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Curtain Call: Mark Stanley, Josef Altin, and Yuriy Kolokolnikov

By Fire And Blood on

First, the honor must be given to the men of the Night’s Watch. Mark Stanley and Josef Altin–we salute you! It’s weirdly appropriate they bowed in the same episode, as they’ve been attached since the beginning of the series. Even … Continue reading

Cast reacts to the Red Wedding

By Winter Is Coming on

We’ve all seen the fan reaction videos to the Red Wedding. And we’ve heard from the cast involved what it was like to film the now-iconic wedding/massacre. But what did the rest of the cast think after watching that scene? … Continue reading

Season 3 Returning Cast Updates

By Ours is the Fury on

Filming is in full swing now and news of returning cast members is trickling in. Actors we haven’t seen since the first season, but confirmed to be returning in season 3 include: Josef Altin as Pyp. Pyp was left behind … Continue reading

In the meantime … GoTcast?

By Fire And Blood on

Can’t wait ’til the March release of the Game of Thrones DVD? Dying for something to whet your whistle while you stew for season 2 to land in April? Does your need for Donald Sumpter—any Donald Sumpter—override your usual common … Continue reading

Day 131: Filming in its final weeks

By Winter Is Coming on

With all the excitement of the past couple weeks, one forgets that they are still filming season one of Game Of Thrones. Based on the reports, it sounds like up until this week they had been doing most of the … Continue reading

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