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MGoT: Maisie talks Arya’s new ‘do

By Winter Is Coming on

A new update from Making Game of Thrones today… and it’s a video! Maisie Williams talks about Arya’s (or is it Arry?) new look for season two. View on YouTube Winter Is Coming: Maisie rules! Love Arya’s new hair cut, … Continue reading

And the winners are …

By Winter Is Coming on

Last night, we announced the winners of our first annual WiCnet Awards for season one of Game of Thrones. These awards were voted on by the fans (nearly 50,000 votes in total) and they were our way of recognizing all … Continue reading

Interview with Maisie Williams

By Hear Me Roar on

We are proud to present another Winter-is-Coming.net exclusive – an interview with Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. Maisie is an actor and a dancer who comes from the vicinity of Bath in the south-west of … Continue reading

New photos cropping up left and right

By Winter Is Coming on

With all the excitement of these new videos, we’ve forgotten our first love — photos. Remember those days when a new photo was worth its own post and generated hundreds of comments? Yeah, those were the days. Over the past … Continue reading

Arya Caption Contest winners

By Fire And Blood on

After delving and double-delving into the 250+ answers we received for the Arya Caption Contest, Winter Is Coming (aided by his trusty sidekick Fire And Blood and the vile minion known as Hear Me Roar) can now state with sound … Continue reading

So Arya …

By Fire And Blood on

… thinks to herself, “Not allowed to stab her, not allowed to stab her, not allowed to stab her…” This picture is the latest one released courtesy of HBO, and we love it! Great pic, great look by the “Amazin’” … Continue reading

The Artisans: Maisie on Arya

By Winter Is Coming on

In case you didn’t get enough Maisie with the two items in our previous post, Making Game of Thrones has a new Artisans video up that is all about our little warrior. Winter Is Coming: The best Artisans video yet. … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Maisie meets Arya, more press, minor roles cast

By Winter Is Coming on

Game of Thrones news and notes from the past week: George R. R. Martin is back and blogging. He recently posted a photo of Maisie Williams posing in front of a Sky Atlantic billboard featuring her as Arya. It must … Continue reading

MGoT update: 11 new photos!

By Winter Is Coming on

Making Game of Thrones has eleven new production photos posted up on the site. Most of these I saw last night, prior to the 15 minute sneak peek. But some are new to me. They all look fantastic! Especially Miltos! … Continue reading

MGoT: The Favored Hand

By Winter Is Coming on

A delightful post from Bryan Cogman today over at Making Game of Thrones, where he talks about a day on set in Malta. They are filming scenes from Episode 8 that take place in the Red Keep, with the presidential … Continue reading

EW mag publishes 4 new photos

By Winter Is Coming on

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine hit newsstands today and contains four all-new Game of Thrones photos. They include new shots of Cersei, Ned, and Tyrion. As well as our first glimpse of publicity photos containing Sansa, Arya, Ilyn … Continue reading

Stills from the behind-the-scenes video

By Winter Is Coming on

As requested, here is a post with some screen caps of the behind-the-scenes vid. These captures are courtesy of Dukayn. The Targaryen banner – This differs from the book version which has a dragon with two legs and no arms. … Continue reading

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