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Guest Essay: Exploring the Red Wedding and Dead Fetuses

By Winter Is Coming on

After perusing interviews with the cast in the wake of “The Rains of Castamere”, writer and editor Marc N. Kleinhenz came across a couple of sentiments that he fundamentally disagreed with, which brought to mind the larger question of necessity-vs.-gratuitousness, … Continue reading

Episode 22 – Dark Wings, Dark Words – Analysis

By Winter Is Coming on

Pathways of Communication in “Dark Wings, Dark Words” by Tyler Davis Much has been written about the creative choices showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have made when compressing, eliding or otherwise circumnavigating portions of Martin’s novels in order to … Continue reading

Episode 21 – Valar Dohaeris – Analysis

By Winter Is Coming on

Here now is Tyler Davis (aka NousWanderer) with his in-depth thoughts and analysis of the Game of Thrones season 3 premiere episode, “Valar Dohaeris”. Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Freedom and Duty in Westeros by Tyler Davis Charlie … Continue reading

A Flight of Sorrows writing line-up revealed

By Winter Is Coming on

We previously reported the news that the folks behind Tower of the Hand were releasing a book entitled A Flight of Sorrows, containing a collection of Song of Ice and Fire essays. Now, with one month to go until its … Continue reading

Episode 16 – The Old Gods and the New – Essay

By Winter Is Coming on

Here is Pearson Moore’s essay on episode 16, “The Old Gods and the New”. Spoiler Note: This essay contains some backstory elements that have not yet been addressed on the show but are covered in the books. Something Borrowed, Something … Continue reading

Episode 15 – The Ghost of Harrenhal – Essay

By Winter Is Coming on

Pearson Moore digs into some of the themes and parallels that can be drawn from this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, in his essay on “The Ghost of Harrenhal”. Only Death Pays For Life: Supernatural Symmetries in GoT 2.05 … Continue reading

Episode 14 – Garden of Bones – Essay

By Winter Is Coming on

Pearson Moore gives his thoughts and analysis on the fourth episode of season two, “Garden of Bones.” The List: A Discussion of Game of Thrones 2.04 by Pearson Moore This is no summertime drama. Every minute of tonight’s episode was … Continue reading

Episode 13 – What Is Dead May Never Die – Essay

By Winter Is Coming on

Pearson Moore provides his take on episode 13, “What Is Dead May Never Die”, in his latest essay for WinterIsComing.net. The Loyalties of Summer: An Analysis of Game of Thrones Episode 2.03 by Pearson Moore Hers is not a fair-weather … Continue reading

Episode 12 – The Night Lands – Essay

By Winter Is Coming on

Once again Pearson Moore provides his thoughts and analysis on some of the themes of this week’s episode. What Is Dead May Never Die: Game of Thrones 2.02 by Pearson Moore “People worry so much about their throats that they … Continue reading

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