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Jerome Flynn talks Bronn and season 4 at New York Comic Con

By Winter Is Coming on

Jerome Flynn held a one-man panel this weekend at the New York Comic Con. (Because that’s how he rolls.) By all accounts, he charmed the pants off those lucky enough to be in attendance, sharing anecdotes like how he auditioned … Continue reading

GoT Laughs: Comic and FB recap

By Hear Me Roar on

Second episode comic by Azad: Second episode FB recap!   Bonus, by spacemonkeydr:

HBO releases first promo pic from “Blackwater”

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has released the first promo pic from episode 19 “Blackwater” and it looks amazing. Here it is, courtesy of EW. Winter Is Coming: Wow. This looks epic. And I think I see a certain something in the background…

Day 60: Tyrion and Bronn on set

By Winter Is Coming on

Hope you aren’t getting tired of all the set reports and photos pouring out of Croatia yet… because it looks like they won’t be stopping any time soon. Today they are filming on the St. Dominic Street set that they … Continue reading

MGoT update: New photo of Bronn

By Winter Is Coming on

Today’s update from Making Game of Thrones is a new promotional photo from Game of Thrones showing Jerome Flynn as Bronn the sellsword. Winter Is Coming: Wow. I know Flynn as Bronn was one of those casting decisions greeted with … Continue reading

Casting Bronn

By Winter Is Coming on

With the first season getting the green light, now I can do these casting speculation posts with the knowledge that we will eventually get to see these roles filled. With the exception of Sam, Littlefinger, and Tywin (I suppose Varys … Continue reading

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