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Aidan Gillen on Littlefinger’s long-term plans and paternal role

By Ours is the Fury on

Season four looks to be a big one for Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, with episode seven “Mockingbird” named after his personal sigil, and according to actor Aidan Gillen in the Baltimore Sun, the manipulator’s long-terms plans becoming more apparent this … Continue reading

Charles Dance “confirms” S4 and other interview nuggets

By Winter Is Coming on

By now, it is a foregone conclusion that Game of Thrones will get a fourth season. Most of the actors and even executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have intimated as much in various interviews. So learning that Charles … Continue reading

Aidan Gillen talks season 4: “I have a ship”

By Winter Is Coming on

Aidan Gillen talks season four of Game of Thrones in a short interview with the Herald. Here is the relevant quote: The Dublin native is enjoying a relaxing six- month break before filming starts on the fourth series of Game … Continue reading

Day 90: More set pics from Dubrovnik plus an interview with Benioff & Weiss

By Winter Is Coming on

The Dubrovnik press continues to play paparazzi, snapping photos of Game of Thrones filming in progress. These latest photos from Dulist show a scene between Sansa, Shae, Ros and Littlefinger being filmed. UPDATE 1: Additional new photos of the actors … Continue reading

First set photos from Croatia

By Ours is the Fury on

Filming began today at the fort of St. Lawrence in Dubrovnik and several photos were taken by the Croatian press of the cast as they arrived. Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Aidan Gillen, Jerome Flynn, and Daniel Portman were all spotted. … Continue reading

New interviews with Gillen, Harington, Madden, and van Houten discussing S2

By Ours is the Fury on

Fresh interviews with the cast are pouring in as the new season approaches! There are minor plot spoilers for season 2 ahead, so proceed with caution.

Even more awards and nominations

By Winter Is Coming on

Time to update everyone on the growing list of awards and nominations that Game of Thrones has received. The Visual Effects Society nominated Thrones for three awards: outstanding supporting visual effects in a broadcast program (“Winter is Coming”), outstanding animated … Continue reading

In the meantime … GoTcast?

By Fire And Blood on

Can’t wait ’til the March release of the Game of Thrones DVD? Dying for something to whet your whistle while you stew for season 2 to land in April? Does your need for Donald Sumpter—any Donald Sumpter—override your usual common … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Interviews and funny stuff

By Winter Is Coming on

Here’s your weekly round-up of notable Game of Thrones news and notes: Check out our latest The Pointy End comic which contains a “deleted scene” from episode 7. The latest Game of Thrones Parody video is up and it is … Continue reading

Quick Hits: A little bit of everything

By Winter Is Coming on

A whole bunch of small news items from the past week: HBO reportedly aired a new trailer last night, the 9th one released for Game of Thrones so far. It has yet to be put online, but hopefully will soon. … Continue reading

Littlefinger’s profile video and the props master

By Hear Me Roar on

Now available on iTunes and HBO’s YouTube channel is the character profile of Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish. Enjoy this closer look at the smarmy type, portrayed by fan favourite Aidan Gillen. Secondly, flying low under the radar, HBO has put out … Continue reading

Top 5 Thrones moments of the past year

By Winter Is Coming on

Since everyone else is making year-end lists I would feel left out if I didn’t make one myself. 2010 was a busy year of Game Of Thrones news and developments, let’s look back at some of the highlights. Here are … Continue reading

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