ships!

    Dany has 8k unsullied, c40k dothraki, 2k southern sons, assuming they didn’t stay with her boyfriend!!! And whoever stayed from the masters of slavers bay!!!! Plus 3 dragons!!!!! Plus anyone that’s joined from houses Martel and Tyrell!

    I’d say Euron and Cersei are toast!!!!

    I’d say it doesn’t

  • I am thinking Jon and the North will rally to Cersei. Okay, okay, settle down. Remember, no one in Westeros knows Dany. They only know she is the Mad King’s daughter and she has dragons. Know one in Westeros will want to go back under the Targaryen rule. As the show has made Dany’s forces so overwhelming the only options are to create a super alliance in Westeros. Also, remember GOT loves to force enemies together. Euron will provide the naval fleet. Then, Cersei will send Jamie (add in Brienne and Littlefinger) to convince Jon and Sansi that the North should join their efforts to protect Westeros. Cersei will promise Jon the north will have their own freedom and independence and he can remain King of the North, but if they allow Kings Landing to fall they will all be back under Targaryen rule. So, the North, the Freys, the Vale, the Wildlings all go to help the Lannisters and Euron reinforce Kings Landing. It is the only way you can create a force equal to Danys. Later at some point, in a major knock down battle at Kings Landing, Bran gets word to Jon that Dany is his flesh-and-blood, the wall has fallen, and the White Walkers are marching south. So, Jon will help broker a truce, using his past friendship with Tyrion to help convince Dany that bigger issues loom to the North.

  • Euron gonna use dragonbinder duh maybe he gives it to Yara or Theon after captivity (also BOOK SPOILER: This captive will probably take place the role of Aeron on Silence) and I bet in show version it’s gonna somehow interfere with the dragons to protect and fight for Dany in this battle – temporarily – while the Wall falls simultaneously and the Others make their way South

  • Also that comment above mine about Cersei rallying the North isn’t completely farfetched. Tywin did try to teach Cersei about forming alliances with her enemies. I think the show has depicted her too far gone into her transition as a “Monster” for that to make logical sense in the story. She’s def gonna team up with Euron if anything, although is their any kind of Ironborne/Lannister backstory to help make this alliance more authentic?

    • Well, in S2 Tyrion talked about marrying Myrcella to Theon and the Ironborn could have been turned against the North by the Lannisters too. At least, they used the situation. So, the alliance between Euron and Cersey has a certain backstory already.

  • I don’t think cersis gonn do much now that 3 of her children are dead atleast on the show. dany and jon are definitely gonn be on opposite sides only to realise some shit later through bran and what not. I just think season 7s gonn be more bout the ice and white walkers

  • Trying to put myself in the shoes of the production– although it would certainly be an interesting juxtaposition for Theon to be captured again and come out whole and possibly kill Euron, I feel that it would create more drama for Yara/Asha to be taken. She (not Theon) established a rapport with Dany, she (not Theon) has the loyalty of the Ironborn who have sided with Dany, and as such she would be more likely to inspire all of the above to attempt a rescue on her behalf.

    Furthermore, as far as that goes, I’m assuming that the crew who followed Yara to Volantis are among the devoted “good men” who risked/lost their lives going with her to rescue Theon from Ramsay a few seasons ago; were he to be captured again, I couldn’t imagine them risking their lives in an attempt to save him a second time given the results of their last mission. Conversely, I could see them reluctantly following him to save her. Plus, as was mentioned in another comment, she is more of a threat to Euron: she’s Baylon’s true heir in spirit, and still able to produce heirs. Her confrontation with the man who killed Baylon would be more impassioned and interesting since she had a relationship with her father.

    But if Euron captures her he can’t use a Seal as a stand in for her in a marriage to one of his Lords as he does in the book…

    Either way, I sure hope they don’t draw inspiration from Damphair on the prow… And they’ve already killed enough dierwolves, Giants, CotF– leave the dragons and the rest of the magical creatures alone!

  • Anything the North does will be about survival against the White Walkers. They don’t care if it’s Cersei or Dany or Hot Pie on the Iron Throne, they just want to Seven Kingdoms to recognized the true threat. Cersei may be the Mad Queen and Euron may be The Storm, but the White Walkers are Death coming for everyone.