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More Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode Titles Leaked

By Ani Bundel on

The titled of episodes 5-7 from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones may have been leaked. GeeklyInc had them first, but they’re starting to spread around the web pretty fast. Again, these titles are not confirmed, but we should point … Continue reading

New Game of Thrones Season 5 photos surface

By David (Razor) Harris on

Four new Game of Thrones Season 5 photos have surfaced, today, featuring Sansa, Arya, Margaery, and Cersei. The photos come via Jon Snow on Twitter, and shows Margaery Tyrell winning the day, wearing a bodice with  gold embroidery on black … Continue reading

[Citation needed] on IMDb casting rumors

By Rowan Kaiser on

In the past two days, we’ve received somewhere between 15 and 10,000 news tips that IMDb has been updated (spoilers at links!) with the casting for the character who’s topped our list of uncast characters in Season 5. It’s a … Continue reading

“The Pointy End”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 8

By Rowan Kaiser on

Through most of these reviews I’ve discussed the adaptation issues between book to screen, but that isn’t the only external expectation that Game Of Thrones was saddled with. The show was also airing on HBO, which creates its own expectation. … Continue reading

New details of Jaime Lannister’s story in Season 5

By Ani Bundel on

Our intrepid eyes on the ground in Sevilla have been doing their best to get photos of filming, but the high walls and lock down of the historical building have made it harder than we feared to get anything so … Continue reading

Game Of Thrones Finally Returning To Pentos

By Ani Bundel on

Game of Thrones had done a good job of making sure Essos and the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea stay fresh in viewer’s minds, but lately that focus, when not on the cities around Slaver’s Bay, has been in … Continue reading

New Game of Thrones Filming Dates In Dubrovnik

By Ani Bundel on

So far, the Croatian filming in Dubrovnik has stubbornly focused on Essos. But it looks like good news on the horizon for those fans of Westeros, despite everything that’s happened there. According to Englishman In Dubrovnik, filming for King’s Landing … Continue reading

You Might Not Recognize This Stark

By Ani Bundel on

“Spot The Stark” might become a real game next season if Maisie Williams isn’t pulling our leg. As we reported earlier this week, Game of Thrones took home Best International Program at the TV Choice Awards in London. Williams was … Continue reading

Could This Set Be For Tyrion Lannister?

By Ani Bundel on

Over the weekend, I posted this picture of the new set in Croatia and started to speculate as to who it could be for. The production going to a totally new place suggests this is for something we’ve never seen … Continue reading

More New Set Pictures – Here Be Dragons?

By Andrea Towers on

While Game of Thrones will be traveling to some new locations this year in terms of filming, there will also be some familiar scenery aside from staples like Kings Landing and The Wall. New set pictures from show that … Continue reading


By Ani Bundel on

So I don’t know what’s considered a spoiler around here and what’s not, as evidenced by yesterday’s post. Bear with me. But in my world, it’s a known known that certain, very high profile characters are completely left out of … Continue reading

Braavos filming continues at Kastel Gomilica

By Rowan Kaiser on

Reader Goran has a bunch of new pictures from Kastel Gomilica in Croatia, including the great shot of some extras above. As we reported a few days ago, this is where Maisie Williams is filming. Meanwhile, a reader on Twitter … Continue reading

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