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WiC Weekly: March 12-18

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Another week, another torrent of Game of Thrones-related news. Let’s gather all the biggest and best bits, shall we?

A lot of the news came from the South by Southwest festival, where showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss took the stage with actors Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams to talk all things Game of Thrones.

Among the information to come out at SXSW: Game of Thrones season 8 will consist of only six episodes. How do we feel about that?

Benioff and Weiss were the big talkers on the panel, and at one point they talked about the two actors who joined them, and the characters they play.

Benioff and Weiss also discussed the (extremely real) potential for a Game of Thrones spinoff show.

Last bit of news from SXSW: we put a weird rumor to bed.

Moving on, one of the directors for Game of Thrones season 7 revealed just how big of a problem Daenerys’ dragons are going to be for her enemies next season.

Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger) found himself asked to respond to a…surprising observation during an interview.

Meanwhile, Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) did a very different kind of interview.

At SXSW, we learned that pop star Ed Sheeran will have a cameo appearance on Game of Thrones. He’s not the only musician coming on board.

Finally, here’s something funny to round out your Sunday. Until next time!


  • Could someone explain why critics are giving Iron Fist a 14% while viewers are giving it an 87% approval rating? I don’t think that many critics would think that negatively of Finn Jones for playing a gay character on Game of Thrones. His acting skills are standard, and unfortunately, he hasn’t made Danny Rand very likable, but the discrepancy between reviewers and viewers is too great for that to be the sole answer.
    I think reviewers see Danny as a white privileged character, and think a positive review would be interpreted as racist. The first reviews stated this, and the remainder fell in line. Viewers aren’t as afraid to like something for its own merits.
    I’m on the 10th episode, and enjoyed it so far. The pacing isn’t much different than the other Netflix series, with the occasional lull. Even Game of Thrones went thru this, especially season 5. It’s better than the 14% rotten tomatoes gives it!

    • I think a big reason for the discrepancy between reviews is that most of the people watching Iron Fist are dyed-in-the-wool Marvel fans, whereas most critics are paid to look at something objectively and a lot of them might not feel particularly strongly about Marvel. There is probably a lot more to enjoy about Iron Fist if you’re really into the universe. I haven’t seen it, so can’t judge either way, but that’s just one theory.

      • It would be interesting if you saw a few episodes and evaluated Finn Jones acting, because he does play conflicted well. Even for someone not a fan of the genre, my guess is you will agree 14% is strangely low.

  • Bandit 77,

    It’s not Finn Jones thats a problem for me. It’s the way it’s written thats annoying for me. I have never seen a show where they say the lead charachters name repeatedly so much in my life! That is one flaw.

    The show drags and spends far too much time on the Corporate charachters Joy,Wade,and Harold. These three characters have also killed the show for me. Their acting brings nothing to the show. They are boring and not interesting enough to grab my attention and make them believable.

    The show does a poor job Introducing iron fists origin. They failed at explaining it properly. It’s not put together well at all. The only two charachters that work chemistry wise are Colleen and Danny. Every other charachter feels weirdly out of place on the show.

    They need new Writers,mostly new Cast minus Danny and Colleen then season two might fare better. I expected more but was left feeling annoyed and just blah.

    • Game of Thrones succeeds because many of the characters are three dimensional and at least a few are likable. I like Colleen Wing, so my guess is having only one likable player is the biggest drawback for Iron Fist. But 14%? Baffling.

  • I agree 14% is harshly low. I think Finn and Jessica’s Chemistry/Acting stands out. I feel the writing of the entire first season is missing it’s mark. Again, with the exception of Finn and Jessica their casting is all kinds of awkward. It’s like it was all the others first time acting or auditioning. The leader of the hand,I didn’t buy it. He didn’t seem genuine in the part. None of them did except for Finn and Jessica. I found every other charachter to just be annoying and not really committed to their role in identifying and connecting with their charachter to make it work. It felt like all the other actors were in a soap opera and Finn and Jessica were in a movie. I don’t know how else to explain it. It was just awkward.

    In other words they need new writers and actors again,except for Finn and Jessica.

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