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Game of Thrones maesters in new film, television projects

By Cameron White on

Apparently, one of the many maester’s chains you can craft during your studies at Oldtown is for acting, as two of Game of Thrones‘ own maesters are in new and upcoming projects. Donald Sumpter, who played Maester Luwin, will be … Continue reading

Julian Glover, Noah Taylor, James Cosmo, and more talk Game of Thrones with Flicks and the City

By Lightbringer on

We’ve survived two weeks, and a new episode of Game of Thrones draws ever closer, but these last few hours seem to last the longest. To pass some time, Flicks and the City has released a number of new interviews … Continue reading

New interviews with Emilia Clarke and Julian Glover

By Ours is the Fury on

In a new interview, Julian Glover shares the ups and downs of filming on location, how his character Grand Maester Pycelle was altered at his request, and what’s going on under the maester’s robes. Glover speculates on his character’s future … Continue reading

Interview Round-up: Harington, Dance, and Glover

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are a few interviews that have popped up in the past week with Game of Thrones cast. Three of them are of the video variety, and one is text. Beware of MAJOR SPOILERS in the Charles Dance interview. ScienceFiction.com … Continue reading

Quick Hits: MGoT, GMP, PCA and RPG

By Winter Is Coming on

A new Making Game of Thrones post that introduces us to stand-in and trainee DA, Graeme Livingston. Graeme drops this teaser about season two: “There’s been quite a lot of sword fighting in this season, a lot more than last … Continue reading

Quick Hits: The Pointy End, Parody, and a Podcast of Ice & Fire

By Winter Is Coming on

Let’s start things off with a new The Pointy End comic! It contains the “exclusive” casting announcement of an “all-new character.” Also did you check out the latest Game of Thrones Parody vid? There really does need to be an … Continue reading

Pycelle recast

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin has some sad news over at his Not A Blog. Roy Dotrice has had to drop out of Game of Thrones due to health reasons. It saddens me to announce that we’ve had a casting change … Continue reading