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Game of Owns: Fight and Flight

By WiC Staff on

Arya Stark is back, and leaving Harrenhal in a hurry. Hot Pie and Gendry struggle to match the pace of this episode’s hero, but GOO is here to see it to the end. Continue reading

Game of Owns: Midsummer Dreams

By WiC Staff on

Back from the long road of listener meet-ups and conventioning, Game of Owns returns with another chapter from the pages Ice and Fire, including certain pieces from the recent live show in Orlando, Florida. Continue reading

Game of Owns: Peek and Seek

By WiC Staff on

Continuing travels through A Storm of Swords, GOO returns to greet, for the first time ever, point of view character Jaime Lannister and his merry friends. Continue reading

Game of Owns: Tempest

By WiC Staff on

The cold, snowy North is a welcome mat for the beginning of our latest journey, heading finally into the already legendary story, A Storm of Swords. Continue reading

Season 3 moments to look forward to

By Winter Is Coming on

With HBO starting to promo the upcoming season, I thought it would be a good time to look ahead to season three and talk about the moments we are looking forward to seeing. We’re going to be doing this round-table … Continue reading

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