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Digging up Drogo

By Fire And Blood on

Our resident rodent (known to most only as the reclusive Rabbit) has found a nice little bit of buried GoT treasure! In the latest edition of Bruner’s Chapel Blog, photographer and blogger David Crowe has posted pictures of Jason Momoa … Continue reading

MGoT update: Corpses and Horses

By Fire And Blood on

From the Game of Thrones home page on the HBO site: In the latest addition to Making Game of Thrones, Bryan “Team CoGo” Cogman continues with yet another vicious taunting from atop the relative safety of his privy tower at … Continue reading

Day 98: Malta filming

By Winter Is Coming on

It sounds like filming in Malta has really gone into overdrive this past week. We’ve had reports of multiple scenes being filmed there, some set in King’s Landing and some set in Essos. There is this excellent report from Russian … Continue reading

Quick Hits: VFX company added, Dothraki creator interviewed

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are two quick updates from the world of Thrones on this Monday morning: Ran over at Westeros discovered that the company that will be responsible for the visual effects work on Game of Thrones appears to be the London-based … Continue reading

Quick hits: More extras, Helfer auditions, and ratings

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are a few Game of Thrones-related tidbits from the past 24 hours: First up, a new casting call for Game of Thrones extras has gone out from Extras NI via email and the Northern Ireland Screen website. It is … Continue reading

Stills from the behind-the-scenes video

By Winter Is Coming on

As requested, here is a post with some screen caps of the behind-the-scenes vid. These captures are courtesy of Dukayn. The Targaryen banner – This differs from the book version which has a dragon with two legs and no arms. … Continue reading

Quick hits: Interviews, articles and an audition

By Winter Is Coming on

Let’s take a quick trip ’round the web for some Game of Thrones news and notes, shall we? To start with here is a short video interview with Alfie Allen over at ITN. Alfie talks briefly about his role on … Continue reading

Quick hits: Fans score, audition, and wiki

By Winter Is Coming on

A few noteworthy items with a Game of Thrones bent that have popped up over the past week or so: First is this A Game of Thrones inspired orchestral score by aspiring composer Hilario Abad. Abad provided musical backing to … Continue reading

Qotho cast?

By Winter Is Coming on

IMDb is listing Danish actor Dar Salim to be playing the role of Qotho, one of Khal Drogo’s bloodriders, in Game of Thrones. Now, we know that IMDb isn’t always accurate. However this one has a ring of truth to … Continue reading

Quick hits: The buzz builds, Westeros fashion, learn Dothraki … and bake a cake with Old Nan!

By Winter Is Coming on

So far, reports from the set have been non-existent. Looks like HBO is really serious about sealing up the leaks this time around. However, it seems they are filming only at the Paint Hall at the moment. Once they go … Continue reading

Quick hits: Dothraki update, Sophie on Sansa, Sam shortlisted

By Hear Me Roar on

Here are a few pieces of newsworthy items gleaned over the week: Sai Emrys and David J. Peterson kindly responded to a previously published open letter in Scientific American where they were asked to include certain linguistic features in the Dothraki … Continue reading

Multi-ethnic Dothraki?

By Winter Is Coming on

Based on some intriguing tweets, it looks like they may be casting the Dothraki people a little darker than most had expected. Of course, the books describe the Dothraki people as having “copper skin” and “dark, almond-shaped eyes.” With the … Continue reading

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