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New details of Jaime Lannister’s story in Season 5

By Ani Bundel on

Our intrepid eyes on the ground in Sevilla have been doing their best to get photos of filming, but the high walls and lock down of the historical building have made it harder than we feared to get anything so … Continue reading

TitanCon interview: Aimee Richardson

By Fire And Blood on

Here we are anon, with more TitanCon content! As promised! Yours truly, the fatuous FaBio, accompanied by my stalwart sidekick Marko “Polo” (aka Hear Me Rawr), nabbed our first interview of the day: the delightfully gregarious and gifted Aimee Richardson, … Continue reading

HBO Asia releases 6 new photos

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO Asia’s Game of Thrones Facebook page has uploaded six new photos to their season two gallery. Well, technically, two of them are not new, as they are a part of EW’s gallery. However, the other four are all-new and … Continue reading

This just in:

By Fire And Blood on

THE LANNISTERS ARE ARROGANT SODS. Obvious? Perhaps. But these new pictures leaking out from Dubrovnik, thanks to one of many eagle-eyed websites, such as Game of Thrones Portugal) show us the Lion’s true colours. EDIT: It seems the Portuguese site … Continue reading

Odds and otters

By Fire And Blood on

Since it looks like we’re not gonna get the 30-minute “Making Of” production on the www within the next half day or so, here are a couple quick hits on the FaB side of life: The April Fools Joke That … Continue reading

Stills from the behind-the-scenes video

By Winter Is Coming on

As requested, here is a post with some screen caps of the behind-the-scenes vid. These captures are courtesy of Dukayn. The Targaryen banner – This differs from the book version which has a dragon with two legs and no arms. … Continue reading

Myrcella and Tommen cast

By Winter Is Coming on

A couple more casting confirmations straight from HBO, this time the young princess and prince of Westeros have been cast, we have Aimee Richardson as Myrcella Baratheon and Callum Wharry as Tommen Baratheon. Richardson, you might recall, had been cast … Continue reading

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