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Words Are Wind: “Maester”

By WiC Staff on

“Words are wind” is a common phrase in A Song of Ice and Fire, usually used to say “talk is cheap.” But that’s a view that underestimates both the power of words and wind themselves. In the “Words Are Wind” column, contributor Scott … Continue reading

“Baelor”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 9

By Rowan Kaiser on

In the end, Ned Stark looks confused. Why wouldn’t he? Everyone around him, save Joffrey and Ilyn Payne, is confused. Sansa is screaming. Cersei is desperately raving at her son. Varys dashes across the platform to plead Ned’s case. And … Continue reading

More pics!

By Fire And Blood on

Winter Is Coming just got its meaty little hands on a number of new pics just released by HBO today. Like this one: No new characters, really, but these are beauties. The costuming is amazing. Props to Michele Clapton! I’ll … Continue reading

George confirms Tena as Osha

By Hear Me Roar on

In his recent Not A Blog post, GRRM confirms that we have guessed the right actress to play the role of Osha. She will be portrayed by Natalia Tena. The clues come together in exactly the way The_Rabbit’s solution suggested. … Continue reading

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