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Curtain Call: Aimee Richardson

By Thoros on

Some of us had a feeling it was coming, others wished it wouldn’t, and now it’s become reality. Our sweet Aimee Richardson will no longer portray the role of Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones. We can now all say … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Charles Dance

By Fire And Blood on

Today we are doing things just a bit differently. Rather than do the usual Curtain Call where any one of us varied Winter-Is-Coming writers eulogizes poetically about the actor in question (their character in memoriam), we’ve decided to let one … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Sibel Kekilli

By Ours is the Fury on

When it came to deaths, Season 4 was relentless, and the finale was no exception. And so we say goodbye to Sibel Kekilli, the actress who has portrayed Shae since season 1. From the beginning, Kekilli had a major challenge … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Rory McCann — CAN’T. NO. NO. I WON’T!

By Fire And Blood on

Yeah, I know I have to. But I can’t. Yes, yes, it’s my solemnly-sworn duty here at WiCnet, but I… I just can’t.

Curtain Call: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

By Fire And Blood on

When I first bumped into Thomas Brodie-Sangster it was almost in a quite literal sense; it was September of last year, and he was coming down the stairs of the Belfast convention center and I was going up. He deftly … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Mark Stanley, Josef Altin, and Yuriy Kolokolnikov

By Fire And Blood on

First, the honor must be given to the men of the Night’s Watch. Mark Stanley and Josef Altin–we salute you! It’s weirdly appropriate they bowed in the same episode, as they’ve been attached since the beginning of the series. Even … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Rose Leslie

By Fire And Blood on

When I met Rose in the spring of 2013, at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, she was making the interview rounds with many of her fellow GoT actors. Fresh off her first season as Ygritte, I thought she seemed open … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Pedro Pascal

By Fire And Blood on

Rarely do we, as book readers, have a role we are so conflicted about loving. Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper of Dorne, was near and dear to the hearts of many ASoIaF fans. We eagerly awaited his casting yet dreaded … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Kate Dickie

By Oz of Thrones on

Occasionally, a persona comes along that we don’t completely understand.  Even after being subjected to a series of psychoanalysis, some of the world’s best and brightest still can’t fully comprehend the complexity of the character. This was the basis of … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Noah Taylor, Luke Barnes & Burn Gorman

By Ours is the Fury on

They say a Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair. Using those standards, last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a resounding success. “First of His Name” saw the exits of three murderous and … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Jack Gleeson

By Fire And Blood on

Jack Gleeson was always one of those guys you’d hear great things about, but couldn’t quite imagine. He didn’t do too many interviews, or even big splashy premieres; he was always just a bit removed from the usual frenetic Game … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Michelle Fairley

By Fire And Blood on

This is my song for Michelle. Michelle Fairley, a relatively unknown actress to most Americans prior to Game of Thrones, has finally made it big. Hers is no tale of overnight success; this is a woman who has paid her … Continue reading

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