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Day 98: Malta filming

By Winter Is Coming on

It sounds like filming in Malta has really gone into overdrive this past week. We’ve had reports of multiple scenes being filmed there, some set in King’s Landing and some set in Essos. There is this excellent report from Russian … Continue reading

Day 96: GRRM visits the set

By Winter Is Coming on

It is being reported by Westeros that George R. R. Martin will be visiting the Game of Thrones set at the Paint Hall today. Based on reports we received last week, the scenes they are filming today are likely ones … Continue reading

Greenhands & Hot Pie … and more!

By Fire And Blood on

Somewhere between catching his breath and heading off to Ireland, GRRM has managed to throw us a few more bones–though he has dispensed with the clues for now and is giving it to us straight. In his latest Not A … Continue reading

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