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Twitter Morghulis

By Fire And Blood on

All tweeters must die. So here we are, Gatewatchers, at the brink of a precipice—the last episode of Game of Thrones‘ wild and (slightly) controversial second season! We saw some iconic moments come to life as well as some interesting … Continue reading


By Fire And Blood on

Relax, Gatewatch faithful! We’re not radioactive, nor are we poisonous! We’re not Hulking out! No need to panic! It’s only the usual weekly Twitter recap post. Except… well, it’s greener. Wildfire-y-er. Better, stronger, faster. Do you want specifications? Sure! Me: … Continue reading

Twit Lit

By Fire And Blood on

You know what time it is. And after today there are only two of these suckers left! As usual these gems of lexiconic brilliance were kidnapped from tweets hashtagged #GameOfThrones or #ThePrinceOfWinterfell (via my @Axechucker account, with help from @The_Rabbit01) … Continue reading

Honor in Re-Tweet

By Fire And Blood on

Twit! I normally give you my “blah blah blah” about how the tweets were compiled (@Axechucker, @The_Rabbit01), but I’m not even going to do that right now. Instead I’d like to take the time to say holy BLEEPING HELL PEOPLE … Continue reading

What the heck is… The Daily Raven?

By Fire And Blood on

…He won’t be a boy forever. And The Daily Raven is coming.” –Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark Of course, we here at Winter Is Coming know the answer to that burning question. But who else could possibly know? What is The … Continue reading

Odds and otters

By Fire And Blood on

Since it looks like we’re not gonna get the 30-minute “Making Of” production on the www within the next half day or so, here are a couple quick hits on the FaB side of life: The April Fools Joke That … Continue reading

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