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Emmy-Nominated Director Neil Marshall details his work on the Battle of Castle Black

By Lightbringer on

In less than two weeks we’ll find out if Neil Marshall will take home an Emmy for his work on the penultimate episode of Season 4, The Watchers on the Wall. Marshall once again delivered one of the most action … Continue reading

Directors for Game of Thrones Season 5 announced

By Lightbringer on

Entertainment Weekly has just released a breakdown of directors for Game of Thrones Season 5. The fifth season of Game of Thrones will have five directors, with each taking charge of two back to back episodes. It looks like we’re … Continue reading

Michael Slovis joins the lineup of directors for Game of Thrones season 5

By Ours is the Fury on

With Alex Graves taking a break next year, there are slots that need filling in the lineup of directors for the fifth season of Game of Thrones. It appears now that director and cinematographer Michael Slovis will be stepping up … Continue reading

Director Alex Graves details key scenes from the Season 4 finale

By Lightbringer on

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss deliberately tasked Alex Graves with directing Season 4’s biggest moments. After tackling the Purple Wedding and its fallout, and the trial by combat that crushed viewer hearts around the world, Sunday’s … Continue reading

Alex Graves on the Season 4 Finale: It’s unlike anything we’ve seen, a very big turning point in the show

By Lightbringer on

Yesterday, Alex Graves was a guest on Bloomberg West to talk about his work as a Director for Game of Thrones. Graves details the production of Thrones, explaining that it is difficult to compare it to any other television show … Continue reading

Neil Marshall Interview Round-Up: Detailing the Battle of Castle Black

By Lightbringer on

After the success of Season 2’s Blackwater, it was no surprise that Neil Marshall was given the reins for last nights episode, and the epic Battle of Castle Black. Not only were we treated to giants, mammoths, and a scythe … Continue reading

Alik Sakharov on the revelations inside Tyrion’s cell defining the next two episodes

By Lightbringer on

In last night’s new episode of Game of Thrones, the impossible seemed to happen: Tyrion’s situation got even worse. Realizing that his brother was not fit to defend him, and that Bronn’s loyalty had been purchased by another Lannister, Tyrion … Continue reading

Director Alik Sakharov on Peter Dinklage’s performance, and the master of manipulation Ramsay Snow

By Lightbringer on

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Laws of Gods and Men,” ended with one of the most powerful scenes in the series to date. Carried by a phenomenal performance from Peter Dinklage, we were filled with just as … Continue reading

Michelle MacLaren on justified violence, Bran’s decision, and the Littlefinger reveal

By Lightbringer on

The Hollywood Reporter has released more from their interview on last night’s action packed episode, “First of His Name,” with Thrones Director Michelle MacLaren. The interview confirms that the deepest mud she’s ever seen was in fact at Craster’s Keep, … Continue reading

Michelle MacLaren on moving past the books, and tonight’s new episode

By Lightbringer on

The final moments of last week’s Game of Thrones took us to a place we had never seen, or even read about, before. The revelation of what the White Walkers have been doing with Craster’s sons came as a welcome … Continue reading

Alex Graves talks “Breaker of Chains,” one of the greatest days he’s ever had filming

By Lightbringer on

Whether celebrating a death years in the making, solving a murder mystery, arguing consent, or applauding Tywin Lannister’s general badassery, Game of Thrones has kept the internet buzzing for weeks. Director Alex Graves, the man responsible for bringing the events … Continue reading

Director Alex Graves on The Lion and the Rose and setting up for a grand finale

By Lightbringer on

After his stellar work on Game of Thrones Season 3, Director Alex Graves was told by the powers that be that in Season 4 “we’ll give you all the big stuff.” The big stuff started off with a bang, with … Continue reading

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