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“Lord Snow”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 3

By Rowan Kaiser on

“Just so!” “Lord Snow” suffers from many of the same problems of the other early episodes of Game Of Thrones, where trying to produce an authentic adaptation of the novels and a coherent television show often clash. But you can … Continue reading

“The Kingsroad”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 2

By Rowan Kaiser on

“The Kingsroad” has three interconnected themes running through it, making it arguably the most fascinating and pleasantly difficult episode of the early run of Game Of Thrones for experts, although it wasn’t for many of the newbies I knew watching … Continue reading

“Winter Is Coming”: WiC Remembers, Season 1, episode 1

By Rowan Kaiser on

There may be better pilots than “Winter Is Coming.” But there aren’t many that succeed with such a high degree of difficulty. It ain’t a perfect pilot, but it could have been much, much worse. “Winter Is Coming” has three … Continue reading

Reddit Review: The Saddest Red Wedding Reaction, a new Batman and Robin, and more

By Thoros on

Welcome back Reddit and Non-Reddit lovers. This week we have an action packed post for you! Featuring a lot more fan art, montage videos, an extremely sad Red Wedding reaction video, and of course, cake. Jump below the break for … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “The Mountain and the Viper” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Many things conspired to try and stop my latest AxeyFab from going up before tonight’s NEW episode of Game of Thrones, but I was not to be deterred! Come watch my latest ep and bear witness as your fatuous and … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “Mockingbird” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Yeah, the 2-week wait has us lagging too! But worry not – we’re here to remind you sorry sods of last week’s awesomeness, and get the juices flowing again. So without further ado (or even further adieu), here’s some FaB-ulousness … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “The Laws of Gods and Men” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Axey’s back, full of vim and vigor and virtually bursting with eagerness to talk about this fantastic episode!

AxeyFabulous! “Oathkeeper” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Back for the attack! Your very fatuous FaB–better late than never–is back on HappyCool to review Game of Thrones season 4 episode 4: Oathkeeper! Clearly I liked the episode, even whilst still being slightly weirded out by it. Got any … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “The Lion and the Rose” reviewed

By Ours is the Fury on

Today we have a new segment of AxeyFabulous! ready for you, featuring’s own Fire and Blood. The man himself is currently traveling, but sends his regards (without the sword through the heart). If you should happen to cross paths … Continue reading

Purple Wedding: Game of Thrones Fans React On Twitter

By WiC Staff on

What a night, what a wedding. The highly anticipated George R. R. Martin penned episode of Game of Thrones season 4 “The Lion and the Rose” has finally come, and with it, the tumultuous uproar worthy of its hype. Tonight’s … Continue reading

AxeyFabulous! “Two Swords” reviewed

By Fire And Blood on

Better Nate than lever! Episode 2 of AxeyFabulous reviews “Two Swords”: This and other harrowing tales after the cut.

Twitterbladed: Two Swords ReTweeted

By Fire And Blood on

One big sword became two smaller swords, but in the end the smallest sword prevailed. You all know you’ve been waiting for this. It’s Twitter time again! And by now you know how this goes. I, the fatuous FaB (aka … Continue reading

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