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Game of Owns: Bryan Cogmaaaaan

By Winter Is Coming on

We have another extra-special Friday episode of Game of Owns for you, dear listeners and readers. Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman joins the podcast to discuss the series and his latest episode, “Kissed By Fire”. Cogman! Cogman! Cogman! Episode … Continue reading

Episode 25 – Kissed By Fire – Analysis

By Winter Is Coming on

Honor’s Price and Mad Kings: Breaking Oaths in Thrones By Tyler Davis “If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?” – Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men At birth we’re cast into … Continue reading

Inside the Episode: “Kissed By Fire”

By Winter Is Coming on

Here is the usual Inside the Episode video featuring David Benioff and D.B. Weiss expounding on some of the scenes from “Kissed By Fire”. After the break, post-episode interviews with Bryan Cogman and some of the cast. UPDATE: Westeros.org has … Continue reading

Ratings skyrocketing, the 5 million mark broken!

By Hear Me Roar on

The fifth episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday reached an astounding 5.3 million viewers during the initial airing, Hibberd reports. UPDATE: He goes to add that the season up to now is averaging a record 13.4 million viewers per episode across all platforms! TV by … Continue reading

Recap Round-up: “Kissed By Fire”

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are some notable recaps and reviews of episode 25 of Game of Thrones: Book Readers Sean T. Collins – Rolling Stone Myles McNutt – Cultural Learnings James Hibberd – Entertainment Weekly Alyssa Rosenberg – ThinkProgress Scott Meslow – The … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Astarich

By Winter Is Coming on

Have a listen as Zack, Selina, Eric, Micah and yours truly break down last night’s episode of Game of Thrones in typical Game of Owns fashion. Episode 90 – Astarich iTunes | Download | RSS Description: Take a hot, steamy … Continue reading

Episode 25 – Kissed By Fire – Newbie Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

Our newbie recapper Oz of Thrones gives his take on last night’s episode, after the break. New viewers are encouraged to discuss the episode at length in the comments! Book readers, enjoy the read but please don’t spoil the upcoming … Continue reading

Episode 25 – Kissed By Fire – Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode five is in the books and we are halfway through the third season of Game of Thrones. Head after the break to read my thoughts on tonight’s episode! Spoiler Note: This post is for those who have read A … Continue reading

Episode 25 – Kissed By Fire – Open Chat

By Winter Is Coming on

Tonight the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ third season is set to air. Chat in here until the clock strikes 9:00. I will have my episode recap up as soon as I can post-episode, but it will be a … Continue reading

Episode 25 Preview: “Kissed By Fire”

By Ours is the Fury on

“Tywin Lannister knows what he needs to do to crush us in a day.” – Robb Stark “The Hound is judged by the gods; Jaime is judged by men. Jon proves himself. Robb is betrayed. Tyrion learns the cost of … Continue reading

Looking Forward: Ep. 25 and Uneducated Unsullieds

By Winter Is Coming on

Oz of Thrones, the true professional that he is, isn’t going to let something like a family vacation get in the way of giving us his thoughts on the upcoming episode. Oz of Thrones: Greetings from a weary traveler, who … Continue reading

Synopses of episodes 302 – 305 revealed

By Winter Is Coming on

SpoilerTV has leaked the synopses for the second and third episodes of season 3 of Game of Thrones. We’ve hidden them after the break, since they could be considered spoilers. UPDATE: Darquemode has provided the leaked synopses for eps 304 … Continue reading

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