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Player of Thrones: Sandor and Gregor Clegane (The Hound and The Mountain)

By Thoros on

It’s that time again for our look into strategic players in the Game of Thrones. After some wonderful feedback, a few changes will be made to these posts: – No more “fanfic.” WiC has never been the place to include … Continue reading

Saturday’s GoT Laughs: Lightsabers cut like Valyrian Steel

By Winter Is Coming on

You may remember the climactic Jaime vs. Ned duel got the lightsaber treatment a couple months back. Well, now the epic battle of the Clegane brothers has been “lightsaberafied”.

Amory Lorch cast; Gregor recast?

By Winter Is Coming on

Another cast member has been confirmed for season two of Game of Thrones. Winter-Is-Coming.net can reveal that Fintan McKeown has been cast as Amory Lorch. Ser Amory Lorch is a landed knight in service to House Lannister. At the start … Continue reading

Anthony Morris confirmed as Tickler

By Fire And Blood on

GRRM just confirmed on his Not A Blog what we knew within approximately eight seconds of the casting clues: we’ve found our Tickler, and he will be played by Irish actor Anthony Morris. (Alright, probably a little more than eight … Continue reading

More pics!

By Fire And Blood on

Winter Is Coming just got its meaty little hands on a number of new pics just released by HBO today. Like this one: No new characters, really, but these are beauties. The costuming is amazing. Props to Michele Clapton! I’ll … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Interviews and a blog post

By Winter Is Coming on

A few Game of Thrones related news tidbits from the past week or so… First, Aidan Gillen was interviewed on Irish radio station RTE 2fm. He mostly talks about his career in general and his new television show Love/Hate, but … Continue reading

Day 32: Tourney wrapped, Winterfell next

By Winter Is Coming on

Well we’ve passed the one month mark of filming on the first season of Game of Thrones. This past week was occupied with filming of the Hand’s tournament. It sounds like they hit all the major points: Gregor vs. Loras, … Continue reading

Day 24: Filming the tourney

By Winter Is Coming on

It sounds like they may be filming the tourney, if not today, very soon. Thanks to silverjaime, we know the tourney scene is going to be filmed on the grounds of Shane’s Castle, on the banks of a nearby river. … Continue reading

Photo: Riding lessons for Jones and Stevens

By Hear Me Roar on

Finn Jones is a fan hero in this droughty period concerning on-set photos and reports (save the great blogs by Conan Stevens). He tweets and provides this great photo: pic of me and conan riding around today. good morning, nice … Continue reading

The Mountain that Rides learns to ride

By Winter Is Coming on

Conan Stevens has another blog post up at his official site where he talks some more about his preparation for Game of Thrones. He mentions getting an email from George R. R. Martin, meeting Sean Bean, and talks also about … Continue reading

GRRM discusses three Lannisters

By Hear Me Roar on

George R. R. Martin took time to discuss more of the cast. This time around the theme is Lannister, as he talks about Charles Dance as Lord Tywin Lannister, Eugene Simon as Lancel Lannister, and the horrific knight serving their … Continue reading

Stevens talks about prepping for Gregor

By Winter Is Coming on

Conan Stevens has a great blog post that talks a bit about his experience so far on Game of Thrones. He talks about his diet and training regimen, meeting Jason Momoa and Rory McCann and lastly talks about his costume … Continue reading

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