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Where will they split A Storm of Swords?

By Winter Is Coming on

I had planned to make this discussion topic soon, and just yesterday io9 published an article listing 12 subplots from A Storm of Swords that will likely be cut from season three of Game of Thrones. That seemed like a … Continue reading

10 Game of Thrones changes that worked

By Ours is the Fury on

We fans of A Song of Ice and Fire tend to do a lot of complaining about the changes made for the television series. It’s understandable given our massive love for the books. However there have been several alterations to … Continue reading

Adaptation and the Women of Ice and Fire

By Ours is the Fury on

This post will contain spoilers only from the first two seasons of Game of Thrones and from the first two books of A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings, with many comparisons … Continue reading

The challenges of adapting A Clash of Kings

By Winter Is Coming on

io9’s Charlie Jane Anders has an interesting editorial on the challenges of adapting A Clash of Kings to the screen. Here is her setup to the article: Game of Thrones comes back for its second season on April 1, and … Continue reading

D.B. Weiss talks season two and more with LA Times

By Winter Is Coming on

The Los Angeles Times Show Tracker blog had a chance to interview Game of Thrones writer and executive producer D.B. Weiss recently. Weiss talked, among other things, about the post-production and visual effects on season two, their approach to adaptation, … Continue reading

David Benioff interviewed at WGA Awards

By Winter Is Coming on

On Sunday night, the Writer’s Guild of America held their annual awards ceremony and Game of Thrones was nominated for two awards, although, sadly, it did not win. However, it did give another opportunity for Thrones writers to talk about … Continue reading

Not-Quite-A-Poll: Add a character or change a character’s story?

By Fire And Blood on

Train-hoppin’ FaBihoff here, tak-tak-tak-ing away at the laptop in the midst of a sudden and slightly bizarre New York City vacation. No rest for the wicked; House Gatewatch never sleeps. I had this question in mind for a number of … Continue reading

Top 7: Worst Story Changes

By Fire And Blood on

Well, we gave you Top 7: Best Story Changes, and in doing so also promised you the other side of the coin. Here is where the other side comes up. Let it be known this is not meant as a … Continue reading

Top 7: Best Story Changes

By Fire And Blood on

We’ve had a bit of a down time, news wise (George—where are those casting clues?!), which means it’s time to step up and toss a bone to the ravenous ASoIaF fandogs so they can have something to chew on besides … Continue reading

D&D more ruthless than GRRM

By Hear Me Roar on

Mo Ryan talked to George R.R. Martin at the Television Critics Association press tour in January, and has now published the full interview. They discuss GRRM’s views on the adaptation, the cuts, the additions, and how his views and imagination … Continue reading

Scripting Episode 10

By Fire And Blood on

The last episode of our ten-part “scripting” series is going to cause some heads to ‘splode. This isn’t the endgame; it is what happens after the endgame has been played and the playing pieces still lie strewn across the playing … Continue reading

The First Fourteen

By Fire And Blood on

Exactly two weeks away from the seminal first episode of Game of Thrones, HBO allowed its viewing audience a sneak peek into the fantastic first fourteen minutes of episode one, titled appropriately enough, “Winter Is Coming.” Folks in the EST … Continue reading

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