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Outlander, the off-season Game Of Thrones

By Rowan Kaiser on

(With Game Of Thrones between seasons, I asked a few critics if they wanted to talk about the shows they’re using to fill the King’s Landing-shaped hole in their lives. First up, my colleague from The A.V. Club, Brandon Nowalk, discussing Starz’ Outlander.) … Continue reading

New S3 characters video

By Hear Me Roar on

Now that we have seen two episodes, HBO treats us to a video highlighting the new characters in the familar fashion – through clips and interviews. Darquemode has kindly recorded the feature for us. The last bit introduces the Riverrun … Continue reading

Casting Season Three: Edmure Tully

By Winter Is Coming on

So we now have a wonderful list of confirmed characters to work from while doing our casting speculation posts. Edmure Tully is one of those characters. In fact, auditions for the role are going on right now. I’m sure the … Continue reading

EW scoop on S3: The Reeds are in and so is Blackfish!

By Hear Me Roar on

Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibberd has the (partial) cast list of characters introduced in Season Three. Reproduced below with original role descriptions: Mance Rayder: We’ve heard about him all season. A former member of the Night’s Watch who became the “King … Continue reading

Leaked audition tape confirms Edmure Tully will be cast

By Winter Is Coming on

A leaked audition tape gives us confirmation that Edmure Tully will (finally) be appearing in the series. The audition, dug up by The Rabbit, shows Irish actor Tom Sullivan reading the casting sides for Edmure. We’ve had leaked audition tapes … Continue reading

The Final Cut: Season Two

By Winter Is Coming on

Filming on Thrones is set to wrap in Northern Ireland tomorrow, after which there will be only a few weeks of “beyond the Wall” filming in Iceland. With the casting of Rattleshirt, that contingent of characters has now been filled. … Continue reading

Character Cuts: Who’s in and who’s out of season two?

By Winter Is Coming on

I started to write a comment about character cuts in response to another poster, but then decided, you know what? This should have its own post. So let’s talk character cuts, who’s in and who’s out of season two of … Continue reading

Is the Trout out?

By Fire And Blood on

This and other mysteries continue to plague us here at House Gatewatch on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis! And it’s high time we talked about them. WARNING: there be A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers below, to and … Continue reading

GRRM: Blackfish not in first season

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin has made a post doing his customary recap of the actors cast in Game of Thrones so far, this time covering the characters in the Vale. Near the end of the post, he touches on a … Continue reading

Irish actor Peter O’Meara hints at possible casting

By Winter Is Coming on

Irish actor Peter O’Meara, best known for his appearance in HBO’s Band of Brothers, name dropped Game of Thrones in a recent interview. In response to a question about his “new years wish”, here is what O’Meara said: Well, it … Continue reading

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