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Day 95: Filming soldiers on

By Winter Is Coming on

It’s been a while since we’ve had a filming update post. Since our last update, the team has finished filming in Croatia (no more set photos for us) and also completed a grueling two weeks of night shoots in Northern … Continue reading

Day 51: Filming during a hurricane

By Winter Is Coming on

Today is day 51 of the Game of Thrones season two shoot and assuming they end around the same time they did last year, they are just about a third of the way done. Yesterday, the production had a bit … Continue reading

Day 131: Filming in its final weeks

By Winter Is Coming on

With all the excitement of the past couple weeks, one forgets that they are still filming season one of Game Of Thrones. Based on the reports, it sounds like up until this week they had been doing most of the … Continue reading

Day 96: GRRM visits the set

By Winter Is Coming on

It is being reported by Westeros that George R. R. Martin will be visiting the Game of Thrones set at the Paint Hall today. Based on reports we received last week, the scenes they are filming today are likely ones … Continue reading

Filming: what we know so far, part II

By Winter Is Coming on

A little over two months ago I did a compilation of everything we knew about the filming plans for Game of Thrones which included speculation for the block one filming schedule. Assuming they are still following the three block schedule, … Continue reading

MGoT update: Cogman talks Castle Black

By Winter Is Coming on

A new update at Making Game of Thrones, this one a post from Bryan Cogman reporting on some of the filming on the Castle Black set at Magheramorne quarry. Here is an excerpt: While Brandon the Builder is no longer … Continue reading

Day 76: Castle Ward and Tollymore set photos

By Winter Is Coming on

Filming continues on Game of Thrones and the reports and set photos continue to come in slowly but surely. This past week we’ve had reports that the production has filmed, or will film, at Rowallane Gardens, a private estate near … Continue reading

Quick hits: Fan projects and the Wall

By Winter Is Coming on

It’s Sunday, time to wrap up some loose ends and touch on a few random items from this past week. Joe Campo continues his Youtube campaign to get cast in Game of Thrones. This time he asks fans to vote … Continue reading

Filming: what we know so far

By Winter Is Coming on

The filming locations and schedule for Game of Thrones has been a closely guarded secret. However, a few things have leaked out over the past week-and-a-half, so I thought it might be a good idea to compile everything we know … Continue reading

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