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Curtain Call: Jack Gleeson

By Fire And Blood on

Jack Gleeson was always one of those guys you’d hear great things about, but couldn’t quite imagine. He didn’t do too many interviews, or even big splashy premieres; he was always just a bit removed from the usual frenetic Game … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Michelle Fairley

By Fire And Blood on

This is my song for Michelle. Michelle Fairley, a relatively unknown actress to most Americans prior to Game of Thrones, has finally made it big. Hers is no tale of overnight success; this is a woman who has paid her … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Richard Madden

By Fire And Blood on

When I met Richard in 2012, it was for an interview we were doing with Simone Boyce. It was, in fact, the first on-camera interview I ever did with Simone, and I didn’t really know what to expect. You hear … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Oona Chaplin

By Winter Is Coming on

Even book readers had a moment of shock during Sunday night’s Game of Thrones. When Lame Lothar Frey pulls his dagger and repeatedly stabs Robb Stark’s young wife, Talisa Maegyr, in the belly, killing her and her unborn child in … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Esmé Bianco

By Ours is the Fury on

We long-time A Song of Ice and Fire fans can get a little smug sometimes about knowing the major plot points before the rest of the viewing audience. However, the brutal death of Ros in Sunday night’s episode “The Climb” … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Dan Hildebrand

By Fire And Blood on

This is a first to be sure: a Curtain Call post for an actor playing what might be considered a throwaway role—a vile antagonist set before us merely to be bested. And yet what else is a villain’s part to … Continue reading

Curtain Call: James Cosmo

By Winter Is Coming on

There are some castings where at first blush you think “Huh? I don’t see it.” Then there are those where you hear it and immediately go “Yes! That is perfect!” and from that moment on you really can’t imagine any … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Valar Morghulis

By Ours is the Fury on

The season finale of Game of Thrones lived up to its title, “Valar Morghulis.” All men must die is a fitting theme for an episode that sees us saying goodbye to five supporting cast members, though in this case, it’s … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Donald Sumpter

By Fire And Blood on

Unlike poor Irri’s death, this was one I had prepared myself for… but damned if it still didn’t bring tears to my eyes. It was partly Natalia Tena’s emotive performance as Osha, partly Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Art Parkinson’s heartbreaking looks, … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Amrita Acharia

By Fire And Blood on

So I avoided doing a curtain call post for Ami last week, partly because we wanted to allow Ron Donachie a week of character mourning, and partly because there was that 0.01% chance Irri really was not dead and everyone … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Ron Donachie

By Winter Is Coming on

Ser Rodrik Cassel: dignified, strong, steadfast. Ron Donachie: dignified, strong, steadfast. The actor played a man not too far from himself. But that in no way diminishes his performance. Rodrik Cassel was the Stark’s rock in the sea of churning … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Gethin Anthony

By Fire And Blood on

Part of the problem with reading the books ahead of time is trying not to get too invested in an actor you know is slated for the proverbial chopping block. This was especially hard for many fans who loved Renly … Continue reading

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