About the Show

Game of Thrones is HBO’s television adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series. The show is set in a dark, gritty, and realistic medieval fantasy world. The central theme of the show is power: who has it, who doesn’t, what people will do to get it and what it does to them once they have it. It is much less fantastical than other popular fantasy films or shows, preferring to focus on the people in the world more than the magic. One of the producers has given it the lazy, but apt, tagline of “The Sopranos in Middle Earth.”

In Jan. 2007, HBO purchased the rights to author George R. R. Martin’s book series. The show runners, David Benioff and Dan (D.B.) Weiss, worked with HBO to adapt the books for television, first filming a pilot, before then getting the go-ahead for a full 10-episode season. The first season aired from April to June 2011. It garnered rave reviews, a loyal fan following and a bunch of awards. HBO quickly ordered a second season.

The second season, also 10 episodes, is scheduled to air in April 2012. The plan is for one book to translate to roughly one season, although recently that plan has begun to look less and less definite. For more info on the production, be sure to check out the FAQ.