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WiC Weekly: November 16-22

By Rowan Kaiser on

Time for another round of our best and most popular articles of the week! Make sure you didn’t miss anything…. Time for the weekly roundup! Biggest news of the week: @telltalegames released their Lena Headey-voiced trailer: — Winter is … Continue reading

George R.R. Martin on direwolves, charity, and killing off characters

By Cameron White on

Wolves were the subject of discussion, in more ways than one, at a recent event George R.R. Martin hosted at Jean Cocteau Cinema in New Mexico. Martin was hosting an event to present the checks for his Prizeo charity recipients. … Continue reading

Westeros’ weather inspires political, scientific discussion

By Cameron White on

In the world of Game of Thrones, as in our own, the residents are forced to adapt to shifting weather patterns. Unlike our world, however, the seasons in Westeros are much less predictable. This chaotic behavior is engaging both on … Continue reading

WiC Weekly: November 9th-15th

By Rowan Kaiser on

Let’s take a look at our best and most popular stories of the week! Weekly roundup time! First up: Margaery wasn’t Natalie Dormer’s first choice–but the role was changed for her. — Winter is Coming (@WiCnet) November 15, 2014 … Continue reading

News roundup: scorpions, soldiers, and superheroes

By Cameron White on

The scorpions! The superheroes! The man who knew nothing! All this and more in today’s news roundup! First up is the latest Making Game of Thrones post, where we meet the newest members of the cast: the scorpions. Hit the … Continue reading

Words Are Wind: “Maester”

By WiC Staff on

“Words are wind” is a common phrase in A Song of Ice and Fire, usually used to say “talk is cheap.” But that’s a view that underestimates both the power of words and wind themselves. In the “Words Are Wind” column, contributor Scott … Continue reading

How marriage triggered the Game of Thrones

By Rowan Kaiser on

Marriage for alliance has been part of Game of Thrones since the very first episode. Almost the first thing Robert says to Ned is that he wants Joffrey to marry Sansa, to tie the crown to one of its most powerful … Continue reading

Games of Throne: George R.R. Martin-style themes of tragedy and ambition strengthen Dragon Age: Origins

By Rowan Kaiser on

There were plenty of clues that 2009’s Dragon Age: Origins took inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire. Some were small—knights called “ser” instead of the customary “sir.” Some were larger, like an ancient Night’s Watch-like order called the … Continue reading

WiC Weekly: November 2nd-8th

By Rowan Kaiser on

Did you miss anything this week? We’ve got you covered, with no shocking twists!   Weekly news round-up! Let's start with the biggest: Benioff confirms no Bran Stark in Season 5 of #GameOfThrones — Winter is Coming (@WiCnet) November … Continue reading

“Baelor”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 9

By Rowan Kaiser on

In the end, Ned Stark looks confused. Why wouldn’t he? Everyone around him, save Joffrey and Ilyn Payne, is confused. Sansa is screaming. Cersei is desperately raving at her son. Varys dashes across the platform to plead Ned’s case. And … Continue reading

WiC Weekly: Oct 26-Nov 1

By Rowan Kaiser on

Time for another collection of our best and most popular posts! We had some technical difficulties yesterday, but the links are here now, none the worse for wear. Time to celebrate the week that was in #GameOfThrones news! With cake. … Continue reading

Top Game of Thrones Pumpkins For Halloween

By Ani Bundel on

  We will carve what is ours with fruit flesh and rind. Along with Game of Thrones costumes for Halloween, another big thing fans do is Game of Thrones themed pumpkins. We’ve collected the best ones from around the net … Continue reading

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