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GoT Laughs: Impressive Impressions

By Lightbringer on

If you already miss hearing the voices of some of your favorite Game of Thrones characters, YouTuber Steve Love has provided the next best thing. In his latest video, Love does some rather impressive impressions of over a dozen male … Continue reading

GoT Laughs: The Westeros Bunch, 169 deaths, and a final Facebook Recap

By Lightbringer on

Although the familiar intro to Game of Thrones is great to look at, it doesn’t share anything about the long list of characters you’re about to watch. The Wil Wheaton project has created a more informative intro to help explain … Continue reading

Li’l Tweeters: “The Children” reTweeted

By Fire And Blood on

Cheep cheep! Y’all know the deal, blah blah blah. (Or you better, since I only went with “known entity” previous tweeters on this one.) My all-stars for this freaky finale were @Lem889, @SayWhatSugar, and MadMakNY. Follow ‘em on Twitter for … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! The Watchers on the Wall reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

My night-time experiment! … It went a little weird. Shocking, I know.

GoT Laughs: Shot through the heart, Family Feud failure, mashups, and more

By Lightbringer on

The end is near, but the laughs seemed to be never-ending this past week. We’ll kick things off with Ygritte’s shot through the heart getting a new soundtrack, thanks to Da Italian Fish.

The Tweeters on the Wall

By Fire And Blood on

Ahoy anon! Once more, with feeling, it’s Twitter time! Benioff and Weiss wrote their asses off, Marshall directed the best action of his life, and Djawadi was pitch-perfect. Twitter sang its song; it now falls to us to do good … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “The Mountain and the Viper” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Many things conspired to try and stop my latest AxeyFab from going up before tonight’s NEW episode of Game of Thrones, but I was not to be deterred! Come watch my latest ep and bear witness as your fatuous and … Continue reading

GoT Laughs: Living in Denial, Funeral Planning, and a Facebook Recap

By Lightbringer on

In case you still haven’t recovered from last week’s crushing trial by combat, here are a few laughs to lift your spirits. Perhaps the most effective way to feel better, is to live in denial. Our friend OzzyMan has created … Continue reading

The Mountain vs. Twitter

By Fire And Blood on

Hidey ho, and welcome back! That two weeks felt like EONS, am I right? Don’t do this to us again, Game of Thrones! (You know they will.) (Probably every year.) So yes, our weekly Twitter recap is back. @Axechucker and … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “Mockingbird” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Yeah, the 2-week wait has us lagging too! But worry not – we’re here to remind you sorry sods of last week’s awesomeness, and get the juices flowing again. So without further ado (or even further adieu), here’s some FaB-ulousness … Continue reading

GoT Laughs: Wedding Planning for Dummies, and The Fight of the Century

By Lightbringer on

With no new episode to fuel the laughs fire this past week, it’s going to be a short one, but this first photo just might make up for it. Depending on who you ask, the last time Walder Frey threw … Continue reading

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen recap Game of Thrones

By Lightbringer on

This week, Seth Rogen was a guest on Snoop Dogg’s web series GGN, Tha Double Gangsta Hood News Network. When the subject of Game of Thrones arises, amidst a cloud of smoke, the pair enthusiastically recap what’s been happening on … Continue reading

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