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The real-world locations of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

SmarterTravel has a nice article about the real world locations used to film Game of Thrones, with quotes from David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, location manager Robert Boake… and me! Journalist Joshua Roberts had a whole bunch of questions about the … Continue reading

MGoT: Join the Dothraki horde

By Hear Me Roar on

Bryan Cogman continues to share with us his diary entries from the shoot. This time he reports from Manikata on Malta, which is doubling as the village of the Lhazareen, the docile sheepherding people. According to our information, the scenes … Continue reading

Quick hits: Thrones gets press, both good and bad

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are some of the smaller news items from a busy week of Game of Thrones news: The story of the possible environmental damage sustained at Dwerja in Malta doesn’t seem to be going away. A recent article in the … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Set visits, Headey wraps and cameos

By Winter Is Coming on

A busy Game of Thrones weekend! We covered the big stuff in our recent posts, but here are some of the smaller news items from the past week or so: To start things off is this news article at 4NI … Continue reading

Digging up Drogo

By Fire And Blood on

Our resident rodent (known to most only as the reclusive Rabbit) has found a nice little bit of buried GoT treasure! In the latest edition of Bruner’s Chapel Blog, photographer and blogger David Crowe has posted pictures of Jason Momoa … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Malta once more, read-through, and focus group

By Hear Me Roar on

A whole bunch of minor and slightly less minor points this Sunday: Adam ‘Werthead’ Whitehead of The Wertzone (say it out loud five times in a row, I dare you) has written a great summary piece on Malta locations doubling as King’s Landing … Continue reading

More on Malta

By Winter Is Coming on

An article at the Times of Malta about the purported damage to the natural site in Dwerja also gives us a list of possible filming locations in Malta. The permit also covered filming to be carried out in eight additional … Continue reading

Day 102: Details of Malta filming

By Winter Is Coming on

We’ve received some more info about what and where they have been filming in Malta these past few weeks. As we know, the filming in Malta has been more than just the filming of Dany’s scenes. Parts of Malta have … Continue reading

Day 98: Malta filming

By Winter Is Coming on

It sounds like filming in Malta has really gone into overdrive this past week. We’ve had reports of multiple scenes being filmed there, some set in King’s Landing and some set in Essos. There is this excellent report from Russian … Continue reading

Day 96: GRRM visits the set

By Winter Is Coming on

It is being reported by Westeros that George R. R. Martin will be visiting the Game of Thrones set at the Paint Hall today. Based on reports we received last week, the scenes they are filming today are likely ones … Continue reading

More set photos

By Winter Is Coming on

By now, everyone has probably already seen the purported set photo from Mdina, Malta. It seems quite likely this is from Game of Thrones. The costumes of the two men on horseback very closely resemble the glimpses we’ve seen of … Continue reading

Filming: what we know so far, part II

By Winter Is Coming on

A little over two months ago I did a compilation of everything we knew about the filming plans for Game of Thrones which included speculation for the block one filming schedule. Assuming they are still following the three block schedule, … Continue reading

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