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Episode 30 – Mhysa – Analysis

By Winter Is Coming on

The Next Time I See You: Locating the Family in Thrones By Tyler Davis As the third season of Thrones concluded and “Mhysa” cut to its credits, I was struck by how Ramin Djawadi’s score continued unabated, punctuated but not … Continue reading

The Daily Raven: Red Wedding and season finale

By Winter Is Coming on

Simone Boyce is back and she has two Daily Raven recaps. She was traveling last week and wasn’t able to recap “The Rains of Castamere”, but given the huge events in that episode, it would be a shame to not … Continue reading

Inside the Episode: “Mhysa”

By Ours is the Fury on

Executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss offer insight into the Game of Thrones season finale, “Mhysa,” with their take on Tywin Lannister and Roose Bolton. They discuss keeping the audience in the dark with Theon Greyjoy and their views … Continue reading

Game of Owns: The Third Finale

By Winter Is Coming on

And now, here is the final Game of Owns recap podcast of this season. I join Zack, Selina, Micah and Eric to breakdown the season three finale. Episode 108 – The Third Finale iTunes | Download | RSS Description: The … Continue reading

Recap round-up: “Mhysa”

By Ours is the Fury on

Here are some notable recaps and reviews of the season three finale of Game of Thrones: Book Readers Sean T. Collins – Rolling Stone Myles McNutt – Cultural Learnings James Hibberd – Entertainment Weekly Alyssa Rosenberg – ThinkProgress Scott Meslow … Continue reading

Finale ratings fall just short of setting a new record

By Winter Is Coming on

The ratings for the season three finale of Game of Thrones are in a day early this week. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news: the initial airing of “Mhysa” delivered 5.4 million viewers. James Hibberd of EW notes that this … Continue reading

Episode 30 – Mhysa – Newbie Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

Oz of Thrones provides his final newbie recap of this season. Read on for an Unsullied’s take on last night’s season three finale. Spoiler note: The discussion in this post is primarily for non-book readers (book fans can discuss the … Continue reading

Episode 30 – Mhysa – Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

That’s it for season three. Head after the break for my thoughts on the finale and then discuss it in the comments! Spoiler Note: This post is for those who have read A Storm of Swords. As such the post … Continue reading

Episode 30 – Mhysa – Open Chat

By Winter Is Coming on

This is it, folks. The season finale is nearly upon us. Chat in here about what you are looking forward to seeing tonight and then give your instant reactions as it airs. We will have our recap up just as … Continue reading

Episode 30 Preview: “Mhysa”

By Ours is the Fury on

“The Northerners will never forget.” – Tyrion Lannister “Season Three Finale. Joffrey challenges Tywin. Bran tells a ghost story. In Dragonstone, mercy comes from strange quarters. Dany waits to see if she is a conqueror or a liberator.” The season … Continue reading

Looking Forward Ep. 30 and the What Ifs

By Winter Is Coming on

Oz of Thrones:  A man has emerged from the cold, dark room.  The Bon Bons have been consumed, and the pack of smokes, smoked.  The healing has begun.  (Who am I kidding…. I have been at work all damn week … Continue reading

Synopses for the final two episodes of season 3

By Winter Is Coming on

SpoilerTV has leaked the synopses of the final two episodes of season 3. As usual, you can expect some minor spoilers in these synopses, so we’ve hidden them after the break.

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