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Game of Thrones director says illegal downloads don’t matter

By Winter Is Coming on

At a Q&A in Australia, Game of Thrones director David Petraca answered a few questions about the show. Of particular interest is his response to the high rate of piracy for Thrones. From the Sydney Morning Herald: Panel mediator Rosemary … Continue reading

Interviews for the road

By Hear Me Roar on

While everyone waits for tonight (or early morning, depends on where you are located), here is a handful of interviews to keep you company. First off, Access Hollywood chatted with Jerome Flynn (Bronn) about his role in the coming season: … Continue reading

Episode 204 title is “Garden of Bones”, titles of 205 & 206 also revealed?

By Hear Me Roar on

This week the details of the next episode in line have been ready to be included in the HBO schedule right away. And so we learn that the fourth episode, directed by David Petrarca, is titled “Garden of Bones”. It is … Continue reading

Season two director breakdown and a minor casting update

By Winter Is Coming on

Thanks to The Rabbit doing some renewed digging, we have a new casting to report and what may be the director breakdown for the second season. First, the casting news: according to this CV, Paul Kealyn will be playing the … Continue reading

Game of Thrones season two directors revealed

By Winter Is Coming on

Along with some new casting news, we also are getting some info on who will be behind the camera for season two of Game of Thrones. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the director line-up for this season. The … Continue reading

Another season two director revealed

By Winter Is Coming on

While HBO has been doing better recently with getting more and more of the cast announced, we are still pretty in the dark as to who will be behind the lens for season two of Game of Thrones. Alan Taylor … Continue reading

Unofficial: Quaithe and Lorren cast, director added

By Winter Is Coming on

A trio of unofficial updates: German-born actress Laura Pradelska has tweeted she just got out of a costume fitting and that she has been cast to play Quaithe in season two of Game of Thrones. So it sounds pretty legit. … Continue reading

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