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Food truck finale

By Fire And Blood on

Yesterday was the last day of the Game of Thrones fantacular food truck extravaganza—and wouldn’t you know it, a very special guest showed up to taste the wares. (No, not me. Well, yes me. But I’m not special. I mean, … Continue reading

Adventures in New York City

By Winter Is Coming on

Wow, what a day yesterday. Where do I begin? I guess I will start at the beginning. Well, the trip didn’t start off too smoothly. Thanks to some poor Googling by me, we went to the wrong train station at … Continue reading

Food truck serves up tasty Westerosi fare

By Winter Is Coming on

By all accounts, yesterday’s Game of Thrones food truck was a smashing success. The truck set up shop in the Union Square section of Manhattan and people literally began running towards it from all directions. Within minutes there were over … Continue reading

Food trucks roll out in NYC

By Winter Is Coming on

The Game of Thrones food trucks will roll out in New York City this week (LA comes next week). Each morning will bring us a new video previewing the menu for that day. Today, Tom Colicchio previews his menu for … Continue reading

First ever WiC moot in NYC

By Winter Is Coming on

Well, with HBO doing this food truck promo so close me, I just had to make a trip up the Turnpike to sample some flavors of Westeros. And I figure, hey, there’s got to be a bunch of WiC readers … Continue reading