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A beautiful medley of the Game of Thrones theme and The Children

By Lightbringer on

It may be the off season, but that isn’t stopping the Game of Thrones theme covers from flowing. This latest one comes from YouTuber Malukah, who has created a medley of the title theme, and the song that closed out … Continue reading

Reddit Review: News in Spain, GRRM Procrastinates, and more

By Thoros on

  Welcome to our latest feature, the Reddit Review. Reddit is host to legions of devoted and talented fans, sharing and creating some very cool stuff. In this series, we will gather the best from Reddit’s passionate A Song of Ice … Continue reading

The Queen’s Guard perform the Game of Thrones theme at Buckingham Palace

By Lightbringer on

It’s a two Game of Thrones theme renditions kind of Saturday. This one comes courtesy of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace. During the changing of the guard ceremony on Tuesday, June 24, tourists were treated to a familiar song … Continue reading

A Game of Thrones remix by MetroGnome

By Lightbringer on

Music Producer MetroGnome has gathered quite a following for his remixes on YouTube, and after tackling Breaking Bad last year, his fans have been asking for a remix of the Game of Thrones theme. He has finally obliged, and with … Continue reading

Game of Thrones fans treated to a dream come true wedding ceremony

By Lightbringer on

Blinkbox continues to creatively promote the arrival of Season 4 to their online streaming service, all while rewarding a couple that are as passionate about Game of Thrones as they are. When Kerry Ford spotted an ad on Facebook seeking … Continue reading

Tell us your favorite moments from Game of Thrones season 4

By Zack Luye on

We find ourselves here, in the twilight of Game of Thrones season 4. Fair-weathered fans have come and gone, news and entertainment titans have ended their respective staycations in the Seven Kingdoms — but here we stand.

WIC Launches iOS & Android Apps

By Patrick Allen on

FanSided is excited to announce the release of iOS and Android apps for! WIC content has been available on the FanSided app for some time but we wanted to build an app specifically for the WIC community. Users can … Continue reading

Player of Thrones: Lord Varys (The Master of Whisperers)

By Thoros on

Welcome back to Player of Thrones, or as Zack Luye kindly pointed out to me it spells PoT…Anyways we have taken a gander into a few players so far this season. One just got his head smashed in last week…so … Continue reading

FanSided Is Looking For True Detective, Star Wars Editors

By Patrick Allen on is a proud member of the FanSided Network. FanSided is dedicated to bringing awesome, fan-powered blogs to the net. The network started as a collection of sports blogs and has since expanded into the areas of entertainment and lifestyle. … Continue reading

Player of Thrones: Roose Bolton (Lord of the Dreadfort)

By Thoros on

Thank you for venturing back to WiC’s Player of Thrones. This is a series that focuses on individual and sometimes joint players in the Game of Thrones. In PoT, we engage in discussion about the player’s past, the moments that have … Continue reading

Game of Thrones gets the Super Mario World and Hearthstone treatment

By Lightbringer on

In the category of very cool things inspired by Game of Thrones, these two things fit the bill. NicksplosionFX has re-created the opening credits sequence of Game of Thrones, except it’s set in Super Mario World. An epic pixelated journey … Continue reading

Inside the Episode: First of His Name

By Lightbringer on

In this week’s Inside the Episode David Benioff and Dan Weiss take us behind the scenes of “First of His Name” for a closer look at Daenerys’ realization that conquering is not the same as ruling, and Bran’s quest to … Continue reading

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