Game of Owns: Midsummer Dreams

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Episode 233 – Midsummer Dreams

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Back from the long road of listener meet-ups and conventioning, Game of Owns returns with another chapter from the pages Ice and Fire, including certain pieces from the recent live show in Orlando, Florida.

George R.R. Martin comments on diversity in Game of Thrones; will re-release children’s book The Ice Dragon

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The big Season 5 casting announcement that came out of San Diego Comic-Con was met with equal parts excitement and apprehension. Partly because of some missing characters that were integral to the story told in the last two installments of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and partly because of the perceived lack of racial diversity in the Game of Thrones cast.

Martin recently took to his blog to address one of those concerns. A fan commented that the lack of diversity in Game of Thrones “really hurts,” and although she applauds the casting of DeObia Oparei she wonders “must all black people in the series be servants, guards, or charlatans?”

Martin offered the following response:

Westeros around 300 AC is nowhere near as diverse as 21st century America, of course… but with that being said, I do have some ‘characters of color’ who will have somewhat larger roles in WINDS OF WINTER. Admittedly, these are secondary and tertiary characters, though not without importance.

Of course, I am talking about the books here, and you are talking about the show, which is a thing apart. I do think HBO and David and Dan are doing what they can to promote diversity as well, as witness the casting of Areo Hotah, which you mention. Of course, Hotah IS a guard… but he is also a viewpoint character in the novels, a brave and loyal warrior.

The Subway Map of Westeros, and beyond

By Thoros on

Next stop.. Westeros

When it comes to creative minds, makers in the Game of Thrones fandom are very impressive, eclectic, and down right innovative. The hard work and detail that is put into fan creations give us plenty of entertainment, good laughs, and inspiration for our own creations.

This piece of art is no different, and could quite possibly be my favorite fan art piece I have seen to date. Here’s why…

Life Westeros Map

Game of Thrones Season 4′s audience grows to 19 million

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Time Warner, parent company to HBO, released their second quarterly earnings report of 2014 today, and along with it came an update to Game of Thrones’ Season 4 viewership numbers.

Season 4’s average gross audience was reported as 18.6 million immediately after the airing of the season finale, but the quarterly earnings report adjusts that number to 19.0 million! This solidifies its stance as HBO’s most watched season of an original series, and marks a nearly 30% increase in viewers over Season 3.

GoT Laughs: Littlefinger, the major motion picture

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Our friend Ozzy Man, first of his name, is back at it, bringing us the inspiring story of Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, now a major motion picture. Part comedy, part tragedy, part romance, and not at all as creepy as you’d think. Coming this holiday season, and sure to get rave reviews!

Game of Thrones Season 5 continues to film at Portstewart Strand

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Filming of Game of Thrones Season 5 marches on, and fans continue to do their best at getting a peek at what’s going on at Portstewart Strand.

First up is some new pictures of the horse work, as well as a closer look at what appear to be Dornish guards from today and yesterday.


Rosabell Laurenti Sellers on landing the role of Tyene Sand in Game of Thrones Season 5

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San Diego Comic-Con brought us a slew of casting announcements, including the long awaited Sand Snakes. We now have our first interview from one of the new cast members, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, who will portray Tyene Sand, the daughter of Prince Oberyn Martell and his paramour Ellaria Sand.

Rosabell recently spoke with la Repubblica about landing the role of Tyene, and admits that before her audition, she was not familiar with Game of Thrones at all.

“I realized it was a phenomenon from the reaction of others. My agent asked me to shoot a video alone, at home, in which I tried to kill someone. A few weeks later, I was in London, and they called me saying ‘the creators of Game of Thrones want you for a second audition.’ I was then subjected to intensive sword training and martial arts.”

At the time of the interview she had done a bit of homework, having just finished watching the show up to the end of the second season. She says that she likes the actors, and the Shakespearean gravitas mixed with modern British and vulgarity.

As for what we can expect from Tyene Sand in Season 5, she will toe the line between good and bad, like many characters in Thrones. Robsabell says, “I don’t know if I will be good or bad, I must avenge the death of my father. From my point of view, it’s the right choice, but killing people maybe isn’t.”

Sophie Turner teases a big change, and familiar faces for Sansa Stark in Season 5

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Sansa Stark not only went though a transformation on our screens this year, but also in the public’s perception of the young girl navigating her way through the world of Game of Thrones. Sansa is finally out of King’s Landing, and ready to put what she’s learned to work to do a little manipulating of her own, and Sophie Turner is welcoming the changes.

In a new interview with Hero Complex during her trip to San Diego, Sophie talks about the public warming up to her character, and how it’s been filming outside of King’s Landing. She also offers up a small tease about what we can expect in Season 5.

This year marked Sophie’s first visit to San Diego Comic-Con, and her experience was made extra special during the Game of Thrones panel when a fan came to the microphone and declared herself a member of Team Sansa. “That was awesome because no one is Team Sansa. People are adjusting. I think it’s helped that she actually did something kind of cool last season where she was like manipulating and a little bit bad-ass.”

Sophie went through quite a few changes along with Sansa in terms of her filming experience. After spending most of her time on Game of Thrones in one place, she was given a welcome change of scenery this year. “It was crazy to get out of King’s Landing. I’ve been there for the past three years of my life. [I went] from having a storyline with nearly everyone in the show, then it was suddenly me and Aidan. It’s nice to have a really meaty chunk of dialogue because Sansa, when she was in King’s Landing, there was no dialogue, so it’s nice to have that change. It is welcome.”

Game of Thrones Season 5 filming at Portstewart Strand this week

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This week Game of Thrones Season 5 will be filming at Portstewart Strand, a two-mile long beach in Northern Ireland.

The first reports of familiar Thrones signage near the beach came late last week on Twitter, accompanied by a sighting of actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. After a quiet weekend, filming is back in gear today, and will continue for the rest of the week. Many fans tried to get a look at the set today and have shared their findings on social media.

There is plenty of crew around, as well as horse trailers, and check out that scenery.

A breakdown of the character visual effects used in the final episodes of Game of Thrones Season 4

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Wired has a great new look at some of the character visual effects in the final two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 4.

The video begins with a breakdown of Daenerys’ dragons from the finale, including a behind the scenes look at the head molds that Emilia had to act with. It also includes a closer look at the wight fight sequence and their use of green suited stunt men. Moving onto The Wall, we see the many steps needed to properly scale a giant with some more behind the scenes footage, and how they dispatched the climbing Wildlings with an animated scythe.

Dame of Thrones: Brienne of Tarth

By Rebecca Pahle on

Put your hands over your ears, ’cause she’ll bite ‘em: It’s time to talk about Brienne of Tarth.

Name: Brienne of Darth Tarth, suckas.

Family: Brienne has one dead mother and three dead siblings, making her the heir to House Tarth. Her father, Lord Selwyn Tarth, realized pretty early on that he had a tomboy on his hands and so allowed her to train in the art of swordfighting. That came in handy the third time she was almost engaged, when a 16-year-old Brienne told the gent in question that she’d only marry someone who could beat in her combat. He accepted the challenge, and she broke three of his bones. Selwyn was probably either the proudest papa ever or got roaringly drunk.

Reddit Review: DIY Dragon Eggs, How Maisie became Arya, and much more!

By Thoros on

If you step into your upcoming week and your withdrawals from Game of Thrones have not worn off yet, we have a compilation of posts from Reddit that might ease your pain. In this review we highlight some fan creations, take a peek at the new Thrones coffee table book, and find out how Maisie Williams became Arya.

Jump after the break to get into this review!

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