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Game of Thrones maesters in new film, television projects

By Cameron White on

Apparently, one of the many maester’s chains you can craft during your studies at Oldtown is for acting, as two of Game of Thrones‘ own maesters are in new and upcoming projects. Donald Sumpter, who played Maester Luwin, will be … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Donald Sumpter

By Fire And Blood on

Unlike poor Irri’s death, this was one I had prepared myself for… but damned if it still didn’t bring tears to my eyes. It was partly Natalia Tena’s emotive performance as Osha, partly Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Art Parkinson’s heartbreaking looks, … Continue reading

In the meantime … GoTcast?

By Fire And Blood on

Can’t wait ’til the March release of the Game of Thrones DVD? Dying for something to whet your whistle while you stew for season 2 to land in April? Does your need for Donald Sumpter—any Donald Sumpter—override your usual common … Continue reading

Top 7: Best Season One Surprises (Actors)

By Fire And Blood on

The time has come to give lip service to the faithful and to honor the Seven once more. Most of the bottom-supporters here at House Gatewatch were fans of the books before they were fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, … Continue reading

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