WiCnet Awards: The Best Performance As A Youth award goes to…

By Rowan Kaiser on

Arya, The Children

The winner of the WiCnet Award for Best Performance As A Youth in Season 4 is Maisie Williams as Arya Stark!

Both second and third places put in strong performances. Despite having a speaking role in only two episodes, Jack Gleeson’s Joffrey Baratheon was at the height of his adolescent power rampage, and it only took a few seconds for him to switch from cruel king to helpless boy at his death. Meanwhile, Sophie Turner’s performance was a key element in turning Sansa Stark into a more active participant in the intrigue surrounding her, culminating in one of the great visuals of the season.

Yet Maisie Williams was always likely to be the winner, with Season 4 of Game Of Thrones, and here’s why:

HBO and Pyrrha offer Game Of Thrones jewelry available for Halloween

By WiC Staff on
Would you pay the iron price for your Halloween costume? Vancouver-based jewelry store Pyrrha is betting you’re at least willing to pay the gold price for its handcrafted Game Of Thrones pieces. The Hollywood-famous jewelry store is collaborating with HBO on a line of talismans featuring the logos and words of some of the more prominent family houses: Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Baratheon, and Targaryen.
You can see the full gallery here. Pyrrha handcrafts all their pieces with “reclaimed sterling silver and bronze using the traditional method of lost wax casting” which sounds like a possible solution to Westeros’s rising unemployment rates. Pyrrha also accompanies each order with a “hand torn meaning card” tucked into a cotton leather pouch — you know, if you happen to be one of Varys’s little birdies whispering in little ears. You can order from Pyrrha’s site or from HBO’s store.
More pictures after the jump…

Dothraki Secrets: An interview with David J. Peterson

By Andrea Towers on

David J Peterson Inline

If you don’t know David J. Peterson by name, you most certainly know him by his work–he’s the mind behind the languages you hear in popular shows like Defiance, Star-Crossed, Dominion, and of course, Game Of Thrones. Peterson is famous for creating the Dothraki language used in the HBO series and his new book, Living Language Dothraki (out Oct. 8 from Random House) is aimed to help show and book fans alike become immersed in that culture.

Winter Is Coming had the opportunity to meet with Peterson during his recent visit to New York, and are delighted to bring you this exclusive interview with the genius behind the words in Game Of Thrones‘ world. 

Meanwhile, Back In Belfast

By Ani Bundel on


While we watch and wait in Spain for Dorne and Essos to finish setting up, and moon over footage of characters rehearsing, back in Belfast, filming continues apace.

This picture of a drydocked boat…or should we say a “greendocked boat?”…was tweeted out by the official Game of Thrones feed yesterday. It led back to a few “Observations from the Set” at the official Making of Game of Thrones Production diary.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and more spotted in Spain

By Rowan Kaiser on

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Sevilla

Our friends at Los Siete Reinos have provided us with more news from Spain, including a fascinating confirmation. First, they’re reporting that the Andalucia Film Commission has set up a public meeting for fans to engage with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Game Of Thrones’ showrunners, at some point in the next week.

We’ve known for a while that Jaime Lannister is likely being sent to Dorne in Season 5, in an alteration of his character’s storyline, so the photo Los Siete Reinos found of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is confirmation. But it confirms another actor in Spain, and character going to Dorne. (Update: Initially I’d read as the first info about the character being in Dorne, but that wasn’t the case.)  Just in case this change is a spoiler for you, we’re putting it after the jump….

Props and people from King’s Landing filming

By Rowan Kaiser on

IMG_5812The filming of outdoor King’s Landing scenes in Dubrovnik may have ended, but we’ve got–and are still getting–pictures of the props and town of Dubrovnik with its full Game Of Thrones Season 5 regalia.

Let’s see how it looks, starting by unfurling the Lannister-Baratheon flag and ending with my favorite prop picture I’ve seen yet….

First images of Game of Thrones set in Osuna

By Ani Bundel on


As you can see above, the setting in Osuna is at La Plaza de Toros, which is usually a bullfighting ring. I think it looks splendid for the sort of enormous arena used to entertain the masses in Meereen.

We’ve got a couple more below, via twitter and Los Siete Reinos. No pictures of any of the cast yet, either here, or in Sevilla, where things seem to have been locked down tight.

The Small Council: What’s your pick for Best Performance As A Youth?

By Rowan Kaiser on

Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon_photo Macall B. Polay_HBO

In this installment of The Small Council, we ask the advisers: who was your pick for the Best Performance As A Youth in Season 4? We also welcome new contributor Cameron White to the table.

Rebecca Pahle: Ah, Jack Gleeson. I’ll miss you. I haven’t missed your character, because, y’know, psychopathic jackass. The political situation in King’s Landing just gets so deliciously complicated when the obvious villain gets bumped off. But Jack—can I call you Jack? Jackie? Jackaroo?—you played King Joffrey with such a smarmy, shitheaded delightfulness that I just have to raise my glass (of non-poisoned wine) to you…. 

Preparations in Sevilla Underway for Dorne

By Ani Bundel on


The Game Of Thrones production team has arrived in Spain. Work has started to prepare the Alcázar of Seville to be turned into the southern-most land of Westeros, Dorne. According to ABCdeSevilla,the production team arrived yesterday, and got to work cutting off areas of the outside gardens that will serve as the seat of House Martell, and Prince Doran’s favorite relaxing spot, the famous Water Gardens.

The schedule, as far as we knew from the closures, started yesterday, and runs through most of the month of October. It turns out these first few days (where the map only shows a small area of closure) are prep days. Principle filming doesn’t start until October 10th, which, as you may remember from the maps we posted, is when the Gardens shut down to visitors completely.

They also have a gallery of the production crew getting to work on location. Highlights, after the jump.

Contest: Win two tickets to Rave Of Thrones in NYC this Friday

By Rowan Kaiser on

rave of thrones hodor

Our friends at Decadance have provided us with two tickets for this Friday’s Rave Of Thrones with Kristian Nairn DJing! The party is this Friday, October 10th, after the New York ComicCon during the day, and is 21+.

If you (and a friend) would like to attend, here’s how you can win…

Who would have won Best Performance As A Youth in Seasons 1-3?

By Rowan Kaiser on

Golden Crown Sansa Joffrey

One of the main reasons I decided that the WiCnet awards should include voting by actor in thematic categories instead of the traditional Emmy concept of “supporting actor” divided by gender is this Best Youth category. The actors playing the adolescents and children of Game Of Thrones have done a wonderful job, especially given all the pitfalls of child actors—they can age out of their roles, for one thing, or they can be inconsistent. But Game Of Thrones has made to find a collection of children, or actors playing kids, who are at least competent the vast majority of the time, and with a few who challenge the adults with the best performances on the show.

With the Best Performance As A Youth category, I wanted to highlight the children and adolescents who’ve made this often-child centered show work so well. They’ll get their chance to compete against the adults in the full Best Actor/Actress category at the conclusion of the awards, but for now, its their chance.

But first, since this is a new category, I wanted to take a look at who I think would and should have won in previous seasons….

Season 1: This one’s just not close….

Game Of Thrones Finally Returning To Pentos

By Ani Bundel on


Game of Thrones had done a good job of making sure Essos and the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea stay fresh in viewer’s minds, but lately that focus, when not on the cities around Slaver’s Bay, has been in Braavos, home of the Iron Bank as well as Arya’s friend Jaqen H’ghar. But as more characters make the crossing away from Westeros, the map of Essos will start to become as wide as its western counterpart.

To that end, it looks like the show will be returning to where we originally began in Essos back in Season 1: Pentos, the Free City on the Bay, and home of Illyrio Mopatis. Los Siete Reinos has a few pictures they claim are part of the return to Illyrio’s, this time by new Westerosi exiles. (Update: the pics were posted earlier at Watchers On The Wall).

More pics, followed by noted speculation and spoilers, below….

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