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Peter Dinklage one of TV’s top earners

By Winter Is Coming on

TV Guide Magazine is poised to release their annual list of the 150 highest paid actors and talent on TV. And Peter Dinklage makes the list. According to TV Guide Magazine, he makes $150,000 an episode. Or $1.5 million a … Continue reading

The finances of Game of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

While we wait for the season three greenlight that is almost assuredly coming, I thought it would be good to go over why Game of Thrones is such a lucrative show for HBO. There have been several recent articles that … Continue reading

Quick Hits: A little bit of everything

By Winter Is Coming on

A whole bunch of small news items from the past week: HBO reportedly aired a new trailer last night, the 9th one released for Game of Thrones so far. It has yet to be put online, but hopefully will soon. … Continue reading

Sky purchases rights to air HBO in UK

By Winter Is Coming on

With all the hubbub of the recast and the three new ladies, something that may have got lost in the mix is this report from The Guardian that British Sky Broadcasting has purchased the rights to all HBO shows past … Continue reading

The budget: Pay 3 get 4

By Hear Me Roar on

We touched upon budgeting issues in an earlier post when the first concrete figures were made public (£30 million, or 45 million in U.S. dollars, for the first season). Now Elio wrote an article at Westeros discussing the budget of … Continue reading

Money makes the world go ’round

By Winter Is Coming on

The evil of producing a medieval fantasy series such as this one is that it is expensive. To make it look good is very expensive. So what kind of budget is Game of Thrones likely to get? If we look … Continue reading

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