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What’s going on with Kit Harington’s contractually-obligated hair?

By David (Razor) Harris on

Kit Harington has been the subject of many a Game of Thrones news articles, lately. And at his newest movie’s U.K. premiere, Testament of Youth, Kit once again caused the Game of Thrones rumor mill to churn. The actor’s hair … Continue reading

Five uncast characters we’re concerned about for Season 5

By Rowan Kaiser on

As Season 5 draws near, we here at Winter is Coming are going to be taking a look at our favorite, most anticipated, and most concerning parts of Game of Thrones. First up: the five most important characters from A … Continue reading

SPECULATION: How will Game of Thrones end? Look at its genre

By Rowan Kaiser on

There’s no greater question when attempting to discuss Game of Thrones than this: How will it end? Will we see heroes riding their dragons to defeat the White Walkers? A bloodbath on the steps leading to the Iron Throne? Or … Continue reading

Five flashbacks I’d like to see in Season 5

By Ani Bundel on

During the filming of Game of Thrones in Spain last month, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss made major news by telling a panel of Spanish film makers and local production people that they would be breaking a long standing tradition … Continue reading

New details of Jaime Lannister’s story in Season 5

By Ani Bundel on

Our intrepid eyes on the ground in Sevilla have been doing their best to get photos of filming, but the high walls and lock down of the historical building have made it harder than we feared to get anything so … Continue reading

Speculation: Littlefinger In King’s Landing

By Ani Bundel on

Last week, the GlobeGazers took themselves to Westeros as part of their travels They posted quite a few pictures, but the most interesting is the one above. It’s a shot of Aidan Gillen, in full Littlefinger regalia, hanging out on … Continue reading

More teaser info on Telltale’s Game Of Thrones adventure game

By Cameron White on

Telltale Games released a second cryptic teaser for its forthcoming Game Of Thrones adventure game via Twitter yesterday. This one is more detailed than the previous one (also released on Twitter, during PAX Prime) and includes a weirwood with an … Continue reading

Game Of Thrones Finally Returning To Pentos

By Ani Bundel on

Game of Thrones had done a good job of making sure Essos and the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea stay fresh in viewer’s minds, but lately that focus, when not on the cities around Slaver’s Bay, has been in … Continue reading

Speculation: Whither the Ironborn?

By Ani Bundel on

With filming in Spain scheduled to start next week, and the Dozens of Dornish that have been added to the cast this year, there’s a question that’s been rattling around in my head. Where are the Ironborn? Book 4 of … Continue reading

Loras In New Game of Thrones Footage

By Ani Bundel on

As we discussed in the Small Council, the Tyrells have benefited greatly in Game of Thrones‘ transition from page to screen. Margaery has been given a life and agency that we could only speculate in the books. Her brother, Loras … Continue reading

New Game of Thrones Filming Dates In Dubrovnik

By Ani Bundel on

So far, the Croatian filming in Dubrovnik has stubbornly focused on Essos. But it looks like good news on the horizon for those fans of Westeros, despite everything that’s happened there. According to Englishman In Dubrovnik, filming for King’s Landing … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Braavosi Filming: Stark and Lannister and Tyrell, Oh My!

By Ani Bundel on

Game of Thrones continues filming across the Narrow Sea in Croatia. We’ve got pictures, courtesy Los Siete Reinos, of three major story lines. Better, they’re close ups, so we have really good views of everyone’s costumes. Spoilers, including book references … Continue reading

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