On story structure and spoilers in Season 5

By Rowan Kaiser on


Hi everyone, I’d like to discuss spoilers and coverage of the show’s production, and its relation to George R.R. Martin’s novels at this point in the show. First, I want to be as clear as I can here, it is never our intention to annoy you by telling anything you don’t want to know about the story. If that happens, please let us know in comments, on Twitter, via e-mail, or however, and we’ll try to do better.

However, Season 5 of Game Of Thrones is going to make straightforward spoiler/not-spoiler or sullied/unsullied coverage impossible. The first four seasons were easy. We knew that the Battle Of Blackwater would end Season 2, we knew that the trial and escape of Tyrion would end Season 4. These were the endings or turning points of the books. The show was a reasonably direct adaptation of the source material, and the source material told a mostly straightforward story of the same characters moving through the same chronology in the world of Westeros.

That’s not true anymore. Season 5 is going to be totally different, and it’s going to be totally different in three important ways…

Game Of Thrones Adds New Filming Location In Croatia

By Ani Bundel on


As we showed earlier this week, some of the cast of Game of Thrones is already in Croatia. Currently filming is occurring in Kastel Gomilica, which stands in for Braavos. We’re got pictures of the sets going into Klis Fortress for Meereen. Now the production has added a third location, one they’ve never filmed in before.

Sets are now going up in the town of Šibenik, Croatia, in the Fortress of St. John. According to their local news paper, Sibenik.in, these pictures are construction for something being filmed in Season 5.

Exactly what? Well, we’re not sure. But that never stops one from speculation! More pictures, a few guesses, and a vague book spoiler or three, after the jump.

Dame of Thrones: Catelyn Stark

By Rebecca Pahle on

catelyn stark

Everybody ready to get their Dame on? Today we’ll be talking about Catelyn Stark, one of a too-small number of people in Westeros with some perspective and a sensible head on her shoulders. Well, not on her shoulders anymore. Wait, no, that’s her son. I’m sorry, was that too soon?

Warning: This edition of Dame of Thrones features major book spoilers for a particular plot twist that we’ve heard won’t actually be in the show. You know. That thing. (Spoilers at the link!)

Game Of Thrones Actors Taking Part In Stand Up 2 Cancer

By Ani Bundel on


The Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon airs tonight on all the major networks. Game of Thrones stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and Pedro Pascal are among the dozens and dozen (and dozens) of celebrities announced to be taking part.

This is the biggest version of the telethon yet, with a new twist. Instead of you calling to talk to your favorite celebs, they can call you. Head over and sign up at werecallingyou.org.  They just want your name, email address for spamming, plus your social media handles and phone number and you could be lucky enough to receive a phone call from Arya, where you can ask what it was like to leave the Hound on the ground to die slowly. All in the name of beating cancer!

On a more serious note, I lost a parent to a cancer just a year ago, and also lived through my spouse having it. It’s a serious problem. I’m not a proponent of wandering around in bright colors as if that will cure anything, but I do think raising money for research is a worthy cause. I’ll be tuning in. Fingers crossed Arya calls.


Isaac Hempstead-Wright confirms appearance in Season 5 of Game Of Thrones

By Rowan Kaiser on


After Kristian Nairn revealed that his character, Hodor, wasn’t going to be appearing in the fifth season of Game Of Thrones, speculation ran rampant that Hodor’s consistent companion on the show, Bran Stark, would not be appearing either.

However, in a new video interview from On Demand Entertainment, pointed out to us by commenter “O’Toole,” Isaac Hempstead-Wright directly says that he’s filming the next season of Game Of Thrones as his next project.

Video below, as well as some mild speculation….

If Bran Is Cut: No More Hodoring

By Ani Bundel on


Yesterday, we were stunned to learn that Hodor and Meera were telling papers that they would not be appearing in Season 5. My first–rather slow witted thought–was to picture Bran, underground, communing with the Weir tree he met at the end of last season all by himself.

But over the course of the last day, what started out as “Hodor and Meera are not back for Season 5″ has morphed into “Hodor and Bran aren’t back for Season 5.”

HBO and the Game of Thrones production are refusing to comment at this time, so we don’t have confirmation-confirmation (yet.) But one look at Isaac Wright’s twitter account shows he is no where near Croatia (unlike his Stark siblings.) Instead, last I checked, he’s on holiday in Venice. If I had a Magic 8 Ball, it would tell me signs look good this will be confirmed, if not today, then soon.

As for why we may very well be without Bran and Hodor this season, let’s talk spoilers from the books.

Game of Thrones Wins A Guinness

By Ani Bundel on


The show may have been shut out of the major Emmys, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be completely devoid of awards. First George R.R. Martin was awarded a typewriter, and the honor of all of us humming “Write Them Faster” to the show’s theme song, courtesy of Weird Al. Now the show can sit that next to the other slightly dubious honor of being in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Pirated Show Ever.

Ahead of the 2015 edition’s release (September 10th), Guinness put out a statement announcing the more popular items included this year. On the subject of GOT:

Records also tumbled on television. The hugely popular HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones makes its way into the 2015 book as the Most pirated TV program. ”GOT” retained its spot atop Torrent Freak’s top 10 list of most pirated TV shows, with 5.9 million downloads per episode.

HBO and Warner Bros. executives have controversially stated that “receiving the title of the ‘most-pirated’ was better than an Emmy,” creating a “much needed cultural buzz.”

I love that phrase: “Much Needed Cultural Buzz.” Considering the show smashed all torrent records last June with 254,114 people downloading, er excuse me “sharing” the finale episode the night it aired, I suppose there’s not much the execs can do but call it a victory. It certainly puts the show back in the headlines.


“The Kingsroad”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 2

By Rowan Kaiser on

Kingsroad Ned, Arya, and Sansa

“The Kingsroad” has three interconnected themes running through it, making it arguably the most fascinating and pleasantly difficult episode of the early run of Game Of Thrones for experts, although it wasn’t for many of the newbies I knew watching at the time. It’s an episode about children and how they use stories to grow up; it’s an episode about how small decisions can have huge impacts; and it’s an episode about the show struggling to work out how to move out of the shadow of the novels it’s based on. Almost all of these themes are worked through simultaneously, leading to an episode that’s great to discuss and criticize, if not quite coherent as an hour of television.

In terms of overall emotional impact, the final scene of “The Kingsroad” is the most important. In order to soothe the king and especially the queen, Ned is forced to let the Lannisters kill Sansa’s direwolf pup, or do it himself (which of course he chooses). The end of the pilot was essential for Game Of Thrones to demonstrate that it was a show where bad things could happen to even the most conventionally good characters; the end of “The Kingsroad” shows that no matter how noble a character’s intentions, the nature of power in the world of Game Of Thrones will still force even the him or her to compromise. And that’s critical: this story not just good versus evil, it’s good and evil all jumbled together.

Yet that final moment where Ned kills Lady is unlike any other scene in the episode save one, in that it’s focused on Ned—an adult—instead of the children of Westeros. (The other scene is that fantastic breakfast between Robert and Ned, and even that involves discussion of Jon’s parentage and reminiscing about the men’s youth.)

Every other scene in the episode directly involves the children of the story in some way….


By Ani Bundel on


So I don’t know what’s considered a spoiler around here and what’s not, as evidenced by yesterday’s post. Bear with me.

But in my world, it’s a known known that certain, very high profile characters are completely left out of Book Four of A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s the main reason why next season is a weaving together of Books Four and Five. Because the characters who are left out are characters you can’t leave out.

On the other hand, if the show is now leaving out characters who appear in Book Four from Season 5? Well, I just don’t know what’s going on anymore.

I’m sure there are spoilers after the jump.

New Pictures of The Meereen Set Up In Kis Fortress

By Ani Bundel on

Reader Monica took herself a holiday in Croatia to scout some fun and interesting pictures of the sets for Season Five. We’ve already seen pictures out of Kastel Gomilica with the Braavos set up. But some of these are the first I’ve seen from Daenarys’ base camp.

The Kis Fortress (Meereen)


We’ve got more pictures after the jump. I don’t think any of them are spoilers, though a shot or two might look familiar from last season. Remember, if you have info on filming, casting, or anything, let us know on our contact form or tweet us@WiCnet.

Meet Your New WiC Editor, AniBundel

By Ani Bundel on


Hi Everybody! I’m Ani, the new Assistant Editor here at WiC.net. I am so excited to be blogging here, you have no idea. For the last four years I’ve been blogging over at my own site Anibundel: Pop Culturess, which I started for the express purpose of having somewhere I could recap Game of Thrones.

I came to A Song of Ice and Fire via Robert Jordan, which may be the case for many of you. I grew up a book worm, child of bookworms. When I got into something, I got into it. I didn’t read one Shakespeare play, I read them all. I didn’t read one Poirot mystery novel, I read everything Agatha Christie ever wrote. So when I discovered Jordan, I tore through the first four novels. Only then did I discover the long two years waits between releases, so I proceeded to devour the entire SciFi Fantasy section of my local Crown Books. (RIP Crown Books.) Being the type of reader who would slam through a thousand page tome in an 18 hour sitting (save the walk from high school class to high school class), I got through a lot of fantasy trilogies in that time. From Piers Anthony to Tad Williams, I tried them all. Yes, the formula of many of them was the same–Campbell’s monomyth, writ in many different flavors. But I was ok with that. Like those who watch Law and Order marathons, there was comfort in knowing how it always ended.

I still remember the first time I saw Game Of Thrones in the “New Release” section. I picked it up, turned it over, and there, in the blurbs was an endorsement by Jordan himself. Of course I bought it. Somewhere in the middle, I still remember thinking that the world building was very well done. Though I could easily see where this was going, with Noble Ned as Our Hero, I would definitely pick up Book Two.

Then they chopped his head off.

Conflicting Reports on Cersei’s Walk: Croatia Does About Face

By Ani Bundel on

There’s reports out this afternoon that the Croatian Film Commission has done an about face on Cersei’s walk. Faced with the sudden bad press that they and the Church of St Nicholas were denying the show the ability to film a pivotal scene, the Film Commission decided they would give the green light after all. Just as long as Lena Headey doesn’t actually film, you know, in the church itself.

This took me a little by surprise, because when the news originally broke, the GoT producers waved their hands and said “Nothing to see here! Old news!”



In fact, speculation had begun of the new filming location that we were told was obtained “a while ago.” The Dubrovnik Times had gone so far as to suggest that Lokrum Island was the new location for the scene being filmed. So…now what?

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