Postcards from Dorne: New characters spotted in costume

By Ani Bundel on


The Alcázar de Sevilla is still locked down like a fortress for Game Of Thrones filming, but our intrepid fans are still managing to get photos. Above we’ve got a lovely shot of Areo Hotah, played by DeObia Oparei in full dress via Facebook. That’s Indira Varma as Ellaria Sand with him. Clearly, from her outfit, she’s in mourning.

More pictures below of a few other of the new/recast characters….

The Small Council: What’s your pick for Best Death in Season 4?

By Rowan Kaiser on

ygritte death jon

In this week’s incarnation of The Small Council, our contributors examine the current WiCnet Award being voted on: Best Death Scene in Season 4 of Game Of Thrones.

Rowan Kaiser: There were a ridiculous number of major deaths this season, rendering this a highly competitive category for my vote. After watching the sadistic Joffrey prance around with increasing impunity over three-plus seasons, seeing him receive his comeuppance was a cathartic–and slightly guilty, thanks to Jack Gleeson–pleasure. Meanwhile Oberyn’s death scene was one of the absolute highlights of the season both in narrative and craft.

But in terms of a death scene, the one I keep coming back to, oddly, is Ygritte’s. Why is that odd?

Dark Horse Comics announces new Bran/Hodor Game Of Thrones figure

By Cameron White on

Conventions are typically a flurry of activity, and New York Comic Con was no different this year. Among the many cool things announced was this Game Of Thrones combo Bran/Hodor action figure. Coming to us from Dark Horse Comics–suppliers of manga, Hellboy, and an endless stream of comic book series based on Joss Whedon shows–the prototype was on display at their NYCC booth, with a planned release date of April 15th, 2015. Details and more pics below…

New details of Jaime Lannister’s story in Season 5

By Ani Bundel on


Our intrepid eyes on the ground in Sevilla have been doing their best to get photos of filming, but the high walls and lock down of the historical building have made it harder than we feared to get anything so far. But tipster Jon Phillips did manage to get a few shots we can share with you.

Another source, though unable to get pictures, has told our brave companions at Los Siete Reinos all about a scene they saw filmed, and it involves one of the larger changes the show is making to the original books.

I mentioned yesterday which book plotline I thought Jaime might be fulfilling. The spoilery description of what he’ll actually be doing is below, plus a bit of speculation.

Game of Thrones Filming at Roman Bridge of Cordoba

By Ani Bundel on


The Spanish leg of the Game of Thrones Season 5 tour expanded today, as filming moved to a new location. According to Cordopolis, this Roman Bridge of Cordoba was cut off this morning to accommodate the production. No word if this is part of filming Essos or Dorne, both of which are being filmed in the country, with Dorne focused around Sevilla and Essos around Osuna.

We’ve got pictures from production set up below. No spoilers!

Speculation: Littlefinger In King’s Landing

By Ani Bundel on


Last week, the GlobeGazers took themselves to Westeros as part of their travels They posted quite a few pictures, but the most interesting is the one above. It’s a shot of Aidan Gillen, in full Littlefinger regalia, hanging out on a King’s Landing street waiting to film.

We’d heard from one of our King’s Landing tipsters that he was present, but couldn’t get confirmation at the time. We’re very excited about this picture surfacing, because it means the scene our tipsters told us about is solid.

A description of the scene Gillen filmed, plus spoiler-filled speculation of how this alters the book story line, after the jump…

Like Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead confronts violence, survival, and family

By Andrea Towers on


It’s a hard life for Game Of Thrones fans. From April until June, every weekend is filled with amazing episodes to look forward to; then, for the rest of the year, we’re stuck waiting endlessly between seasons, impatiently trying to forget that we have such a long hiatus. I’m a television buff, and while there’s always something on the screen to keep me occupied during the off-season, it’s not necessarily what I want. It figures that the thing to hold me over during the show’s hiatus would be another popular cable drama: The Walking Dead, which started its fifth season last night, has started to fill the Westeros-shaped hole in my heart.

When I started watching, I was immediately struck by the characters, the twists and surprises, and (to be completely honest) the glorified gore that can only come with a zombie show.  On the surface, the similarities between Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead are quite obvious: both shows are huge cable successes, both deal with slightly “out there” settings (a fantasy medieval world and a post apocalyptic zombie world), and both were adapted for television from earlier works. But really, it’s more than that. First, both are about survival.

Septa Unella cast, giving hope for missing characters?

By Rowan Kaiser on

Hannah Waddingham Septa Unella

If you’ve been keeping an eye on news of the King’s Landing filming in Dubrovnik, you may have noticed a recurring face in a Septa’s costume. We’d picked the character as Septa Unella, while a recent update from Watchers On The Wall has marked the actress as Hannah Waddingham.

The increasing importance of religion in A Feast For Crows led to the creation of four named Septa characters: Moelle, Aglantine, Helicent, and Unella. It’s possible–and probably wise–for Game Of Thrones to merge them or have only one be the focus point.


As for Waddingham herself, she’s had scattered roles in television in the past, but her primary focus seems to have been the stage, particularly musical theater. Still, the Game Of Thrones casting department has done a good enough job over the four years that they’ve more than earned the benefit of the doubt.

In terms of the news that relatively important characters are still being cast and added even at this date, some speculation below….

Lockdown in Sevilla as Game Of Thrones films in the rain

By Ani Bundel on


Well, that’s a spot of bad luck. Dorne, a place where it is hot, sunny and dry all year round, has commenced filming in Sevilla, a place, where the producers clearly hoped was the same. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate, and it’s been cloudy with showers since principle filming began on Friday.

The show has plowed ahead though. As you can see above in this picture from El Correo de Andalucía, Nell Tiger Free (New Princess Myrcella) and Toby Sebastian (her fiancé, Trystane Martell) are clearly heading off to somewhere. We have a few pictures rounded up for you below, including someone who we weren’t certain would be back for Season 5….

WiC Weekly, October 5-11

By Rowan Kaiser on

Arya in Winterfell

It’s time for a weekly in-case-you-missed-it roundup of our best and most popular articles of the week!


More teaser info on Telltale’s Game Of Thrones adventure game

By Cameron White on

Telltale GOT tease 2

Telltale Games released a second cryptic teaser for its forthcoming Game Of Thrones adventure game via Twitter yesterday. This one is more detailed than the previous one (also released on Twitter, during PAX Prime) and includes a weirwood with an embedded outline of a sword, as well as a quote from the first Catelyn chapter in A Game Of Thrones. Speculation after the jump…

The WiCnet Awards: Season 4′s Best Death Scene

By Ani Bundel on

WiCnet Awards Banner

Welcome back to the Fourth Annual WiCnet Awards. Last week’s WiCCiE went to Maisie Williams, who basically ran away with the competition for Best Performance As A Youth. This week, we’re looking at one of my favorites, “Best Death Scene In Season 4.” This was a year with lots of high profile deaths, as those who did not win the Game Of Thrones succumbed to the obvious alternative in a variety of creative ways. Who died best?

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