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WiC Weekly: October 12th-18th

By Rowan Kaiser on

It’s time for another Saturday roundup of some of our best and most popular posts of the week. It's time for the WiC Weekly Roundup! To start with, our first pictures of Alexander Siddig dressed as Prince Doran: — … Continue reading

Five ways that Game Of Thrones changed fantasy (And three ways it really didn’t)

By Rowan Kaiser on

Last week’s New York Comic Con had a handful of Game Of Thrones events and panels–including the Rave Of Thrones–but one in particular on “How Game Of Thrones Changed Fantasy” with a few famous fantasy authors caught our eye. We … Continue reading

Two new characters cast on Game Of Thrones with Lost, Misfits alums

By Rowan Kaiser on

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, best known as Mr. Eko from Lost, Simon Edibisi on Oz, and the Dark Elf Kurse in Thor 2: The Dark World has joined Game Of Thrones. He was a fan favorite on both Oz and Lost, so … Continue reading

WiCnet Awards: And the Best Death Scene winner is…

By Rebecca Pahle on

Any category that Oberyn Martel’s in in this year’s WiCnet Awards, he’s going to win. That’s science. Sorry, Tywin, Ygritte, Joffrey. You might have won in any other year. But season four belonged to Oberyn. Continue reading

A day in the life of a Game Of Thrones extra

By Cameron White on

During filming in Croatia, an extra approached us wanting to talk about his experience. “Mark” had signed a non-disclosure agreement, so we didn’t want to publish particular details, but we were curious about the experience of being an extra, and … Continue reading

Like Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead confronts violence, survival, and family

By Andrea Towers on

It’s a hard life for Game Of Thrones fans. From April until June, every weekend is filled with amazing episodes to look forward to; then, for the rest of the year, we’re stuck waiting endlessly between seasons, impatiently trying to … Continue reading

WiC Weekly, October 5-11

By Rowan Kaiser on

It’s time for a weekly in-case-you-missed-it roundup of our best and most popular articles of the week!   Weekend post roundup! Which #GameOfThrones actors have been spotted in Sevilla–and which chars are headed to Dorne? — Winter is Coming … Continue reading

Contest: Win two tickets to Rave Of Thrones in NYC this Friday

By Rowan Kaiser on

Our friends at Decadance have provided us with two tickets for this Friday’s Rave Of Thrones with Kristian Nairn DJing! The party is this Friday, October 10th, after the New York ComicCon during the day, and is 21+. If you … Continue reading

Who would have won Best Performance As A Youth in Seasons 1-3?

By Rowan Kaiser on

One of the main reasons I decided that the WiCnet awards should include voting by actor in thematic categories instead of the traditional Emmy concept of “supporting actor” divided by gender is this Best Youth category. The actors playing the … Continue reading

September Post Roundup at WiCnet

By Rowan Kaiser on

It’s the first weekend of October, so we thought we’d take a moment and look back at some of our favorite posts from the last month, in case you missed them. I initially just tweeted them out, but why should … Continue reading

Words Are Wind: “Warg”

By WiC Staff on

“Words are wind” is a common phrase in A Song Of Ice And Fire, usually used to say “talk is cheap.” But that’s a view that underestimates both the power of words and wind themselves. In this new “Words Are … Continue reading

WiCnet Awards: And the Best Action Sequence winner is…

By Rowan Kaiser on

The winner of the WiCnet award for Best Action Sequence in Season 4 is…The Mountain That Rides against The Red Viper! This fight between Oberyn Martell and Ser Gregor Clegane served as the climax of Season 4’s story in King’s … Continue reading

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