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Doreah kills Irri: New S2 production stills

By Ours is the Fury on

A host of new production stills from season 2 turned up yesterday, thanks to Kissed-by-Fire.com. Photographer Paul Schiraldi visited the set in Dubrovnik, Croatia during filming last year and took pictures of Dany’s storyline, the riot and Joffrey’s birthday celebration, … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Amrita Acharia

By Fire And Blood on

So I avoided doing a curtain call post for Ami last week, partly because we wanted to allow Ron Donachie a week of character mourning, and partly because there was that 0.01% chance Irri really was not dead and everyone … Continue reading

Interview with Amrita Acharia

By Fire And Blood on

As Michael Palin once famously said, “This is supposed to be an ‘appy occasion! Let’s not bicker and argue about ‘oo killed ‘oo.” And right now I’m listening to my inner Swamp Castle king, because I was tempted to begin … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Elyes Gabel

By Fire And Blood on

Amrita Acharia’s anguish echoed across the Red Waste, and just like that, shockingly, we knew it was over. One of the more quietly brilliant characters on Game of Thrones had met his maker. Irri’s sobbing words said that she feared … Continue reading

Acharia in Norwegian papers again

By Winter Is Coming on

Another day, another interview. This time it’s Amrita Acharia who has been featured in the Norweigan paper Dagbladet where she talks about Game of Thrones. Below is an excerpt, thanks to The Dude for the translation. The Norwegian girl has … Continue reading

Acharia talks Thrones in Norwegian paper

By Winter Is Coming on

Amrita Acharia, cast to play Irri in Game of Thrones, was recently featured in an article for the Norwegian newspaper Bladet Tromsø. She talks mostly about living in Norway, but does mention Thrones in the article. Below is her quote … Continue reading

GRRM gives us new clues: Shae, Doreah, and Irri cast

By Winter Is Coming on

So we don’t get too down about the recasting news (see the post below), Martin has given us new clues to puzzle over in his latest Not A Blog entry … and he’s certainly not making them any easier. Here … Continue reading

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