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Natalie Dormer Talks Training for Margaery Tyrell

By Ani Bundel on

Those who are familiar with Natalie Dormer know she’s a fierce actress as well as a fierce competitor. Recently, it was announced that Dormer would be running the New York City Marathon come this November as part of the charity … Continue reading

Game of Thrones’ 25 Best Hairstyles, Ranked

By Ani Bundel on

Game of Thrones is known from many things, from surprise stabbings to nudity to dragons and zombies to complicated political intrigue. But like any good history-based series, two of the most important visuals for the characters are the costumes and the … Continue reading

Natalie Dormer on interview rampage, to do AMA next week

By Ani Bundel on

As part of that other huge scifi/fantasy franchise she’s in, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Natalie Dormer will be doing a Reddit AMA next week. If you’re dying to ask Margaery Tyrell questions about her role in the upcoming … Continue reading

Natalie Dormer reveals she didn’t originally audition for Margaery Tyrell

By Cameron White on

Natalie Dormer is likely to be all over our television screens in the next couple of weeks as she makes the rounds to promote the upcoming third entry in the Hunger Games film saga. She’s already appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show … Continue reading

Dame of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell

By Rebecca Pahle on

Dame of Thrones number one: Daenerys. Two: Sansa. I can hold back no longer. I must talk about Marg.

Natalie Dormer on Margaery’s new game plan, locking horns with Cersei, and Ser Pounce

By Lightbringer on

Margaery Tyrell hasn’t had the best of luck with husbands, and now she has been tasked with cozying up to the young soon to be King Tommen to ensure her place by his side. In a new interview with Vulture, … Continue reading

Natalie Dormer visits Late Night with Seth Meyers

By Lightbringer on

Last night, Natalie Dormer stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote Game of Thrones. Natalie and Seth talk about her recent completion of the London Marathon, and then talk turns to Game of Thrones, as Seth is a … Continue reading

Natalie Dormer on Margaery Tyrell starting from scratch after a politically disastrous Purple Wedding

By Lightbringer on

If Margaery Tyrell was hoping for an unforgettable wedding day, her wish was certainly granted. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Natalie Dormer talks about what’s next for her character in the wake of the Purple Wedding, her unique … Continue reading

Entertainment Weekly releases 6 new pictures from Game of Thrones Season 4

By Lightbringer on

Entertainment Weekly has exclusively released six new pictures from Game of Thrones Season 4! This new batch of promotional stills features a few new shots of Daenerys, including one in her new throne room, Margaery and Joffrey at the royal … Continue reading

Guest Essay: Analyzing the Armor of Margaery Tyrell

By Ours is the Fury on

Costuming and Character Choices: Analyzing the Armor of Margaery Tyrell By Hogan McLaughlin As an artist, designer and loyal Game of Thrones watcher with an obsessive need to dissect the smallest of design elements when it comes to costumes and … Continue reading

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