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Speculation: What are [redacted] and [redacted] doing in King’s Landing in Season 7?

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 have been trickling out over the past week, and we’ve gotten quite a few good ones. But one nugget stands out. Turn back now if thou wish to remain unspoiled.


According to fansite Watchers on the Wall, Brienne, the Maid of Tarth, and Ser Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight, will visit King’s Landing at some point next year. Daenerys will meet with the pair at the Dragonpit, House Targaryen’s former dragon stables.

As Keanu Reeves famously uttered in The Matrix, “Whoa.” What is going on here? Let’s take a dive into the speculation pool and see what we can come up with.

While the info about Davos and Brienne is new, we’ve known Daenerys would stop by the Dragonpit for a while. If Stark allies are walking around King’s Landing, the Lannisters have probably fallen from power. With Cersei ruling over a broken realm, that always seemed likely, but this all but confirms it. Cersei is not the type to surrender, and if Daenerys is receiving visitors at the Dragonpit, she’s probably dead.

There are other possibilities. For example, Cersei could throw Daenerys in the Dragonpit as a captive, and toss Brienne and Davos in there with her after Jon sends them to King’s Landing to try and enlist allies in the fight against the White Walkers. But given the size of their armies, we think a Daenerys takeover is more likely.

In that scenario, Daenerys is likely meeting with Brienne and Davos in their capacity as envoys of her nephew, Jon Snow, the King in the North. Now comes the juicy part. Are Davos and Brienne there simply to pay Jon’s respects to the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms? Are they there to let Daenerys know the North plans to stay independent? Or are they trying to win Daenerys’ aid in the war with the White Walkers?

White Walkers attack the cave Night's King Night King

Paying your respects, monarch to monarch, would be a shrewd move on Jon’s part, but he could have sent anyone to do that. Davos is one of Jon’s closest advisers, and Jon isn’t likely to part with him for something so routine. But if Jon is trying to win Daenerys’ allegiance, Davos is a perfect choice. He’s an even-handed negotiator—recall him stumping for Stannis at the Iron Bank or charming Lyanna Mormont—and has experience as an envoy.

It’s harder to guess what use Brienne might be in this scenario. Perhaps Sansa, knowing of Brienne’s friendship with Jaime Lannister, sends her to leverage that relationship and get the best deal possible. But if the Lannisters are deposed, that doesn’t seem necessary.

Brienne and Jaime official

There’s a second, more terrifying possibility. Setting aside Brienne’s general badassery, Brienne and Jon are currently in possession of the only two Valyrian steel swords known to be in the North. Aside from dragonglass, Valyrian steel is the only known method of defeating a White Walker. If Sansa and Jon are sending Brienne—one of their best weapons—south to beg for aid, things may be truly desperate. The White Walkers are likely winning and winning big.

Hopefully we get more spoilers soon. But Whatever happens, it’s beginning to get very interesting around here.

Let us know what you think!


  • It seems to me they’d be meeting with Dany to inform her of the White Walker threat and enlist her aid in the “real war.”

    At this point in the story, do Davos and/or Brienne know that Jon and Dany are related? Does Dany know? Are they meeting at the Dragonpit because the Red Keep is a disaster? Who else is at this meeting? At what point in the season does it take place?

  • Are they there to let Daenerys know the North plans to stay independent?

    Daenerys will not tolerate rebels and traitors , Jon Snow is stupid but not stupid like Cersei

  • You forget that maybe Dany is laying siege to Kings Landing, just because they are inside the main walls, does not guarantee Cersei is dead. It’s more likely she is hiding in the red keep, with the last of her forces refusing to surrender.

    My thoughts are, why would they meet Dany in the dragon pit and not the red keep? Probably because Dany doesn’t own it yet…

    This might mean Dany turns away from a broken kings landing and a broken cersei to go north instead.. leaving cersei to hide in her empty keep, with nothing left before returning after the war for the dawn to finish what Dany started ?

    • I was thinking this as well or else the Red Keep is destroyed like in the vision from the house of the Undying.

      • I don’t think Dany would destroy the Red Keep. She can take KL without destroying the Red Keep. I think the destroyed Red Keep from her vision may be the result of the battle with the white walkers.

    • Or the dragonpit is not in KL but, rather, the show changed things around and it is at Dragonstone instead.

      I think Brienne is there bc Sansa is there as well. I commented in a past article or two that Jon should remain in the North. That it didn’t make much sense to me for him to leave with the impending doom of the WWs approaching. So, he sends Sansa and Davos to do his bidding with Brienne there for protection.

  • Sorry to knitpick, but Davos is much more than an “even-handed” negotiator. He is a brilliant reader of situations and people.

  • There is another reason a meeting might be useful. Dany is looking for allies and might marry or take a lover as part of the deal. There are not too many candidates left. Jaime is a muddled sexual mess and there are plenty of rumors about him and Cersei. Edmure Tully might or might not be out of the Frey dungeons. Tyrion is available but she already has his loyalty.

    John is the most obvious candidate for that kind of power marriage. Yes, he’s in the north but together they could rule if they could handle the White Walkers. I would guess Dany would treat her guest reasonably well…no reason not to. She will need good people if she’s going to defend the kingdom and Jon would be thrilled to get the dragons. Add to that the fact that Dany is hot…

  • As for Davos, there is still that mountain of dragon glass Stannis mentioned at Dragonstone. Equally effective versus WW, and Jon could equip his army en masse. Jon already knows that Valyrian steel is rare, and it would make sense that he finds alternative, easier attainable means to outfit his forces. Just ask Meera Reed how effective d-glass tipped spears are.

    • Which adds another reason to my guess that the dragonpit is at Dragonstone and not KL; they are also there to ask Dany for dragonglass. With limited episodes left, I do not think there is enough time for two trips for the North – to KL and to Dragonstone – so put the pit at Dragonstone and there u go! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  • I am the speculations wizard!!!

    1- Dany is the new Queen and Cersei is dead:
    1.1) Dany might want to receive the envoys of the newly declared Northern Kingdom to show them her dragons and make them realize she is the real deal, better not mess with her.
    1.2) Dany is receiving envoys just outside KL because the Red Keep and the city are mostly destroyed.

    2- Cersei is victorious and Dany, Davos, Brienne and Missandei were deemed unfit for the black cells!

    3- Cersei is alive and KL is under siege- Tyrion, Grey worm, Theon are on different fronts of the invasion.

    Dany is receiving envoys from different regions-houses etc . As she landed she sent ravens throughout the7 Kingdoms making her claims known. Davos and Brienne are there to gather information and negotiate an Alliance.

    4- Cersei has fled KL and left it in ruins- Tyrion and Greyworm are tasked in taking Casterly Rock. Dany was to siege KL but since it is destroyed, she and Missandei are camping nearby and helping reconstruction, with Varys help.

    Dany and Davos-Brienne are meeting to discuss the options for the future and an Alliance.

    5- Dany has conquered all what was left, except for KL, because that was her plan. She and her forces are camping there , using the dragonpit to make sure Cersei understands dragons are there to stay.

    Davos and Brienne are meeting with Dany to remind her she is Protector of the Realm, that she should just forget about KL – or at least to conquer it already, and to join good old King Jon.

  • The Lannisters have fled to the rock Thats why Tyrion and Torkonudo (Greyworm) are not at the pit meeting. They are at the rock putting it down

  • Though he is not in the North right now, Sam has a Valeryian steel sword …. They should dig up Joffrey’s too or find it wherever it may be ….

    Maybe Daenerys is taking her conquering at a methodical pace, at the direction of Tyrion, as to not slaughter thousands of innocent lives, as they always refer to during war and when a city is sacked. There is all that wildfire under Kings Landing and Cersei is going mad with her power and loss of children….

    I think Daenerys and Tyrion will be gradually gaining the support of the Westerners whom the Mother of Dragons is a stranger to as well, informing them that the Targaryens are back…. The majesty of the return of the Dragons alone should lure followers and further alliances.

    The Dothraki want to raid, rape, and pillage …. will be interesting to see how Daenerys holds them back from their wild nature to mold them into the enforcers of her reign. She did promise the Dothraki to kill the men in the iron suits and tear down their stone houses….(Drogo promised the raping of their women and taking the children as slaves …. we all know how Daenerys feels about slavery and rape) …. it will be awesome to see the Dothraki in force fighting beside the Unsullied….

    The real threats are the White Walkers and I think she is being informed of that by Davos and Brienne in the Dragon Pits on her conquering trail to the Red Keep.

    • Loganblue,
      I suspect Joffrey’s sword is with Cersei. Most probably she gave it to Tommen when he became king, and now that she is Queen….she should have it. She would know a Valyrian steel sword is valuable and important; she might even know it came from Ice. She could give it to Jaime, but it might not be hefty enough for him. I fantasise that if/when Arya gets into Cersei’s chamber to kill her–hopefully succeeding– she sees Widow’s Wail mounted on the wall, realises it is the smaller companion to Brienne’s sword, and takes it for a souvenir. That way maybe some day they both could be re-forged into New Ice, the ceremonial sword of House Stark redux.

  • Agree with several points. Per spoilers of bran with nights watch and jon meeting theon in the south i would guess things have gone badly in the north. Littlefinger in gold…? hiding in the vale or luring cersi out into the open… what will he do when he sees real dragons? dany is a real threat to his dream of sitting on the throne.
    I imagine the seige of kings landing to be rather drawn out.
    Personally if i were dany i would let littlefinger have the iron throne, it really doesnt matter. Knowledge isnt power, where you rest your rump isnt power, power is power.
    And thats the message after all right? the ice and the fire hold all the real power.

  • well, for starters, i think Brienne has fucked-up again & now Sansa is dead. i think Brienne & Davos are at KL to announce the imminent collapse of the north & Lord Commander Snow is rear-guarding the retreat. what is left of it.

    now we are hung at season 8, again!


  • Tyrion knows all of the secret passageways thru Kings Landing. While the castle is under siege, I think he goes on a covert mission with Greyworm to confront his sister, sneaks up and kidnaps her and brings her back to Daenerys at the dragon pit, while Davos and Brianne are there. We then find out who the valonquar is. The most interesting fight is between Greyworm and the Mountain, and Jaimes escort out of Kings Landing.

  • If they meet there and not in kings landings or the iron thorne for that matter means that danny has not beaten up Cersei yet. just saying..

  • I still think as Dany’s forces are so overwhelming that Cersei and Jamie have no other option (besides crazy Uncle Euron), but to seek an alliance with the North. They could offer them independence. Now you say why would the North agree to work with Cersei. You have to remember no one likes a Targaryen. Jon’s father Ned fought to free Westeros from Targaryen rule. And, while Dany may seem more reasonable than her Mad father, no one in Westeros knows Dany personally. So, I could see Jon, with encouragement from Little Finger, Davos, Brienne could send an envoy to determine the validity of a Cersei alliance. But, I could see them also secretly meeting with Dany to see her terms and how reasonable she might be, before they decide what side to pitch in for. Ultimately, I think Jon finds out he is related to Dany and that will bring their union together as they move North to fight the WW.