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Grey Lady ghost possibly sighted at Game of Thrones filming site

By Cameron White on

Do you believe in ghosts, Miss Stark? Gordon Watson, an Irish photographer, was out snapping photos at the Dark Hedges in Stranocum, County Antrim; when he processed one of them, he was greeted with the above image, which he believes … Continue reading

Top Game of Thrones cosplay looks for Halloween

By Ani Bundel on

Looking to dress as your favorite Game of Thrones character for Halloween tomorrow? We’ve rounded up some of the top GoT cosplay looks to help inspire you along the way for your costume. We’ll start with ajuchic‘s Jon Snow with … Continue reading

A Look at George R.R. Martin’s “A World of Ice and Fire”

By Andrea Towers on

Ever since I picked up George R.R. Martin’s A World of Ice and Fire at the 92Y event this weekend, I’ve been combing through it like a kid in a candy store. It reminds me of when I was younger … Continue reading

How realistic are Game of Thrones’ teens?

By WiC Staff on

Yi Li is a London student studying public policy. Game of Thrones—and especially the A Song of Ice and Fire series— is known for its shockingly young protagonists almost as much as for its liberal use of sex and violence. … Continue reading

No Middle Ground: Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones

By WiC Staff on

In the latest in our series on television parallels to Game of Thrones, freelance critic Jeremy Mongeau compares it to HBO’s other huge investment from the 2010-2011 television series: Boardwalk Empire. We’re some time away from seeing how Game of … Continue reading

WiC Weekly, October 19-25

By Rowan Kaiser on

It’s time for another look at our best and most popular posts from the past week!   Saturday roundup! Let’s start with bad news for Arya, good news for everyone else: Wilko Johnson (Ilyn) cancer-free: — Winter is Coming … Continue reading

Masters Of Coin: the economic impact of Game of Thrones location filming

By Cameron White on

When David Benioff and D.B. first revealed that Season 5  of Game Of Thrones would include flashbacks, the showrunners were also asked about the possibility of returning to Spain to film Season 6. They praised Seville and Osuna’s accommodations, but … Continue reading

Perils of power: Game Of Thrones and Scandal

By Rowan Kaiser on

(With Game Of Thrones between seasons, I asked a few critics if they wanted to talk about the shows they’re using to fill the King’s Landing-shaped hole in their lives. Next up, my colleague from The A.V. Club, Les Chappell, … Continue reading

WiC Weekly: October 12th-18th

By Rowan Kaiser on

It’s time for another Saturday roundup of some of our best and most popular posts of the week. It's time for the WiC Weekly Roundup! To start with, our first pictures of Alexander Siddig dressed as Prince Doran: — … Continue reading

Five ways that Game Of Thrones changed fantasy (And three ways it really didn’t)

By Rowan Kaiser on

Last week’s New York Comic Con had a handful of Game Of Thrones events and panels–including the Rave Of Thrones–but one in particular on “How Game Of Thrones Changed Fantasy” with a few famous fantasy authors caught our eye. We … Continue reading

Two new characters cast on Game Of Thrones with Lost, Misfits alums

By Rowan Kaiser on

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, best known as Mr. Eko from Lost, Simon Edibisi on Oz, and the Dark Elf Kurse in Thor 2: The Dark World has joined Game Of Thrones. He was a fan favorite on both Oz and Lost, so … Continue reading

WiCnet Awards: And the Best Death Scene winner is…

By Rebecca Pahle on

Any category that Oberyn Martel’s in in this year’s WiCnet Awards, he’s going to win. That’s science. Sorry, Tywin, Ygritte, Joffrey. You might have won in any other year. But season four belonged to Oberyn. Continue reading

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