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Kit Harington on Jon Snow’s meeting with a King, and Melisandre’s intentions

By Lightbringer on

When Stannis Barathron arrived in the North with his newly acquired army, not only did he force the Wildlings to surrender, he caused storylines to collide. Politics have come to a once isolated Castle Black, which now houses the One … Continue reading

Kit Harington on filming the Battle of Castle Black, and a broken Jon Snow heading into the finale

By Lightbringer on

In this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow’s warnings rang true, as the Wildlings made their move on Castle Black. Severely outnumbered, Alliser Thorne had fallen, and Janos Slynt went into hiding, leaving Jon to step up as … Continue reading

Kit Harington teases tonight’s epic battle at Castle Black

By Lightbringer on

Kit Harington stopped by Extra to promote his new film ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2,’ but the host couldn’t help but spend most of the interview talking about Game of Thrones. Kit talks about how deeply the show affects … Continue reading

Kit Harington says the Battle of Castle Black is “as big as TV goes”

By Lightbringer on

All season long, Jon Snow has been warning Alliser Thorne that a Wildling army one hundred thousand strong is approaching Castle Black. Those warnings have fallen on deaf ears, while another band of Wildlings has been slicing a trail towards … Continue reading

Kit Harington on filming the battle at Craster’s Keep, and Jon Snow’s struggle with honor

By Lightbringer on

In Sunday’s new episode we saw Jon Snow lead his brothers of the Night’s Watch into battle at Craster’s Keep to take down the mutineers and protect the secrets of Castle Black. It was quite a task to take on … Continue reading

When Jon Snow meets Jon Snow: Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones on Channel 4 News

By Lightbringer on

One of Kit Harington’s childhood ambitions was to be a journalist, particularly to emulate British presenter Jon Snow. Life dealt Kit a slightly different hand under the same name, and in an inevitable twist of fate, the two have come … Continue reading

Kit Harington teases a cold ending to Season 4 for Jon Snow

By Lightbringer on

Last Sunday Jon Snow stood up to those mulling his execution in the Season 4 premiere, and took another step toward being a leader among his brothers at Castle Black. Jon knows what he must do to protect the realm, … Continue reading

Kit Harington on Jon’s purpose and becoming a leader

By Ours is the Fury on

Kit Harington is featured in two new interviews this week discussing the direction of Jon Snow in season 4. The actor chats about the Night’s Watchman’s ambitions and hopes now that he has rejoined his brothers at the Wall and … Continue reading

John Bradley and Kit Harington on Sam’s finest hour and Jon’s power struggle in season 4

By Lightbringer on

After being separated north of The Wall, Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow will find themselves together again at Castle Black in Season 4. But after rescuing Gilly and killing a White Walker, Sam won’t slip back into his sidekick role … Continue reading

Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones Season 4, Jon Snow, and more

By Lightbringer on

These past few weeks have seen Kit Harington hard at work on the promotional tour for his new film Pompeii. But with the new season approaching, talk often turned to Game of Thrones, and Jon Snow. Here is a compilation … Continue reading

Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones, eating shark on Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Lightbringer on

Kit Harington appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote his new film ‘Pompeii’, but as Jimmy is an obvious fan of the HBO show, much of the talk gravitated towards Game of Thrones. Kit opened the interview with … Continue reading

Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones at Pompeii press junket

By Lightbringer on

Kit Harington recently sat down with the press to talk about his upcoming film ‘Pompeii’ in which he plays fierce gladiator Milo, but he couldn’t escape Jon Snow! In this compilation of videos Kit fields a number of Game of … Continue reading

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