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Game of Thrones Compendium launches amidst rights questions (UPDATED)

By Rowan Kaiser on

Last week, HBO announced Game of Thrones: The Compendium, a fansourced collection of art and writing on the show. Submissions open today, and will remain open through March. (UPDATE: The countdown has been pushed back until Monday.) If you submit, your work … Continue reading

New Catch the Throne mixtape is coming, will include Killswitch Engage

By Cameron White on

One of HBO’s more unusual Game of Thrones-related products released this year was its Catch the Throne mixtape, which collected twelve hip-hop artists to do songs about (and featuring dialogue and music samples from) the show. It looks like a second … Continue reading

A Game of Thrones Gift Guide: Odds and Ends

By Ani Bundel on

It’s time for our final installment of the Game of Thrones gift guide. Last week we looked at clothing and accessories, and before that, throwing a holiday party. Today we’re looking at those items that are the odds and ends … Continue reading

HBO announces ‘Game of Thrones: The Compendium’

By Andrea Towers on

Ever thought that one of your special creations based on Game of Thrones (a poem, an essay, a drawing) was worthy of being noticed? Thanks to HBO, you’re in luck, because the just announced Game of Thrones: Compendium will allow you the opportunity … Continue reading

A Game of Thrones Gift Guide: “Know who you are, wear it like armor”

By Ani Bundel on

For our second installment of the Game of Thrones Gift Guide, we’re looking at wearables!. Etsy’s got a load of options for wearable items, from subtle jewelry options only other hardcore fans would recognize to loud and proud tee shirts, like the … Continue reading

Telltale’s “Iron from Ice” story review–SPOILERS

By Rowan Kaiser on

The first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones game has been released to positive reviews, including ours. But while early reviews can give you an idea for the shape of the game, they’re also not likely to include a full discussion of … Continue reading

Telltale releases Game of Thrones trailer today, game tomorrow

By Rowan Kaiser on

Depending on what game system you’re using, Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones adventure game is releasing over the next few days–see the precise schedule here. The game will focus on the Northern House Forrester and take place from the end … Continue reading

A Game of Thrones Gift Guide: Holiday parties are coming

By Ani Bundel on

Christmas is around the corner, and we here at WiC are ready to help you nerd out for the holidays. Today’s installment of our Game of Thrones Gift Guide focuses on gifts for the home, so you can be ready for … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Black Friday deals!

By Cameron White on

With Thanksgiving behind us, winter is coming, and with it, presents! (Possibly also White Walkers.) Retailers across the internet are dropping prices today. We’ve collected some of the best deals we could for DVDs, Blu-rays, reference books, the novels, and … Continue reading

Telltale’s Game of Thrones release dates announced!

By Rowan Kaiser on

Happy Thanksgiving to our USA-based readers! As part of the traditional ritual of announcing anticipated video games on Turkey Day, Telltale announced the release dates for “Iron from Ice”, the first episode of their Game of Thrones adventure game. Those release … Continue reading

Telltale reveals new characters for Game of Thrones adventure

By Rowan Kaiser on

In addition to releasing their trailer for “Iron from Ice” yesterday, Telltale Games also included character information, with a different reveal being given to a different game or entertainment site, for a total of 13 characters associated with House Forrester. … Continue reading

First trailer for Telltale’s Game of Thrones released

By Rowan Kaiser on

Telltale Games has released a trailer for the first episode of its Game of Thrones adventure game, “Iron from Ice”! There are three big pieces of news to go along with it as well. First, the trailer is fantastically narrated by … Continue reading

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