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TitanCon tomorrow!

By Fire And Blood on

Come one, come all; TitanCon is upon us anon! Tomorrow, Saturday the 7th of September, I, the fiendish FaBio and him, the horrifilicious Hear Me Roar will be attending the third annual TitanCon, here in sunny Belfast, Northern Ireland! Walk-up … Continue reading

And Now His Tweet is Twar… ted?

By Fire And Blood on

He’s been twarted! (That sounds vaguely unwholesome.) Hello, tweepies! Excited for this one? I sure have been! For like eight weeks now. And after today I shall find myself on equal ground with all the rest o’ ye swarthy savages, … Continue reading

The second critics spot airs

By Hear Me Roar on

Our loyal reader Darq(emode) has caught the second critcs spot for the season on his DVR. Thanks! Enjoy it here: Hear Me Roar: Again some new shots, and again they are epic. I cannot wait to see them embedded snuggly in … Continue reading

MGoT: Flaming swords

By Hear Me Roar on

The latest Making Game of Thrones post might bear a confusing title, and the photo is that of Stannis’ sword from S2 as well – but the description is one from season three, of another sequence involving a flaming sword. … Continue reading

The Game of Thrones season two trailer is here!

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO aired the first honest-to-goodness Game of Thrones season two trailer tonight just prior to the series premiere of Luck. Making Game of Thrones has it and now so do we! YouTube Link For those who want a better look … Continue reading

Twit for Tat

By Fire And Blood on

It’s Twitter time again! Yes, I know, season two hasn’t even started yet. But let it never be said we here at Winter-is-Coming.net aren’t always looking to support the bottom in some bizarre way, shape, form, or fashion! So I … Continue reading

Simon Armstrong is Halfhand

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin has provided another casting confirmation, and this time he has dispensed with the clues and given us the news straight away. Simon Armstrong will be playing Qhorin, called Halfhand, in season two of Game of Thrones. … Continue reading

WiCnet Season One Awards: Best Dramatic Scene

By Hear Me Roar on

Another friday, another category to vote for. In this edition of WiCnetSeason One Awards, we ask you to select the best dramatic scene out of the five nominees. In the following weeks we are also going to visit the show’s … Continue reading

Prelude (and Postscript) to a Panel

By Fire And Blood on

Herein lies the semi-complete and partly lucid recounting of a FaB set to wander the geek-strewn halls of the San Diego Comic-Con, finding his way through a packed mass of hobbits and heroes and aliens and copyright editors (and a … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Jason Momoa

By Fire And Blood on

If there was one actor given the single toughest task in Game of Thrones, it was Jason Momoa. “You need to play a powerful leader of men but speak no lines in English. You will learn a completely different, newly-created … Continue reading

Episode 9 preview

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode nine is approaching. Only a few more days now. Here is a preview video to whet your appetite. Hopefully we will get a clip or two later today. View on YouTube Also, head past the break to see a … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Riffs and Laffs

By Fire And Blood on

First and mawfaw foremost is this: LEX SHREDS on his guitar-only rendition of Ramin Djawadi’s spectacular opening credit sequence theme. (Get the mp3 here!) The axe-man cometh! Way to represent, Lex! I kinda like the thought of getting a whole … Continue reading

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