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Loras filming in Dubrovnik, marketplace scene shooting tomorrow

By Rowan Kaiser on

Reddit user purplegooddance, who posted some of the pictures of the sets-under-construction in Dubrovnik a few days ago, has a new set of pictures up. The most notable returning actor is Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell), who’s shown here with Dean-Charles Chapman … Continue reading

GoT gay? We GoT that!

By Fire And Blood on

SPOILER NOTE: If our gentle readers do not wish to know which ASoIaF characters are gay, or are not gay, or are pretending to be gay, or are pretending not to be gay, or which ones just use their lofty … Continue reading

Stills from the behind-the-scenes video

By Winter Is Coming on

As requested, here is a post with some screen caps of the behind-the-scenes vid. These captures are courtesy of Dukayn. The Targaryen banner – This differs from the book version which has a dragon with two legs and no arms. … Continue reading

Day 32: Tourney wrapped, Winterfell next

By Winter Is Coming on

Well we’ve passed the one month mark of filming on the first season of Game of Thrones. This past week was occupied with filming of the Hand’s tournament. It sounds like they hit all the major points: Gregor vs. Loras, … Continue reading

Photo: Riding lessons for Jones and Stevens

By Hear Me Roar on

Finn Jones is a fan hero in this droughty period concerning on-set photos and reports (save the great blogs by Conan Stevens). He tweets and provides this great photo: pic of me and conan riding around today. good morning, nice … Continue reading

Quick hits: Paperbacks and horsebacks

By Winter Is Coming on

A couple Game of Thrones related notes this morning: Bantam Spectra’s parent company, Random House, have released their publishing plans (beware of the 160MB pdf!) for spring of 2011 and within the document is a listing for a paperback reprint … Continue reading

Loras cast, GRRM confirms and promises more

By Hear Me Roar on

Finn Jones is indeed our Loras Tyrell, the rumour was solid! George R.R. Martin confirmed the casting on his blog. Here is the most relevant part of the post: I suppose I could still hint around about this… something about … Continue reading

Rumor: Loras cast?

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has had the casting locked down tight this time around, but it looks like something may have finally leaked out. Over at the Digital Spy forums a poster is claiming that British actor Finn Jones has been cast as … Continue reading

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