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“The Kingsroad”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 2

By Rowan Kaiser on

“The Kingsroad” has three interconnected themes running through it, making it arguably the most fascinating and pleasantly difficult episode of the early run of Game Of Thrones for experts, although it wasn’t for many of the newbies I knew watching … Continue reading

Doreah kills Irri: New S2 production stills

By Ours is the Fury on

A host of new production stills from season 2 turned up yesterday, thanks to Kissed-by-Fire.com. Photographer Paul Schiraldi visited the set in Dubrovnik, Croatia during filming last year and took pictures of Dany’s storyline, the riot and Joffrey’s birthday celebration, … Continue reading

Three new screencaps from Westeros

By Fire And Blood on

Apparently the preview that actually aired on HBO was slightly different from “The Game Begins.” Only slightly, yes, but… Those few, quick shots we did not get to see online depict a more amorous portion of the tale. Ran at … Continue reading

GRRM gives us new clues: Shae, Doreah, and Irri cast

By Winter Is Coming on

So we don’t get too down about the recasting news (see the post below), Martin has given us new clues to puzzle over in his latest Not A Blog entry … and he’s certainly not making them any easier. Here … Continue reading

More Thrones audition videos

By Winter Is Coming on

A few more Game of Thrones audition videos have popped up on the ‘net the past few days. The first video is of Irish soap actress Bronagh Waugh, who looks to be reading for the part of Doreah, despite what … Continue reading

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