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Purple Reign: The Lion and the Rose ReTweeted

By Fire And Blood on

Rejoice, Tweepies! Revenge is a dish best served cold, preferably at the hands of one’s loyal cupbearer! You know what time it is! It’s Twiiiiiitter tiiiiiime agaaaaaain! (For a taster-sized version of some of this episode’s epic tweets, check out … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Jack Gleeson

By Fire And Blood on

Jack Gleeson was always one of those guys you’d hear great things about, but couldn’t quite imagine. He didn’t do too many interviews, or even big splashy premieres; he was always just a bit removed from the usual frenetic Game … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “Two Swords” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Better Nate than lever! Episode 2 of AxeyFabulous reviews “Two Swords”: This and other harrowing tales after the cut.

Twitterbladed: Two Swords ReTweeted

By Fire And Blood on

One big sword became two smaller swords, but in the end the smallest sword prevailed. You all know you’ve been waiting for this. It’s Twitter time again! And by now you know how this goes. I, the fatuous FaB (aka … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! The Making of a Game of Thrones Review Show

By Fire And Blood on

FaB here, with FaBcentric news and offering yet another way to get your Game of Thrones review fix! Well, first: I have a show! Here it is: Everything in this video is true! (Mostly. I am not actually a young … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Ommegang! A Road Trip for Fire and Blood

By Fire And Blood on

Hail again, Gatewatch loyalists! FaB here, with another article penned by that wayward and occasional WiC correspondent, Daesirae the Dagger. Daesirae has gifted us with her prose before: Art Inspires Art was penned by her hand. I met her at … Continue reading

Interview with Kristian Nairn

By Fire And Blood on

We’re kicking off Game of Thrones season 4 with one doozy of an awesomesaucey interview: the one and only Kristian Nairn. Don’t let the warm eyes fool you, this is one wickedly funny dude. If I had to describe him … Continue reading

TitanCon interview: “The Horrible” Isaac Hempstead-Wright

By Fire And Blood on

Yep, you heard it from us first. He’s horrible! FaB here, bringing the last of the TitanContent for 2013: my sit-down interview with the very engaging Isaac Hempstead-Wright! So… Well, okay, I guess context is everything. Here’s the “Horrible” part:

A Flight of Sorrows: Collector’s Edition

By Fire And Blood on

FaB here, with news from the periphery! Tower of the Hand has announced the release (as of Tuesday!) of A Flight of Sorrows: Collector’s Edition. For any hardcore ASoIaF fan, ladies and germs, this thing is way cool! Edited (and … Continue reading

TitanCon interview: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

By Fire And Blood on

FaB here, with more TitanCon content! (TitanContent!) As the convention began to wind down, Phil (aka Ser Mountain Goat) quietly snuck up to me and informed me that he had Thomas Brodie-Sangster available for an interview—but only if I was … Continue reading

TitanCon interview: Ron Donachie

By Fire And Blood on

Once again we’re here with more lovely (and bloody!) TitanCon content! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Ron Donachie, the stalwart man behind Ser Rodrik Cassel. The interview I have here barely scratches the surface of this man, however. … Continue reading

TitanCon interview: Aimee Richardson

By Fire And Blood on

Here we are anon, with more TitanCon content! As promised! Yours truly, the fatuous FaBio, accompanied by my stalwart sidekick Marko “Polo” (aka Hear Me Rawr), nabbed our first interview of the day: the delightfully gregarious and gifted Aimee Richardson, … Continue reading

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